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  1. Texicaster

    Funniest TV Show Ever

    First couple season of SNL!
  2. Texicaster

    Foto Funny

    ¡Bueno!™ I used to love these in National Lampoon!
  3. Texicaster


    I still remember one from being kid...the punch line being: "I just remember that poor little monkey trying to put the cork back in". I found it online and there's a bunch of versions.
  4. Texicaster

    Anyone here well versed in Colt 1911?

    That's super cool! I'm no expert but big fan of 1911s. I know older Colts fetch good money. A buddy paid $2000 for an older WW2 Colt that looked similar to that ~5 years ago. How's the slide/frame fit? If that's "tight" or at least not floppy loose well worth rejuvenating. But may be worth...
  5. Texicaster

    Credit card for 6 year old... to build his credit history?

    We're on the same page; Cash is KING! BUT there's lots of times credit is a wiser option and lacking a good credit score you're even deeper behind the 8 ball. There's no substitute for going in and out of debt to build credit rating. Comes in handier for more than borrowing $$$. When I was...
  6. Texicaster

    Credit card for 6 year old... to build his credit history?

    Obviously you’ve not checked the price not availability of used vehicles lately. :D I agree with your opinion it's an insidious industry that preys upon young people especially but the ability to borrow money and understand the ramifications is Life 101 in 2022. Credit and money management...
  7. Texicaster

    Credit card for 6 year old... to build his credit history?

    Better idea is get Before I had a credit card I bragged I had "perfect credit" until it was pointed out I'm an idiot and I had a ZERO credit rating! I'm mostly what the industry calls a dead beat now in that I pay off the balance each month and don't pay any interest. My credit rating is >780...
  8. Texicaster

    I ain't yer pal, chief.

    I'm still baffled why dudes with the name of Richard would prefer to be called Dick! Friend of mine's dad wanted to be called Mr. Dick.....
  9. Texicaster

    The most covered band in the US?

    You don't stare at it, it's too risky. You get a sense of it then you look away.
  10. Texicaster

    The most covered band in the US?

    Woulda been my guess! Grateful Dead tunes are super fun to play! You don't have to stick to the script and can vamp and improv in a myriad of ways. Remember when Jane's Addiction played Ripple to the tune of The Other One? Other bands music you don't have as much freedom. Plus most are...
  11. Texicaster

    Need Your Expertise - Which Current Fender Telecaster Model Do Feel Offers The Greatest Value Without Sacrificing Playability And Performance?

    I say...Buy the best and cry once! Yea there's lots of guys who will tell you a Squier can be the equal of a custom shop and prop up some pros who play them but I've yet to find even one single version that compares with a good vintage re-issue. Tone can be ok but weight, finish, fret work...
  12. Texicaster

    College football

    Yea! Alabama v. Tennessee as well! Alabama 17 flags for 130 yards! Tenn 6 for 39 yards... USC 12 for 93 yards; Utah 5 for 42 yards. Seemed like one stretch in 4th was a flag on like 8 plays in a row! I have no dog in either fight and both games were really fun to watch BUT home jobs! I...
  13. Texicaster

    If it doesn't sound good just take a break.

    It's a weird thing...happens a lot to me as well! I'll be all dialed in the time before and then all of a sudden next time I can't get a tone I like. Now acoustic ALWAYS sounds great! Even if I'm not in the mood I just bang away and man it's always perfect tone!
  14. Texicaster

    Celestion Gold 10" cone cry - mid break-in expectation, or is an issue?

    Celestion has specific break in routines that are not soft music! Nothing too advanced.
  15. Texicaster

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    I kinda wish there was a video of him walkin' around in those danged things! That would be so weird!
  16. Texicaster

    Struggling venue

    Dibs on "Corpulent Rodent’s Hindquarters" for band name!
  17. Texicaster

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Thankfully SELDOM seen! WTH?!
  18. Texicaster

    The Roasting Thing

    It's the George Hamilton of woods! I could never get used to the look...of either!
  19. Texicaster

    Who's Tracking You, and Do You Mind?

    A buddy of mine told me about those grocery store discount cards; the ones associated with your phone number. Supposedly some guy at a grocery store did a trip and fall. When investigated they discovered the bulk of his purchases were for alcohol and this was used against him during the claim...
  20. Texicaster

    Versatile Telecaster vs Stratocaster with a broader palette of tones

    Good observation and well put! We get all enthralled with the 5 way switch on the Strat and it does provide some cool "quacks" but when I've had both Tele an Strat I end up playing just the Tele and selling the Strat! To ME I get more tones I find GREAT from the Telecaster..... YMMV of course...
  21. Texicaster

    If you were going to give 5 cds to start off music appreciation....

    The ones that got me...Probably 5 of the 1st 10 albums I bought as a lad! Hendrix- Electric Ladyland Grateful Dead-Europe '72 Zappa/Mothers - One Size Fits All Pink Floyd- DSOTM or WYWH Led Zeppelin - II or IV
  22. Texicaster

    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    Cool! EXACTLY like the 2012-2017 AV! Brought back all the features everyone griped about resulting the AO line! Genius!
  23. Texicaster

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    That's the first thing I thought; "Big ol' head!"