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  1. twangking

    Ever just suddenly cringe over something stupid or embarrassing you’ve done in your life?

    No, it makes me laugh. I try to make as many cringe moments as possible on purpose.
  2. twangking

    A question for central Massachusetts drivers

    At least you survived driving alongside them. That's half the battle.
  3. twangking

    Buying s/h guitars when the economy has tanked

    The priced suck nowadays. Miss the old times.
  4. twangking

    Forum Names

    I like dimarzio twang king pickups. Everything else they wind is not for me.
  5. twangking

    Black Crowes Stage Invader gets decked (Keith style)

    Wow, that was pathetic. Should be motivating for everyone to lift some weights.
  6. twangking

    Two Weeks Since Halloween, and I'm still Eating Candy

    Came in to see candy but see some candy corn mess wtf
  7. twangking

    Do We Owe Hootie & the Blowfish An Apology?😀

    They're the nickleback of whatever genre they belong in.
  8. twangking

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    60s tele into a bf twin on 6 boosted with an old distortion plus. Nothing else. I'd miss fuzz and delay but I don't care about any other pedals. I wouldn't even need the distortion plus but it's a nice flavor.
  9. twangking

    Paul Weller RIPS into the Cure front man Robert Smith

    The jam were fantastic. Not main stream so most of the public listening in to radio crap never heard them.
  10. twangking

    Apologies & thanks.

    For a small 100 dollar venmo donation I can overlook anything
  11. twangking

    Do you have a bug out bag? Emergency food supply?

    I grew up poor so I have learned to keep food in jars. Have enough to last me and another person for about 6 months. Hunt everything else. Live near a lake with some trout, carp and good eels.
  12. twangking

    Financial Advice

    Good luck. I used to deal with this kind of stuff for a living. It can be brutal and when you feel like you're down you get kicked again. Don't give up.
  13. twangking

    The Raiders were the home team for ever and ever ,

    Maybe they should learn a trade.
  14. twangking

    The most pleasant guitar-related sensation is…

    A twin reverb feeding back and pushing air against your back and legs.
  15. twangking

    The annual “is Halloween dead” thread how many treaters you get?

    None. I have a mile long driveway. I'd give any kid that came down it all the way 20 bucks and as much candy as they wanted.
  16. twangking

    Serious Case of Squire JAZZMASTER G.A.S.

    I had one and enjoyed it. I sold it to fund a Logan jazzmaster and I'm completely happy with it now.
  17. twangking

    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

    I love Murder of the Universe album.
  18. twangking

    Took my family to dinner last night.

    Wow. That's about a hundred less then i paid for tires for my truck.
  19. twangking

    Punk rock quizz.

    20/25. Did much better than expected.
  20. twangking

    What Do You Use When You Want To Go Bare Minimum?

    Tuner, klone, delay. That's my maximum. I'll bring a cable if I don't feel like pedals
  21. twangking

    Your Favorite Artery Clogger

    Burnt ends and a lot of em
  22. twangking

    Pickups for an ash body, rosewood neck tele.

    Around 7.5lbs and finished in nitro, brass saddles, 250k pots and an orange drop into an old vibrolux. Would like to find some pickups for this that don't have a six month or longer wait. It's my main player so I'd really like to switch out the pups I have which are too hot and lack character...

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