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  1. boneyguy

    Fender Modern Player Dimension Bass Wiring Question

    I'm working on a Fender Modern Player Dimension Bass for a customer (painting it Seafoam Green and installing active electronics). During the disassembly one of the switch wires has come off the was badly soldered. I'm almost certain I know where it goes just by a visual inspection...
  2. boneyguy

    Absolutely Fascinating. Cultivated Meat...

    Can you give me an example of a 'synthesis' that is on a par with genetic engineering? An example that took us away from 'hunter/gatherer'? And although the majority of the humans in the world no longer make a living from hunting/gathering we are still equipped with the brain/nervous system of...
  3. boneyguy

    Tune It!!

  4. boneyguy

    Friday Fish Fry

    Those fish outta L. Erie can weigh more than you'd expect!! Perhaps it's because they seem to have organs made from lead....
  5. boneyguy

    "A Christmas Story" sequel.

    I won't watch it because I don't want to spoil the original as it lives in my memeory....I don't want this new movie to be tacked onto the memory of the original...
  6. boneyguy

    The horrendous harmonica strikes again!

    Ah, the much maligned 'misery whistle' as we call them in these parts. A good player is a treasure and hard to find....
  7. boneyguy

    Lacquer Checking?

    Firstly no one benefits by idolizing any single member and making them 'bulletproof' and 'untouchable' by some status you bestow on them. That never ends well. And secondly it was the 'esteemed' member that was condescending to netgear69 in his initial post. Is it good practice to give esteemed...
  8. boneyguy

    Does white blonde go pink, or is it shade of blonde?

    I like it when blondes show a little pink............
  9. boneyguy

    Hipshot 2 Point Trem Replacement Question...Won't Fit!!

    I phoned Hipshot and spoke to some guy (who had a television blaring in the background making it hard to hear him) and he readily said that they'll mail me the adapters for free. Now that's great of course but it begs the question 'Why don't they just include the [email protected]#!ing things with the trem...
  10. boneyguy

    Hipshot 2 Point Trem Replacement Question...Won't Fit!!

    I found a thread on The Gear Page that mentioned the adapter kit but didn't give any clues beyond that....thanks....I'll email Hipshot. I just ordered some threaded inserts off of Amazon that will do the trick but I'd rather use something made specifically for this situation.
  11. boneyguy

    Lacquer Checking?

    I've seen lots of this too which, to me, contradicts the idea that the cracking will tend to follow the direction of the grain.....and what I'm wanting to find out is if there is a way to insure that I get perpendicular cracking when I age a finish....preferably without using a blade to do it.
  12. boneyguy

    Lacquer Checking?

    Did you make the 'small marks' in the lacquer or in the wood before painting? I'm guessing in the lacquer....and then the cold weather just amplified what you had done. And could you describe a little bit what you mean by 'small'? A surface scratch? I like the result you got.
  13. boneyguy

    Hipshot 2 Point Trem Replacement Question...Won't Fit!!

    I'm installing a Hipshot 2 point trem into (what I believe is) a Standard American Strat that I've painted for a customer. The pivot posts for the Hipshot are smaller than the stock Fender posts so I'm having to pull and install the inserts that came with the Hipshot. However, after getting a...
  14. boneyguy

    Hug much?

    I like hugs. Best hug I ever had was from my brother. He was a rough and tumble guy. Many years ago I hitchhiked across the country to see him after many years of not being near each other. We were at a party with all his commercial fisherman buddies drinking it up pretty good. Standing in the...
  15. boneyguy

    Lacquer Checking?

    So when I see this below, for example, on actual vintage guitars, it's because the grain is running in that direction? How can that be? That checking is running perpendicular to the direction of the grain, no?
  16. boneyguy

    Lacquer Checking?

    Is anyone aware of a method to control the direction of lacquer checking when ageing a finish using the hot/cold method. I don't want to get into using a razor to cut the checking. I want to have the majority of checking going 'up/down', meaning from bass side to treble side of the body while...
  17. boneyguy

    Weightlifters: how accurate are 1RM estimates based on 5RM?

    Do you even lift, bro?
  18. boneyguy

    Nicknames for children

    My nickname was Bones because I was skinny as a rake growing up.....that developed into 'Boneyguy' later on...and Bones is who I remain to older, childhood friends. In our 'gang' we had Beak and Red and probably some others. Nicknames were very common I would say.
  19. boneyguy

    This Seems Like A Good Idea.....???

    I always seem to have a few of them laying around. Here's what befuddles me...I will use one for loosening a nut or bolt....put it down...pick it back up few minutes later to put the nut or bolt back on it's never the right size!! I have to adjust it once again. What sorcery is this?!!
  20. boneyguy

    This Seems Like A Good Idea.....???

  21. boneyguy

    Roll Dice The!

    On a walk with my wife we saw a work van in a driveway. It apparently was owned by a painting company with the name very nicely and professionally applied to the sliding side door which happened to be open. With the door slid open what was displayed was the name 'Green Pain'....the 'ting' had...
  22. boneyguy

    Could you make it on a real cattle drive?

    Let's go back a bit further in our human history....back when we were still hunter/gatherers. When humans would walk over snow covered mountains with animal skins on their feet and bodies....with arrow wounds and fractured bones....without ready made shelters that they could look forward...
  23. boneyguy

    Saw this on the highway today

    Take off, eh!
  24. boneyguy

    I want my Batmobile and I want it now

    And if this is the sort of crap that can go on at a local level over a few thousand dollars just imagine what takes place and what people are willing to do when millions and billions of dollars are in play.......well, we don't actually have to imagine it, do we....

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