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  1. zippofan

    Mesa Boogie inspired 5 band gyrator EQ (vero strip)

    Very cool! I find gyrators to be fascinating, especially after building a parametric with them, and my own 5 band using the purpose built EQ chip, both boards from TH Custom. Here's the 5-band:
  2. zippofan

    The Lemon that Caught Fire

    Ditto, I had a 71 in high school, the car was less than 10 years old, the fenders were completely rotted, the seat springs held together with zip ties, the back hatch was broken off the hinges, and I had to put a manual choke on it so I could drive it. It did fit my whole band for a gig once...
  3. zippofan

    Treble Boosters

    The Radian from Aion is awesome! I scored a saucer style OC44 for mine, the charge pump makes it play nice with everything and it pushes my amps into overdrive. If I were to sell all my effects I'd still keep that box, it sounds great and came out pretty cool too
  4. zippofan

    Friedman Golden pearl build. Help with first strip board pedal circuit

    I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been posted by the others in this thread other than the Golden Pearl is a favorite OD. I made FuzzDog's board and it sounds great! Good luck with your rebuild!
  5. zippofan

    Pedal power supply is BINGO!

    That's good to know, in case an old guitar player friend asks. I sold him a spare 9V wart with a compressor I built but recommended he get a small supply rather than a daisy chain cable if he was going to get any more pedals. I think he bought my home build Nobels because I added a battery...
  6. zippofan

    Treble Boosters

    My favorite is a DAM Red Rooster style germanium boost, it does the treble booster thing but a tone pot allows full range dirty boost too. I built one for a lot less than the retail price, it's pretty expensive for such a simple circuit. It works well in front of everything I've tried, Vox...
  7. zippofan

    3 barrel Tele saddle material observations

    I've tried a bunch of different saddles, Rutters, Glendale, Gotoh, CJ Tooling, Philly Luthier, Callaham and love the Gotoh titanium InTune saddles the most. They really made my eBay partscaster sing! They are are good for intonation, though I prefer the Rutters/Gotoh style for looks overall.
  8. zippofan

    Harmonic Tremolo

    I built the Zeppelin Quaverato kit, it's quite the effect and an interesting circuit. I have too many on my board already otherwise it would be on there.
  9. zippofan

    String gauge change

    Just Strings had Pyramid 9.5-44 on sale awhile back and I wanted to try something different on my Tele as 9's were too slinky and 10s fought me too much. I use them all the time now, especially since Ernie Ball started selling the Primo Slinky. It's all in my head though, as 9s feel right on...
  10. zippofan

    Kits , what are you making? , how is the build going? how are the kits for quality?

    I completed a VFE Triumverate clone last week, and nothing :-( Power is good, but no effect, I checked the voltages and some are an order of magnitude off so I think I must have gotten a wrong value in there somewhere, ugh. In the meantime, I have one more Delyk board left for a 1590A, a "Beta...
  11. zippofan

    Scratch off lottery - whats your bail out amount?

    In Pa., the money goes to senior citizens. Given we have the largest population of them next to Florida, that's OK by me. To each their own.
  12. zippofan

    Home printer recommendations?

    Pretty much any name brand should do the job, they just aren't designed to last more than a few years. I've had an Epson all in one for >5 years, it's time to get a new one.
  13. zippofan

    Scratch off lottery - whats your bail out amount?

    My grandpa had the first PA lottery machine in my hometown, Dad played it from then until he passed away. He told me he pretty much broke even over the years, after winning a few hundred a couple times. My wife likes to play, not too much $, because as someone said the odds are terrible, but...
  14. zippofan

    Wilkinson VS Gotoh bridge

    Actually, my favorite bridge plate before I used the Gotoh was a Rutters, followed by cut down and flattened Fender plates. I bought the Rutters and the Gotoh at the same time awhile back to compare and just installed the Rutters with CRS saddles on my Squier Thinline. I got the itch last...
  15. zippofan

    Rose Gold Tele - Mint or Pearl Pickguard

    I have to say ditto, I've changed two pearl guards on my Thinlines to white, but I like the pearl look with the rose.
  16. zippofan

    Wilkinson VS Gotoh bridge

    Both, I prefer the Gotoh but it is more expensive, at least the one I have with titanium saddles. I love the extra sparkle it gives vs. brass or cold rolled steel.
  17. zippofan

    Anyone know where I can get a good kit for a noise gate?

    I've looked at the Zuul clone, the hard thing is finding a THAT4301 DIP. I got one for a compressor build a couple years ago when Mojotone had them, 15 bucks a pop and they're out. It made a great compressor, I sold it to a friend and he's got it on his board all the time.
  18. zippofan

    What's on your workbench today?

    I've been working on this one on and off for awhile, mainly waiting for the parts I originally had an then used on another build in the meantime! Small Bear order came this week, so hopefully before next week I'll have a working VFE Triumverate clone from Madbean: I was really sweating the...
  19. zippofan

    Jaguars and Jazzmasters

    Fun guitars, I have a VM Jazzmaster, my son has the VM Jaguar. Just slightly modded with Staytrem bridges, his has an American tailpiece, mine the MIM, and both have upgraded pickups over stock. I installed Bootstrap Lake Surfer JM pickups with 250K vol/tone, my son's are Fender OV's, with...
  20. zippofan

    Cavalier Nocaster Holy Grail

    Fat Lion/Lioness combo in my Squier Thinline, they are great pickups! The only ones I've used that beat them in price is the Bootstrap Extra Crispy for Tele I installed in my eBay partsocaster. I like Rob's pickups just as much as any I've tried including Fralin, DiMarzio, Duncan and Florance
  21. zippofan

    The Telecaster: From maligned to much loved

    When I got my first guitar it was in the middle of the "lawsuit" era, and all my friends were getting Aria Strats and Les Pauls. I wanted something different, and in this little hole in the wall music store they had my Ampeg "Heavy Stud" Telecaster copy and I had to have it. Luckily it was...
  22. zippofan

    Educate me about the Timmy

    The Timmy is my favorite, and I have built and/or tried as many OD pedals as I can, dozens of them. It sounds good at just about any setting. I'd like to build a 1590A sized one to make a mini-Timmy!
  23. zippofan

    Best Molded Cases for the Telecaster

    The one I have for my MIM Strat is decent, not as nice as the Gator's and SKB, but for storage it fits the bill and it doesn't weigh a ton like the plywood cases do.
  24. zippofan

    Best Molded Cases for the Telecaster

    I like both my Gator molded and SKB molded cases, more than enough for secure home storage, but so are the Musicians Friend molded cases, especially on sale!
  25. zippofan

    Greatest drummer in the history of Rock & Roll

    Even though I've been playing guitar (badly, lol) for as long as I've been playing drums, I'm really a drummer and gigged regularly for 30+ years until my back said I had enough. My biggest influences have been Ringo, Charlie, Keith, John Bonham, Don Brewer and Neal Smith, with plenty of others...