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  1. Andy B

    If you could get sucked into a time warp and go back to 1969...

    1969! I could go to Woodstock again! And be better prepared. Fill the car up with stuff like food and drink! Met my wife in 1969. Still together today. I was working air freight out of JFK. Trying in vain to put together a band. Very few cares or worries. Just rambling on…
  2. Andy B

    Which show would you rather go to -- Robben Ford or Joe Bonamassa?

    Robben Ford no question!
  3. Andy B

    Your favorite non-guitar riff?

    Giant Steps John Coltrane
  4. Andy B

    Taj Mahal - Leaving Trunk

  5. Andy B

    Fender Blues Junior Club

    Eminence Red White and Blues. Naylor SD50.
  6. Andy B

    Time for some new tools.

    As always I would recommend a Fluke DVM and a Weller Soldering station. The Fluke 115 is a great meter. Weller WES51 has been my workbench station for over 10 years.
  7. Andy B

    Husband Goes In For A Double ByPass On Tuesday

    Best wishes FG!
  8. Andy B

    What do you call this?

    The dog’s share of the pizza. Enzo gets one or two crusts whenever we make pizza.
  9. Andy B

    Anyone using these guitar stools and straps?

    Office chair here. Mostly a higher one. My wife prefers a kitchen table chair.
  10. Andy B

    I’ve been looking for that tuner…

    Ha Ha Ha!
  11. Andy B

    Last place to get a flat.

    Everytime the weather changes here you can see the long line outside Discount Tire of folks waiting to get their tires inflated. Can't think of anyplace with free air here. I just rebuilt my old Craftsman Air Compressor. Regulator was shot. Hope I get another 16 years from it.
  12. Andy B

    What makes a P90 a P90?

    DiMarzio BluesBuckers are killer sounding P90ish pickups.
  13. Andy B

    Do You "Discover" Older Music?

    Always discovering new to us old music.
  14. Andy B

    So, is the Blues Jr. really that bad?

    I like them well enough. I’ve modded lots of them for customers with the Bill M kits. Depending on which series amp they all sound different. Today’s tip: Want better reverb, put the tank in a bag like AES sells. Also I prefer the Belton tank to the Mod tank Fender uses.
  15. Andy B

    Super cool gig coming up. I’m starting to get really excited. Long post.

    Wow. Great story. Need a CD soot can accompany us in the Lincoln. I still have my old Technics turntable but it only gets used if we don’t have a CD.
  16. Andy B

    Blues Junior - extremely high voltage problem (1300 Vdc on EL84 plate)

    If Corliss1 says it so it is so. I agree with him about the screen resistors. Same in the HR Deluxe.
  17. Andy B

    All Dogs Go To Heaven

    Sorry to hear about Archie.
  18. Andy B

    1965 Pro Reverb On The Bench: 5V4 enough current?

    I’m currently using 5R4’s in a Pro Reverb and Bandmaster Reverb with no problems. I don’t see a problem with using a 5V4.
  19. Andy B

    50th Anniversary today!

    Congratulations 🎉
  20. Andy B

    The Old Man mercifully comes to an end tomorrow.

    Just finished watching Tremendous again. Good series that the music makes excellent. Highly recommended.
  21. Andy B

    Fender Blues Junior IV Schematic

    RufusGartz, thanks for the schematic. It answered my questions about what they did this time.
  22. Andy B

    Difference between the new Blues Junior IV and the previous incarnation??

    Do you per chance Have a copy of the schematic you can share? So far I have not been able to obtain one for the IV jr.
  23. Andy B

    2022 Name That Place Thread

    This one should be fairly easy without being obvious:
  24. Andy B

    What would a higher output bridge unit do to the middle position?

    It will sound great. Chopper T is my favorite bridge pickup. I have it paired with a vintage Firebird, a DeArmond Dynasonic and with a Fast Track. Sounds great with all of them.