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  1. william tele

    You guys are cool and weird and I appreciate you.

    I stumbled on to my password! ... Anyway, this place is filled with beautiful souls and I always thought John was solid are so many in here. Hoping your world is fulfilling and joyous, BB!
  2. william tele

    You guys are cool and weird and I appreciate you.

    Hey, Randy! Great to see so many old faces... You guys all rock!
  3. william tele

    You guys are cool and weird and I appreciate you.

    I just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in... Merry Christmas, John! I wish you increasing happiness and joy and that 2021 will be a great year for us all!
  4. william tele

    The Monster To End Us ALL....

    I know we all have some pretty scary imaginations, but I'm more in fear of "atmospheric voids" that have been detected recently, and seem to be fairly small and innocuous, but are shown to be increasing in size. These voids present themselves as crack in earths atmosphere, causing tiny absence's...
  5. william tele

    "He died doing what he loves doing...

    That saying has nothing to do with the dead person, it's for the living. The maximum joy at death is derived from the minimum intensity and duration of pain of the process.
  6. william tele

    I got some of the best news in the world today, and I'm stoked

    You have always been such a joy to know on here and I'm tickled to be able to support you. So great to hear this!
  7. william tele

    Ocular Migraine

    The first time it happened to me at 10 years old it was for nearly a week and was the result of horizontal ladder/monkey bar fall. Landed on the back of my head and went blind for nearly a week with that same jagged shape, kind of like a jagged amoeba vibrating. Then they started again in my...
  8. william tele

    Beer can chicken? We’re trying it.

    DAMN! That's the answer right there! I'm ordering that sucker as we speak... Thanks!
  9. william tele

    What did you get for your 60th birthday

    Atrial Fibrillation...
  10. william tele

    Beer can chicken? We’re trying it.

    Did you remind Kel that this is America and anything deep fried tastes delicious?:)
  11. william tele

    Beer can chicken? We’re trying it.

    So did you buy some sort of adapter that holds a rotisserie? I love spun food and did it on my gas grill but never saw a way to do it on a Weber kettle?
  12. william tele

    Beer can chicken? We’re trying it.

    I go for 165 in the thickest breast part...I never check the thighs and legs and just kind of assume that they are done and always have been.
  13. william tele

    Beer can chicken? We’re trying it.

    My problem is have to drink canned beer...I don't like the taste of glass.
  14. william tele

    Beer can chicken? We’re trying it.

    Buzzkill Mike...right on time!
  15. william tele

    Scenes from an evening stroll- Sunday 7/19/20

    What a beautiful alter and organ! Some of that architecture is just spiritual in itself. Also love seeing lilies in the wild too...nice BT!
  16. william tele

    The lightning strike post...and the business of historical truth

    Long ago I posted some information regarding the phrase "getting gypped". I explained how it wasn't derived from any sort of racial slur, but came about during the Klondike gold rush when any prospector taking the trail to the mine fields was mandated by the Mounties to have a certain list of...
  17. william tele

    So, and So is breaking their silence.

    I'm sure there is important content in the rest of this thread, but let's not just gloss over this whole "Teresa" thing... WHAT HAPPENED TO TRIXIE!!!:)
  18. william tele

    Discovering My Aunt’s Abusive Boyfriend’s Role in Country Rock History w/Gene Clark

    A Skully thread is guaranteed to be "can't put down" reading because you know Getbent will be there and their proximity to all the coolest stuff, during the coolest times in California is fascinating... Throw in anything about Michael Clark and I'm there. Thanks Mr. Skully!
  19. william tele

    Eagles Concert from 2018 tonight on ESPN

    Believe or not, out of all the genre's, what Eagles played and evolved from was as exciting as hell and fit the times. They caused a lot of people to never be able to get tired of them. Classic FM radio tried, but of the two, Pink Floyd was the one I don't need to hear anymore...
  20. william tele

    Eagles Concert from 2018 tonight on ESPN

    That is profoundly true! It's even operatic in a way...
  21. william tele

    This year ?! The compulsion to behave according to a date on the calendar...

    I'll be eternally grateful to those who made us free and keep us free. I'm confident that my gratitude need not be a visual display, and it need not be expressed as "Happy Independence day". I do have hope that the next one will be much more of celebratory occasion. Till then, a sincere THANK...
  22. william tele

    let' s write a gospel song together.

    Those boys and girls are funny and I laugh until I cry...
  23. william tele

    Charcoal Grilling

    Lot of good stuff here! I've been grilling on charcoal and gas for so long I don't really have any trouble but it's fun to hear other discussion. Some things like chicken really do better with charcoal and smoke than on a gas grill...but I'm just fine with a steak or a burger on a gas...
  24. william tele

    Your 5 favorite posters on the tdpri.

    I don't get over here much these days but this is still the best run place on the net. The guys that shouldn't be here really don't last. I share the opinion that there are some really wonderful souls here and the ones I hold dear know who they are. May the TDPRI and Bad Dog last forever!
  25. william tele

    Do you have a proclivity towards hoarding any specific item that you really have no use for?

    Guns...especially air guns, but lots of powder burners. Like guitars, I got on an adult airgun kick and have about 30 some...but no big back yard range to enjoy them. I started accumulating different pistols and rifles and though the numbers aren't huge, I really have no where other than a...