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  1. trapdoor2

    Dog vs Coyotes…Casper saves his sheep

    Yes. Our Pyr, "Rocket" (RIP, back in May) was the friendliest, least agressive marshmellow...until you invaded his backyard. Raccoons, Armadillo, possums...I'm sure he would have done coyotes too.
  2. trapdoor2

    Guitar Quirks - Little Things That Should Not Throw You Off But They Do

    I have a custom with a similarly annoying tuner arrangement. Not only are they 3+2, the bottom three are staggered around the inlay. It is just not right from any angle.
  3. trapdoor2

    Need Recs for Bandsaw

    I don't think my Delta is 1hp, more like 1/2hp. I struggled with resawing until I bought a specialized carbide-tooth resaw blade. Helped a lot!
  4. trapdoor2

    Trivial observation

    Depends a lot on whether you're in B/F# major or minor. Schubert published the most often quoted table of characteristics or "moods" for each key back in 1806.
  5. trapdoor2

    CGDA tuning

    Cello/Viola/Mandola tuning. I got pretty comfortable reading both Bass and Tenor clef. The Mandola/Viola thing requires either excellent skills up the neck or just usually re-scoring mandolin/violin tunes to suit. One can often just drop an octave on the high parts and play them as written...
  6. trapdoor2

    Terrified but obessed

    Yah, a good friend of mine was a Parasailer. He gave it up after a couple of scary incidents. He got bored, pushed the envelope just enough to nearly get killed. I flew fixed wing...from birth to my 20s. Soloed power and glider, owned a PA-16, etc. Gave it up after Dad died (1982). Just...
  7. trapdoor2

    College football

    Well, at least we made the "New Year's Six"... Even if LSU dredges up a miracle, TCU falls on its face and USC gets lost at the airport, Nick will need to keep any additional Nat'l Champ trophy space dusted for another year. We simply couldn't get it together this year. Losing a hundred yards...
  8. trapdoor2

    Need Recs for Bandsaw

    Yah, 14" is my minimum. I grew up on a 12" Craftsman, currently have a 14" Delta. I would eventually like a more powerful motor...maybe sell the Delta and buy a Laguna...
  9. trapdoor2

    How often do you really screw up?

    Mistakes are just part of my learning process. My mentor always said, "Life is: test first, lesson after. Get used to it." I just spent nearly a week consistently screwing up loading 1700+ files into a new database. Load, discover a mistake, erase everything, lather-rinse-repeat. I had to just...
  10. trapdoor2

    Do doctors still make house calls where you live?

    I'm not old enough (65) to remember a doc coming to the door. The Milkman, The Fuller Brush man, The Tupperware lady, The Charles Chips delivery guy...but no Doctor. We're lucky, all our Docs have actual people answering the phones. The Vet, however, has gone to using a phone jail where you...
  11. trapdoor2

    Maybe you too - need an Esquire in the collection? Post that ARTSY ESQUIRE Picture!

    Sassafras body: "Sassquire". Mojotone broadcaster pup, Fender neck. My take on a '52. Slotted screws all around, etc.
  12. trapdoor2

    What are you asking from Santa this year?

    Dear Santa, All I want for Xmas is that the 10,000 sq/ft of grass-sod we laid in October comes back to life in the spring. Green side up!
  13. trapdoor2

    Forum Names

    I'm a collector. Two of my favorite collections are banjos and Springfield M1873 rifles. Back in the early days of the Usenet groups, I went thru a variety of handles, for music (rec.allmusic) I tended towards silly. Eventually I was called "the rudest man alive" by somebody I had publicly...
  14. trapdoor2

    First Dates

    I took a girl to the movies...1974? All I can remember is that it was raining, my VW leaked and her purse got wet. She's now an old friend (though rarely seen...last time was at MIL's funeral). First date with Miz Diane was dinner and a movie. No idea of the movie but dinner was at Olive...
  15. trapdoor2

    Do you do Black Friday sales?

    Heck no! Back in the 90s, Miz Diane convinced me we should get a big screen TV at Walmart on "Black Friday". This was before we had pocket cell phones (I think we each had a phone in our cars for emergencies). We waited for them to open at 4am, went in with the crowd and a cart. It was a...
  16. trapdoor2

    A description of a Job once gone, will always be remember. What's Yours?

    I worked my way through Tech School as a Knitting Machine Mechanic (Munsingwear). It wasn't a bad job, just depressing for a kid raised in the "not poor" suburbs of a city. It was in a West-Alabama small town, everybody was either too poor to pay attention, drunk or pregnant. The only...
  17. trapdoor2

    Got your holiday lights up?

    Not till mid Dec. Neighbor across the street took down his elaborate Halloween decor and started the Xmas lights the next day. I gotta scarf leftover Turkey sammiches for a while to gain the strength to put up 6 strands of std lights on the front porch...
  18. trapdoor2

    "To be social is to be forgiving"

    I am that Uncle. I don't watch the latest TV shows, I don't watch the news. I don't bring my phone to the table. I am forgiving...but they're boring as hell. I have to survive a whole week with half the same people (plus another couple) in two weeks. Thank Dog I'm bringing a banjo. I'm required...
  19. trapdoor2

    Do you play or noodle ?

    I met a lifetime pro musician a month ago. Nice guy, former type A personality now mellowed in old age. I watched him practicing. Dog, please don't let me grow up to be this guy! He played chromatic, 4-note runs up and down each and every string for the full length of the fingerboard...
  20. trapdoor2

    Getting out the Lap Piano

    His Dad called his banjo, "Meal Ticket".
  21. trapdoor2

    Turkey or Ham?

    Sorry, PR is for Xmas least here. In retirement here, we trade out T-Day @ ex-sis-in-law's for Xmas dinner @ our place. Ex-sis married a guy who is very picky and now diabetic. He won't eat anything green or beans of any kind. So, she uses the occasion to cook all her...
  22. trapdoor2

    Rocky and Bullwinkle more

    I certainly liked it.
  23. trapdoor2

    What have you done with your weeK?

    Started moving into the new tool-box.
  24. trapdoor2

    Do you change your own pants?

    No pants here, just chaps. No real need to change them.
  25. trapdoor2

    D, C, AA, AAA...AAAA?

    Always something new. I didnt know AAAA (Quad-A?) batteries exist. Goes in a Dell "active pen"...

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