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  1. tfarny

    Owning multiple telecasters

    I have two, both partscasters with Warmoth necks. One of them is just a great all-around guitar that I've had for a long time. I've played more live music with it than with anything else, it can do anything I need. It can do twangy stuff but is maybe a little more suited to rocking. It is a...
  2. tfarny

    What have they done to you???

    I'd love to see a realistic relic one day - a sticky tuner knob, missing the volume knob, a scratchy pot, in dire need of a refret, lost trem arm, no case, fretboard covered with somebody else's grunge, and maybe two dings on the body where it fell off a stand or the drummer dropped a cymbal on it.
  3. tfarny

    Who has an electric vehicle, and what has been your experience?

    Aren't you the guy that is super insanely nitpicky about what is Rock vs. Rock N Roll? An EV is a car that doesn't have a gas engine at all, as opposed to a Prius which does. It's not very complicated.
  4. tfarny

    Who has an electric vehicle, and what has been your experience?

    I think some people on here are confusing hybrids with EVs. EV means there is no gas engine at all - IE Tesla, Hyundai Kona, Chevy Bolt, etc. A Prius is not an EV last I checked. We took delivery of a VW Id.4 AWD in June after almost 14 months waiting. It's nearly new, there have been no...
  5. tfarny

    Do You Need A Strat Or Tele?

    Bah. You don't need any particular guitar. It's all just so dumb. I like teles and I like hollowbodies but I'm glad there are different guitars to suit different folks.
  6. tfarny

    Is the Squier 51 really worth it?

    I've never had one but people seem to dig them. They seem pretty cool to me, a little bit retro a little bit original. For $100 I'd probably check it out!
  7. tfarny

    Ash Tele vs Alder - What's the REAL difference?

    I will say: I am completely convinced that true hollowbody guitars have a distinctive acoustic quality to the voice that you can clearly hear as long as there's not too much gain. And the same exact pickups will sound different in different guitars (or the same wood species or different woods)...
  8. tfarny

    Ash Tele vs Alder - What's the REAL difference?

    Ash is becoming extinct, is harder to finish for the home builder, tends to be heavier but varies quite a bit, and is harder than Alder, in general. I've never seen anything approaching a scientific comparison that could tell you ash or alder consistently produces guitars that sound certain ways...
  9. tfarny

    Just how durable are telecasters?

    that was him standing on a neck, to prove his necks didn’t need truss rods. They did, though!
  10. tfarny

    Gigging stops gas

    Your fourth sentence proves your third sentence false! It's an addiction like any other and this forum is the anti-AA whatever that is.
  11. tfarny

    Do you change your own oil?

    last thing on the planet i want to spend time on, i’d rather listen in on a beginner bagpipe class. my newest car is electric anyhow. only fluid is windshield wiper fluid.
  12. tfarny

    Buying a guitar off Reverb???

    I would venture that most used guitars these days are sold on Reverb or Ebay rather than Kajiji / Craigslist / FB Marketplace. I have bought a few and sold quite a few on Reverb. I haven't had issues as a buyer, but I have had a couple of issues as a seller. My preference these days is to buy...
  13. tfarny

    What have you done with your weeK?

    Mostly just worked a lot, and it was much more stressful than normal. Although one thing work required of me was to take a New York harbor dinner cruise with a friend (seriously). That was cool! Tonight we are going to see some old friends for dinner so that should be great.
  14. tfarny

    Do You Change Your Own Strings?

    Yeah, I despise, loath, detest changing strings on my acoustic 12. But I've never paid someone else to do it! Just...not changed them quite so often.
  15. tfarny

    Tale of two...high end MIC thinlines?

    This post came back around! Since posting it I haven't played any other guitars besides the Romeo.
  16. tfarny

    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    OP, dude! Nice troll. :cool: I agree. And furthermore we should judge paintings only by the number of colors used, size of canvas, and the time it took to complete the painting. All else is subjective! Down with subjectivity!
  17. tfarny

    Unplugged tone Vs. Plugged in tone Poll

    Exactly, and I had an Epiphone Sorrento with a really annoying rattle I could never isolate and eliminate, but of course it had no effect on the amplified sound which was killer. This thread belongs on Harmony Central circa 2004, not on today's TDPRI.
  18. tfarny

    Unplugged tone Vs. Plugged in tone Poll

    I don't think there is any answer to your question, because there is no way to define what "percentage of tone" even means, much less to know how one would be able to ascertain such a thing. It sounds one way unplugged, then when you plug it in, sounds come out of the amplifier. Obviously the...
  19. tfarny

    What do you as a Bad Dog member actually think of a Telecaster?

    in many ways i’m more of a hollow body guy, and i love low output p90 and humbucker sounds a lot. and tbh i like the 24.75 or 25” prs scale better than fender scale. but yet somehow i’m still a tele guy. they just “hang right” for me, my right hand is naturally where it needs to be, it balances...
  20. tfarny

    Do you have a bug out bag? Emergency food supply?

    while i agree there may be a fantasy element to some of the prepper stuff, the world and society in general isn’t quite so disaster proof as most people expect. for one thing there are all kinds of natural disasters and imperfect government responses to them. lots of examples going back twenty...
  21. tfarny

    Oh well. The UK welcomes its new fast food overlords.

    I know right? Of all the countries on this earth to get upset at a Taco Bell invasion. You can always choose not to buy the stuff, you know. I've managed to not eat Taco Bell for about 30 years and I'm a gosh dang American.
  22. tfarny

    Oh well. The UK welcomes its new fast food overlords.

    This is common in the parts of New York that don't get tourists, though I don't know if there are a lot of websites. Just a good cook in their home kitchen, making a living using word of mouth and good prices to get regular clientele. My wife occasionally used to get "underground" Caribbean food...
  23. tfarny

    Let's post clips of well known artists playing the guitars that never made it.

    I have the middle one of those and was about to use it on a gig, but the singer got covid, gig was cancelled, and the band is in limbo now. It's been my "office guitar" for a few months and hardly played. It IS a great guitar and very comfortable, but the neck is a bit thin for me.
  24. tfarny

    Can you still listen to Bad Moon Rising?

    i did a fun little gig a few years ago, the Green River album start to finish. i was on drums, did some singing, it was a hoot. i wouldn’t put ccr on play just because i hhav3 lots of other stuff to listen to, but they are good simple r&rsongs, nothing wrong with ccr except for being too popular.
  25. tfarny

    Winter is really settling in early here.

    We are supposed to get some mixed type precipitation (the worst kind, really) next week - normally we get our first snowfall sometime around Halloween into early November, it's been a realtively warm and gorgeous fall season here and today it's high 60s and brilliant sunshine.