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  1. Paul G.

    Late 60's Silver Face Super Reverb setting

    Sounds wrong. Do you know when the amp was last serviced? If you don't, or it was more than 20 years ago, it needs one. If it was serviced recently, there is still something wrong there, a decent tech will figure it out.
  2. Paul G.

    6v6 amps - screen grid resistor values don’t match - does this matter?

    Those resistors are fine. They are within 5% of each other. Voltage drop across these (assuming same current draw and 450V) will be <.2vDC between them.
  3. Paul G.

    Signal and Current flow comprehension in a Blackvibe Layout - is this correct

    Transformers do not pass DC. The Output transformer serves two purposes. By connecting the primary center tap to B+, it supplies B+ DC to the plates of the power tubes. The turns ratio (primary to secondary) converts high impedance/low current to low impedance/high current to drive the speaker.
  4. Paul G.

    New Princeton reverb 65 - reverb humming

    If it's under warranty, don't mess with it, return it, or have it repaired on their dime.
  5. Paul G.

    Best sounding Silverface

    Ooooh!! Do it!
  6. Paul G.

    Best sounding Silverface

    Going against the grain here, I actually prefer silverface over blackface myself. Of course, I'm primarily a clean player who might venture into the crunch zone, and that what the SF models give you in spades. The Vibrolux Reverb, Pro Reverb, Super Reverb, Bandmaster Reverb are essentially the...
  7. Paul G.

    WKRP turkey drop

    Dude, we all did!
  8. Paul G.

    Would this work for that? (cab + head question)

    The top right jack disconnects the speakers from each other. Now you can just use that jack for one speaker (at 8 ohms), or you can put another signal into the top right jack (normally parallel mode) and run that at 8 ohms as well. If you have a stereo amp, you need two separate 1/4" outs at 8...
  9. Paul G.

    WKRP turkey drop

    A wild turkey is a lean muscular bird that can fly short distances if pursued. A domestic turkey is a deformed fat creature bred for maximum meat yield. Honestly, I don't think either would do so well if dropped out of a helicopter over concrete, but the wild turkey might have a chance of...
  10. Paul G.

    1978 Deluxe Reverb Abnormally Loud/High Voltages

    Check that the Pull Boost switch. Make sure it disengages -- if it is shorted, you may always have that extra gain on.
  11. Paul G.

    So I made enchiladas tonight

    This stuff is decent, many grocery stores or Amazon.
  12. Paul G.

    Tone-o-Matic and broken strings?

    You paid $400 for a knockoff of a $4000 guitar, what do you think?
  13. Paul G.

    1965 Bassman Noise 🤷‍♂️

    That's the way to clean the boards and get the moisture out of them. They will definitely no longer be conductive after that. Use some desoldering braid to clean the eyelets while you're at it.
  14. Paul G.

    1965 Bassman Noise 🤷‍♂️

    I would start by pulling preamp tubes, one at a time. A bad tube can hum at 60Hz. Check all ground connections, the solder blobs on the chassis can crack so it looks like they're ok, but the wire is floating in a void. A nice big iron and reflow. Make sure all your pots and jacks are tight and...
  15. Paul G.

    Would this work for that? (cab + head question)

    They are switching jacks. Plug into the 16 ohm jack, and the speakers are wired in series. Plug into the 4 ohm jack, and they are in parallel. Plug into the right top jack and the speakers are disconnected from each other. You may run one speaker (so 8 ohms), or plug another source into the left...
  16. Paul G.

    Would this work for that? (cab + head question)

    Here you go. Least expensive, most versatile solution. I've got one installed on my 2x12 cab.
  17. Paul G.

    AB165 Bassman…high voltage…

    Screen voltage added to plate voltage in series?
  18. Paul G.

    SF Twin Reverb on the bench

    I had a pull-boost that was intermittent and made a pop when switched and was noisy when turned. A thorough cleaning was all it needed. Definitely see if you can get the original to work before replacing it.
  19. Paul G.

    Potential issues with my Brand New Gibson ES-335

    Normally, I'm not one to pick nits, but I'd return this one. Just too many issues. I wouldn't accept this on an $800 Epiphone.
  20. Paul G.

    Why is lead dress important?

    I like a neat amp because it makes it easy to see what is going on, but... as long as AC is kept away from signal wires, and crosstalk is prevented by separation or shielding, as long as ground loops are prevented, the rest is just pride. Plenty of vintage amps look like a mess yet work...
  21. Paul G.

    Deluxe Reverb servicing, I need some help.

    Those 25uf caps are not coupling caps, they are cathode bypass caps. The terminology is important because you avoid confusion. I never do mods to anything until it is properly serviced and running correctly. Which schematic are you looking at? Remember, your amp is definitely not an AB763. You...
  22. Paul G.

    Probe for measuring control screen grid voltage ?

    I have a bunch of those things, and I don't trust them. Fiddley little things with underrated components and possibility for disaster should something inside break or short.
  23. Paul G.

    5e3 Build - Pilot light in standby hole?

    I've done it when I had a master volume. It's fine.
  24. Paul G.

    What Makes Boutique Speaker Cabs So Much Higher Priced?

    If you need to match your head and cab, well, they got you. There are quite a few quality cab makers around who will manufacture properly constructed, beautifully finished boxes out of good materials for quite a bit less than a box from the "boutique" guys. I've purchased combo and speaker cabs...
  25. Paul G.

    5e3 New Build w/ strange issues

    It may be OCD, but I have an autoranging meter with hook type leads ready to double check every single cap, pot and resistor before installing on a build or repair. Adds about 5 to 10 seconds per component, but can save quite a bit of time troubleshooting.