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  1. Ronzo

    FB Jail

    Apparently, there wasn’t enough of it!
  2. Ronzo

    FB Jail

    BT, it may be due to music in the livestream video. My Church has had similar problems due to that.
  3. Ronzo

    Red Lobster is “fire” and “lit”

    Ok, Andres.
  4. Ronzo

    Oh my lordy! Cheap content

    Oy… Like many ideas, a doubleneck is better in the imagination than in practice. And I own one of these:
  5. Ronzo

    Your Pure Stock Electric Guitars. Bought New. Zero Alterations.

    Guitars: Dean Boca 12 Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Jackson Rhoads JT32 Epiphone Korina Flying V DeArmond M-72 Epiphone Dot Steinberger Doubleneck Basses: Ibanez SR305 Ibanez SR500FL Steinberger Spirit XT-2 Squier VM Jaguar HB
  6. Ronzo

    Car songs... how can I learn them... quickly

    Jan and Dean stuff might throw you a curveball. @Marc Morfei ’s suggestion to check Ultimate Guitar is an excellent idea. Pro tip: spring for the pro version, since your singer changes key from the original. Transposition is included with the pro version. Warning: Do not assume Chordie or...
  7. Ronzo

    It's hot and they're mad!

    “Heh- heh. Heh- heh. He said butthead…” “Don’t make me smack you, Beavis.”
  8. Ronzo

    Guitar solos that end with a fade out

    Very difficult to fade out live. Hence the “arena rock ending” on live stages everywhere.
  9. Ronzo

    Guitar performance stands

    I looked for one a number of years ago. Gracie and K&M were the ones I found; they were very expensive and heavy to carry.
  10. Ronzo

    NGD- EART headless

    I bought a Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro (HSH) a long time ago as a travel guitar. Loved the feel, but getting the pickups’ heights right to make it sound decent was a bear. Always wanted to put active EMGs in it to make it sound like a “real Steinberger”. Too much cost, work, and aggravation; I...
  11. Ronzo

    Squier Tele Affinity Refinish - Wood?

    My 2020 BSB Affinity Tele is shown on Fender’s website as having a alder body. I’ve seen you post this same thing in two threads today. What basis do you have for this contention? @Jefferson Candido, what year was your Affinity Tele made?
  12. Ronzo

    Bargain NGD

  13. Ronzo

    65' Deluxe Reverb tones at low volumes?

    That’s usually a “volume box”, used in an effects loop, typically on a solid state amp. It uses a pot to reduce the preamp’s signal to the power amp. It doesn’t control the signal to the speaker or the OT, as many attenuators do.
  14. Ronzo

    Do you ever just feel like you're over a certain guitar or type of guitar?

    Don’t worry. When you come back to the one you’re over, it’s almost like a new guitar again. 🙂
  15. Ronzo

    Bands that run their own FOH

    Yes, the digital mixers predominate now, for some good reasons: - Virtual faders work similarly to analog faders, with less maintenance. Fewer moving parts. - Individual monitor mixes are easier to accomplish. Additionally, IEMs are, accordingly, easier to implement. - If the band plays...
  16. Ronzo

    Strat pickup help

    If you’re going for Fender Strat pickups, my favorites are the CS ‘69 set and the CS Fat ‘50s set. However, my favorite Strat pickups are a CS ‘69 neck paired with CS Fat ‘50s middle and bridge. My black MIM Strat has this combination. My white MIM Strat has the CS ‘69 set. Have played both...
  17. Ronzo

    Whadya Bench?

    I don’t.
  18. Ronzo

    Guitarists that perform while sitting down.

    Bad back usually keeps me sitting much of the time.
  19. Ronzo

    Squier Affinity arrived in the mail

    Congratulations. HNGD!
  20. Ronzo

    Schaller Original F-Series Rear Locking tuners, 6inline Nickel

    I prefer locking tuners. I’ve installed them in most of my Fender-type guitars. I did it because of faster string changes and no worries about how the string wraps are done. Since I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, my fine motor control isn’t as good as it used to be.
  21. Ronzo

    Calling all geeks now-- Modulation effects & how they work?

    I thought that Roger Mayer invented the Uni-Vibe, as well as the Octavia and other effects. Am I incorrect?
  22. Ronzo

    Is there a secret to easy threading of strings with a top-loading bridge?

    Go to a local bar. Get a few small stirrer straws. Use them as @Peegoo suggests. Done.
  23. Ronzo

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Caline Blue Sky into my Egnater Tweaker 15 head/cab. I’ll use the hot switch on the Tweaker’s gain knob if I need more gain.
  24. Ronzo

    Has anyone here had Carpal tunnel surgery?

    Lack of grip strength, lack of fine motor control in the thumb, and lack of strength in gripping thin objects with the thumb and index finger. Please, have her get the surgery ASAP!

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