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  1. jackal

    Pickguard Static

    I put a large piece of copper shielding tape across the underside of my pickguards, making sure it makes contact with a separate wire that is soldered to ground. Permanent fix. Needed as I seem to generate a lot of static electricity.
  2. jackal

    Big Bird wants his coffin back!

    I won't be there so why should I care?
  3. jackal

    Guitar Necks. How Important to You? To Me ..... The Most Important Part of an Electric Guitar.

    I agree, if I don't like the way the neck feels, no notes will be played.
  4. jackal

    Making setlists

    Never had a set list last past the 3rd song.
  5. jackal

    Who else counts how many things are plugged together just for your rig?

    Unless I'm going straight into the amp, I put a volume pedal last in line so any effects get hit with the maximum guitar signal.
  6. jackal

    Tone City/Movall Pedal Owners

    I love reverb and have tried a ton of pedals, but the Tone City Tiny Spring has knocked the others off my board.
  7. jackal

    Cleaning a dirty old guitar

    I've had good luck with Murphys' Oil Soap. A little goes a long way.
  8. jackal

    A description of a Job once gone, will always be remember. What's Yours?

    Hot tarring a flat roof in the summertime. Carrying a large bucket of 500 degree tar up a tall ladder is very over-rated.
  9. jackal

    Isn't it amazing anyone plays in bands anymore?

    Once exposed to live music, the lousy sound quality on a smart phone just doesn't sound right anymore.
  10. jackal

    Turkey necks to eat?

    My dad and I always used to fight over the neck. Lotta work, but tasty.
  11. jackal

    Duncan 1/4 Pound Pick-ups

    I've used a few sets of these and I've never noticed any excessive noise, but I always ground the bridge with a separate wire.
  12. jackal

    I need a Reverb pedal

    A surprise to me was how good the Tone City Tiny Spring reverb unit sounds. For under $60 it has a very good spring sound.
  13. jackal

    Two pickups, same magnets, same ohms, how different can they be

    Ohm readings mean so little. I bought a Wilde L-90 that read under 3k ohms that would blow away any humbucker on the market.
  14. jackal

    Best TYPE of humidifier

    No affiliation, but instead of paying for distilled water I would use water from a Zero-Water filtration system. It's even cleaner than distilled water and costs less. My wife uses it in her CPap unit with no problems.
  15. jackal

    Best Small Gigging Amp No Budget Limit

    Evans Custom Amps do it all. For heavy distortion it needs a dirt pedal, but the best clean sound and a great pedal platform.
  16. jackal

    Fender sienna burst

    It sure is pretty, no matter what you call it.
  17. jackal

    Strat Pickup in Tele?

    I put strat pickups in the neck position of all my teles. There are a lot of options as to pick guards out there and only a small amount of routing necessary. There are a lot of options for strat-sounding tele neck pickup, but I just seem to prefer the strat pickups.
  18. jackal

    Pedalboard Power Supply Suggestions?

    I think the small filter on the power connection on the Power-All makes a difference.
  19. jackal

    Pedalboard Power Supply Suggestions?

    A Power-All would do for that few number of pedals. Much better than a One-spot in my experience.
  20. jackal

    Baggs M1 not cutting it- Sunrise is better?

    Probably not what you're looking for but I really like the SD lipstick style soundhole pickup. To me it's only weakness is that it's pretty low output, so I put a SD pickup booster with it.
  21. jackal

    What PICK do you use?

    I always return to celluloid as it twangs the best.
  22. jackal

    Drive pedal low output

    Are you trying to use them as boosters? I've had a few dirt boxes that are very low volume with the gain turned down. If they are still that quiet with the gain turned up, perhaps you aren't giving them enough power.
  23. jackal

    NGD- 1954 Gibson ES-125

    A 125TDC was my first electric, a 63 model. Played it to death, sold it to get a car repaired. In 1980, I found a new/old stock 68 in Tucson that had been lost in a back storeroom for all those years. Of course I had to have it, but it just wasn't the same and I traded it for a Tele.
  24. jackal

    Black or White?

    Why not chrome?
  25. jackal

    I Have A speaker Cab Idea...............

    I modified a 2X12 vertical cabinet with open back on the top, closed back on the bottom. Loaded with identical speakers it was awesome. No pics as I got rid of it when I stopped gigging.

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