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  1. studio1087

    Strange happening this morning

    I respect all the thoughts. I’m a small town WI boy (origally) and I don‘ understand why you need police and this…… ……to take one dude the ER. I live directly across the street from this person I live 250 feet away from this person same street same neighborhood. When I went to the hospital...
  2. studio1087

    Strange happening this morning

    I was eating my scrambled eggs at 6 Am and I hear a huge diesel truck right in front of my house. I thought well the cities doing some sewer work or something like that if you know don’t worry about it then I look at my TV and I see red light reflected in the TV and I think that there’s a cop...
  3. studio1087

    How do you drill into concrete?

    $89. See now that’s tempting. I have the most awesome hardware store in the universe about 10 blocks from my house, I’m gonna go down there and check some stuff out. And thank you very much
  4. studio1087

    How do you drill into concrete?

    Funny admission. I have a tablesaw and I can’t cut two boards the exact same size. If I build a guitar cabinet or a birdfeeder when I put all the boards on the table and line them up they’re all off by like a millimeter. I should probably just do a pro.
  5. studio1087

    How do you drill into concrete?

    FWIW……….I found 5 local general handymen on Craigslist last night. It’s 5:30 AM ringtone now but when it nears 8:00 AM I’m going to call all of them. This is the front of my home in a nice neighborhood. This should be done properly and I’m sure that I would screw something up and it would be...
  6. studio1087

    How do you drill into concrete?

    I want this one. I think I could handle it.
  7. studio1087

    How do you drill into concrete?

    I only have three concrete steps that go up to my front door area. The steps are unusually tall, they’re probably 11 inches. It’s all concrete and there is no railing. My mother is 88 and she’s suffered a heart attack and when she goes up the front steps when we go in the house that way I...
  8. studio1087

    New Top Gun…….Spoiler alert)

    No spoilers please. if you saw it: did you love it? i imagined there would be a lot of thrilling desert flight scenes. Have you ever seen a movie with non-stop 10 minute fight scenes? They fight and fight and fight and fight and fight……..for two hours? That’s sort of how the flight scenes...
  9. studio1087

    Is there a song worse than China Grove?

    Windy Mandy
  10. studio1087

    Headless guitars

    They’re becoming popular? I don’t think so. Name some artists who play them.
  11. studio1087

    From the Guitars U Currently Own, Which Do U Like Best?

    Martin D28 Gibson J45 Fender Tele Esquire Fender Hendrix Strat Gibson Les Paul P90 Special
  12. studio1087

    SG Junior or SG Special

    I gigged a special for years. Love them. I also have a Junior but for starters I’d go with two pickups.
  13. studio1087

    Dining in my hotel room - tactics?

    Chinese carry out.
  14. studio1087

    Soft Shell Crab Dinner

    I’m jealous.
  15. studio1087

    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Yesterday, central WI. Marathon WI.
  16. studio1087

    Wireless Guitar Unit

    I’ve gigged a Line 6 Mark 3 for 8 years. It’s been flawless. They have new systems for $99 now.
  17. studio1087

    NGD walnut is king??

  18. studio1087

    Ooooh NGD

  19. studio1087

    NGD! Gibson SG Special!

    I gigged one of those for 4 years. Great choice. I hope you truly enjoy it.
  20. studio1087

    Lionfish Info

    Invasive little bullies. About 8 years ago many were accidentally released from a Florida aquarium are there are many in the Yucatan. We and spear them when diving. Restaurants will buy them. I’ve never eaten them but people say they’re delicious.
  21. studio1087

    Craigslist scam?

    Are there headstock photos?
  22. studio1087

    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    The security level in general at concerts amazes me. If some not wanted to do something to the professional people, I suppose they could. And you never really hear of that happening. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that David Crosby is a dear friend of my father-in-law. And when they play at...
  23. studio1087

    Anybody else gig-less and seriously depressed?

    I just moved to Appleton and I had to leave my Milwaukee bandmates who were all wonderful beloved guys. There’s been a load in my guitar playing because I don’t have to show up for practice and there’s no gigs and I’ve been playing quite a bit of acoustic but it really blows and I’m very sad...

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