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  1. peteycaster

    New Neck Build - some advise

    Super glue and baking soda/bone dust. I collect the bone dust each time I file a new nut for this purpose. I have only had to use it once but apparently baking soda is just as good. Fill the slot with powder, drop in a tiny bit of super glue, wait a few minutes and re-file. Hope this helps...
  2. peteycaster

    Chords to songs - who's right?

    And occasionally they post the correct chords. My band mate always turns up with charts from UG and I spend half the time pointing out the mistakes.
  3. peteycaster

    New fingerboard in Australia

    I'd definitely try a shim first. Could just fix the issue and you'd still have the neck you (used to) like. Costs nothing to try.
  4. peteycaster

    Do you take your pickguard off

    I take them off 335 style guitars as i feel it interferes with the symmetry. They look fine on a LP style and jazz boxes I think.
  5. peteycaster

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    I hope Paul Weller isn't watching this thread.
  6. peteycaster

    What are your favorite Foreigner songs?

    Great story. Thanks for the info.
  7. peteycaster

    Cheap Trick : Surrender

    Yeah big fan since the first album. Saw them live once. Great band.
  8. peteycaster

    Mastermind - The Two Ronnies

    Very clever stuff.
  9. peteycaster

    Is my neck pocket too deep?

    To take up guitar building/playing/collecting you have to have deep pockets.
  10. peteycaster

    What are your favorite Foreigner songs?

    Quite a few years ago an aquaintance showed me an album by a band called Black Sheep. The lead singer was Louis Grammatico. He later obviously anglicised his name and took up with Mick Jones (ex Spookytooth) and formed Foreigner. I never did get to hear the Black Sheep album. Do love...
  11. peteycaster

    Question on Thinline Bridge Adjustment

    Sounds like it needs a shim.
  12. peteycaster

    What will those amazing Aussies think of next?

    As a by the by Kirk is originally from Canada but has lived and worked in Australia for many years. I've never heard of the Beatles connection before so will look that up. Great slide player.
  13. peteycaster

    Small acoustic?

    I have one of these too. The finish is really good, solid top , back and sides , bone nut and saddle. After a fret dress this is my favourite couch guitar. As a bonus the travel bag is also very good.
  14. peteycaster

    Paul Hester (RIP) - Wipeout

    Still miss Ross Hanaford too.
  15. peteycaster

    partscaster vintage bridge alignment question

    Scale length to the saddles would be the most important thing to get right. The bridge cavity can be altered as long as it isn't exposed and if the string holes don't line up you can use the bridge as a top loader. Not sure you could relocate the string through holes unless they are a fair way...
  16. peteycaster

    Thank you -Led Zeppelin

    Great tone and nice playing. Good arrangement too.
  17. peteycaster

    First Solo Gig Last Night

    Isn't this why you picked up a guitar in the first place?;)
  18. peteycaster

    Any fans here of JD Souther?

    I actually have the Souther Hillman Furay album. I'll get it out next vinyl night for a re-fresher. Thanks for the reminder.
  19. peteycaster

    Opinions on refinishing - changing the color of a guitar you love

    Just change the knobs and lose the pickguard. If you still don't like it you can change back. Re-finishing a hollow/semi hollow is a lot of work and if your'e not doing it yourself I imagine the cost would would pretty hefty.
  20. peteycaster

    Anyone else diggin’ these guys?

    I am now. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. peteycaster

    Ladies and gentleman,... we have a winner

    What was wrong with it that it needed three string trees?
  22. peteycaster

    Today is a milestone in my life as I am now 75 years young!!!

    You made it! Happy b'day from down here.
  23. peteycaster

    Breakfast lunch dinner, or breakfast dinner supper?

    I was born and raised in England. We had breakfast, dinner (as in school dinners, Sunday dinner), tea and often supper (crackers with cheese and tomato usually). After the main meal (tea) we would have "afters" ie. dessert. "What's for afters mum?"