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  1. AlfaNovember

    Capacitor discharging for the unbeliever or careless

    My High school physics teacher had a big HV cap - in my memory, about the size of a shoebox - which he would discharge by jumpering with a strand of very fine wire taped to a wooden yardstick and held at arm's length. The report sounded like a .22 rifle. Needless to say, I learned a healthy...
  2. AlfaNovember

    Robert Earl Keen - I Gotta Go

    I was sorry to hear of his touring retirement; he came through San Francisco for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival a few years back with a scorcher of a set. Go see him while you still can.
  3. AlfaNovember

    Fender is about to issue a Jerry Garcia signature strat.

    Aw, CRUD. Just the other night, my wife said "TTB show is starting in about 25 minutes, if you get on BART you can probably find a ticket out front and only miss the opener" and I decided I didn't feel like making the effort. Now I learn that I missed hearing Susan Tedeschi playing Alligator...
  4. AlfaNovember

    Would 80's hair metal sound less cheesy if it were remixed to today's standards?

    To say nothing of the 2008 Universal warehouse fire...
  5. AlfaNovember

    Ever regret going to a concert?

    Domes... Ugh. I recall seeing Phish at the Union College Hockey rink in early 1992. It was shockingly bad - muddy, unintelligible, echoing, unenven eq. It stood in notable contrast to other Phish gigs at the time, which sounded great; their sound guy really knew his stuff in clubs and...
  6. AlfaNovember

    Free Music Archive

    I'm a fan of John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives - Twangy Rock & Roll from Memphis, circa 2012:
  7. AlfaNovember

    My Wacky Bike Scheme

    Are those fancy italian 'doorayache' downtube shifters on the Specialized? Pretty tall cotton for a beer run bike! ;)
  8. AlfaNovember

    Taking your daughter to a concert

    A tangent, but I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly recognize and thank my dad, who recruited one of his buddies to take me to my first Dead show. I understand now that he was trusting 15 year old me to be off-leash in the adult world. Thanks, dad. I'm still anticipating being able...
  9. AlfaNovember

    Does anyone have a 339?

    More comparison data: Here's my T-type alongside a Casino Coupe, which AFAIK is the same size as the 339
  10. AlfaNovember

    What project for an old PA?

    I see it's got a mic input. That's a high-gain, high-impedance input, you can plug a geetar straight into it and get a taste of what it can do. With a little luck, some smaller coupling caps, and a reworked tone stack, it might could work more or less as-is. Skip Simmons on the Truth About...
  11. AlfaNovember

    Hippie dream : I was gifted 50 unworn tie dyes, 400 or so cassettes…🫣 UPDATE

    As an fan of tie-dye back in my misspent youth - those are some seriously intricate and skilled work. The kids these days, in their inscrutable ways, are into cassettes again. Over on Reddit, has over 50,000 members.
  12. AlfaNovember

    The Singer Known As "C.W. McCall" Died

    Rest easy, C.W., your music got me through some long days standing at a mill, cutting mitres in steel tubing.
  13. AlfaNovember

    Shock mount tube sockets? Yet another thing I didn't know...

    Adding: another source for isolating washer material is down at the auto supply - Look for solid silicone vacuum hose, the colorful stuff sold to dress up an engine. 0.25" ID or so. Buy yourself a foot, and slice off washer-sized rings with a razor blade. You can also source larger sized...
  14. AlfaNovember

    Jason Isbell CDs on Father's day

    Isbell puts on a great show, and it's a non-stop parade of nice guitars. Between Isbell, Sadler Vaden and Jimbo Hart, I lost count - it's generally a new instrument for every song.
  15. AlfaNovember

    Hello from San Francisco!

    I'm about 20 blocks east of you, not far from @Refugee's fried chicken. My amp building projects have slowed down considerably over the years, but I've got a garage full of bits & bobs. If you need a handful of capacitors or want a second eyeball on a problem, give a holler.
  16. AlfaNovember

    Hello from San Francisco!

    Hey neighbor! I'm on the west side. Tell us about the 5F1 mods?
  17. AlfaNovember

    Paul Simons' Graceland : Definitely A Brilliant Album

    Don't miss Stranger to Stranger (2016) or So Beautiful So What (2011). Still a few in there, I reckon.
  18. AlfaNovember

    I want fidelity in my white noise sleeping machine! Help! has all kinds of procedurally-generated soudscapes that go forever without any noticable looping. Most of the sounds were captured in the field by a recording engineer for the purpose. It's quite wonderful. The same creator also made which is a...
  19. AlfaNovember

    Great Albums From The Back Side of Popularity

    Five some-odd years ago, I saw an article claiming that Paul Simon was in the midst of a late-career renaissance, and was putting out some of his best work yet. That's quite a claim... and it turns out to be true, IMO.
  20. AlfaNovember

    Frankie Ford "Sea Cruise" thoughts???

    I think of Sea Cruise as a Huey Piano Smith song.. which Jerry Jeff Walker covered, and which subsequently inspired Todd Snider. Three artists I love, so of course I like it!
  21. AlfaNovember

    Best Sounding Albums

    The Wailin' Jennys Live at Mauch Chunk Opera House is a lovely, vivid recording of a wonderful performance, even if there were no telecasters involved.
  22. AlfaNovember

    Uncle Jerry, James Burton, Elvis Costello

    Looks like the old Sweetwater? My housemate was the doorman there for years.
  23. AlfaNovember

    Anyone actually see Jimi Hendrix play live?

    I didn't, but Dave Alvin did: