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  1. Sparky2

    Who likes really low action and flat relief on electric guitar?

    Right one half-smidge above string buzz, please. And I don't care about neck radius, in case that comes up. 🙂
  2. Sparky2

    Favorite Telecaster using artist/band out there?

    Any band, TV show, or studio that THIS cat is performing in. :)
  3. Sparky2

    The "I thought I had to have" thread

    I love my Mosaic 12-string emulator pedal. It's the perfect solution, and with certain settings, it also adds a sort of Hammond B3 keyboard resonance behind your playing. I was practicing with a good drummer friend recently, and we were doing Knocking On Heaven's Door. It was uncanny how it...
  4. Sparky2

    The "I thought I had to have" thread

    You got me there. I have been longing for a Hamer double-cut guitar for decades. Just never found one nearby that I could play and fall in love with. Yours is gorgeous! :)
  5. Sparky2

    The "I thought I had to have" thread

    * I thought I had to have a 12 string guitar. (acoustic, electric, whatever) I have owned more than a few. I always sold them in the end. Even a lovely Martin. Turns out that tuning a 12 string doesn't take twice as long as a 6 string. It takes longer, for some reason. * I thought I HAD to...
  6. Sparky2

    Which threads are too common?

    The ones I find the most overdone fall into either of these categories: "Hi, long time lurker, new poster. I finally pulled the trigger on the guitar I have ALWAYS wanted, and not she's mine. It's the (insert name brand and model of guitar), and she is perfect in every way. I unboxed her and...
  7. Sparky2


    An old Army buddy and I walked into a bar in the Upper Peninsula one night after attending the local university's ROTC Ball. We had on dress blues and Cavalry stetsons. After a stiff, formal evening of pomp and ceremony, we were ready to have drinks and relax. It was semi-crowded, and the...
  8. Sparky2

    NCD: another tiny Mazda

    I bought my wife a brand new Mazda Miata after we got married on Oahu, in 1999. It was a great car! :)
  9. Sparky2

    I am almost but maybe not quite ready

    I'm with you. These are literally my only two Christmas albums in rotation, and on Christmas morning only. :)
  10. Sparky2

    What are these pots in my ‘73 Tele?

    They look to be metal. Sandwiched around some sort of PCB circuit board. I see solder on there too. Hope this helps. 😀
  11. Sparky2

    "like a boss"

    Never used Twitter. Never WILL use Twitter. Don't care one iota about Twitter or Elon Musk, though I do hope his spacecraft are successful and safely operated. :(
  12. Sparky2

    I am almost but maybe not quite ready

    The time to play Christmas music is between 20 December and 25 December. Here's a song I wrote a nine years ago on nearly that very topic, that of department stores putting Christmas bling out as early as October; 😐
  13. Sparky2

    Do I still need a tele?

    William, I myself have gone from 22 stringed instruments in the past year down to just 10. What I have left is mostly solid body electrics, along with one ukulele, one electric bass, and a couple of acoustics. Everything you described in your original post is what I was feeling with every...
  14. Sparky2

    Does anyone have a light weight electric guitar that they would recommend?

    6 lbs, 6 ounces.
  15. Sparky2

    Anyone know about this odd Fender Sergio Vallin model 2017-2019? Anything at all? It's very hard to find any information about them.

    Roger, agreed. It's a strat-shaped body. Sort of like my Godin Session HT. :)
  16. Sparky2

    Anyone know about this odd Fender Sergio Vallin model 2017-2019? Anything at all? It's very hard to find any information about them.

    Made in Mexico, which is fitting, considering that the artist himself is a Mexican guitar player. Interesting guitar, not a Stratocaster, but very much it's own guitar shape and aesthetic. 🙂
  17. Sparky2

    Let's watch Easy Rider

    Never saw Easy Rider. It came out when I was living in Germany, and though I heard a lot about it over the years, I never managed to work up the will to watch it. :(
  18. Sparky2

    Any Star Trek fans around? If so, check out Star Trek Continues.

    Thank you, Vibroluxer. That was really good, and brought me back to 1967. Fantastic! :)
  19. Sparky2

    Do You Need A Strat Or Tele?

    If you are a gigging rock/blues/pop musician, you need a reliable, rock-solid Telecaster (or a Stratocaster), and a humbucking type guitar, probably a Les Paul. If you have a bad back, an SG will do instead of the Les Paul. If you are a bedroom player with limited resources, you need a...
  20. Sparky2

    Make up a lie about the poster above you - part 3

    ficelles has a rather extensive collection of Matchbox cars. They are admittedly worth a lot of money. Except for the ones that the dogs have chewed on. ficelles likes to line up those little cars, and pretend like they are limos in an official motorcade. Then he climbs on top of the furniture...
  21. Sparky2

    How much would a scratched off serial number take off the value of a guitar?

    100 percent off. Zero value without the serial number credibly on there. :(
  22. Sparky2

    1973 telecaster worth it? I really want it

    KoreanVintageGuy, The correct answer is, "if it's worth it to you, then it's worth it". Me personally, I wouldn't spend that much money on ANY guitar without handling it, playing it plugged-in, and checking it out in detail, in person. The key word that jumped out to me, in your original...
  23. Sparky2

    Hey would you tell us about your introduction to, the Telecaster Guitar if you could?

    It was December of 1975. Dothan, Alabama. My teenage garage-band-mates and I were at the lip of the stage waiting for Foghat to appear. The opening act had been great, but this was the main event. The roadies were thumpity-thump sound-checking the drums while most of the concert attendees were...
  24. Sparky2

    Do you always have a pick in your pocket ?

    For many years, always. Can't leave home without a handful of picks in my front right pocket, and an old German Pfennig, for good luck. :)