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  1. Chester P Squier


    According to my calculations, a millifortnight is 19 minutes and 34 seconds.
  2. Chester P Squier

    What were The 70's really like?

    I didn't mention in my above post that when I graduated from college, my college draft deferment expired. But they had a draft lottery based on your birthday, and I had a high number.
  3. Chester P Squier

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    I'd like to know who is who in that picture. Pretty sure drummer Danny Seraphine is on the far left. I think the next one is trombonist James Pankow, or is it trumpeter Lee Loughnane? And the far right is guitarist Terry Kath (?). Other three guys, top to bottom, reed man Walt Parazaider...
  4. Chester P Squier

    What were The 70's really like?

    Like any decade, it had its idiosyncrasies, its pros and cons, its own quirks. I graduated from college and left the nest in 1970, got married in 1972 (still married to the same girl) and had sons born in 1975 and 1979. Certainly not an all-bad decade for me. I probably shouldn't post this...
  5. Chester P Squier

    Musicians playing the “wrong” instrument

    Was that picture of the Beach Boys made after Al Jardine rejoined the group after Murray Wilson kicked out David Marks? Or was it from when the Beach Boys were just starting out, before Al left for dentistry school and replaced by Marks? That's not an Epiphone Casino. That's a Gibson...
  6. Chester P Squier

    What Makes TDPRI So Special To Me.

    This is a great place, I have to agree. Could it be because the majority of people who are interested in guitar are mature people, having first learned guitar during the British Invasion of the 1960s and a little later. Just curious. (I'm going to have to a search for the phrase "Get off my...
  7. Chester P Squier

    Do you remember your first case of G.A.S.?

    I haven't read through all the posts yet, just the first two pages. Shortly before my 16th birthday, I saw an Truetone archtop acoustic guitar in a Western Auto store. I told my parents that was what I wanted for my birthday. I taught myself to play it, using a Mel Bay (I think) book and the...
  8. Chester P Squier

    Velcro ban

    I use velcro to attach my causeway tag to the inside of my windshield. I find the hook-and-loop part to be much stronger than the glue itself, which can't hold up to SE Louisiana heat. Especially inside a car. You pull the tag off the windshield, and the velcro on the windshield pulls off and...
  9. Chester P Squier

    Hello I am new here

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Make yourself at home!
  10. Chester P Squier

    Li'l Bit Rusty Welcome Wagon Intro.

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Make yourself at home! I also saw the Beatles. 1966, Memphis TN Mid-South Coliseum.
  11. Chester P Squier

    Hello, am new to the Forum. Also am posting a wood identification question for all the Tele gurus here.

    Not a wood expert here. Sorry I can't help. But welcome to the TDPRI! It's a great place. Make yourself at home.
  12. Chester P Squier

    New to the Forum

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Great to have you here!
  13. Chester P Squier

    Album covers

    I was wondering when we would see that one. Took 166 posts.
  14. Chester P Squier

    Album covers

    A really good album by the Beach Boys, released in 1971, years after their glory days on Capitol records.
  15. Chester P Squier

    New tele owner 😁

    Welcome to the TDPRI! And thanks for posting pictures of your guitars. We like pictures!
  16. Chester P Squier

    Hello from the UK (I want to build a Telecaster!)

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Make yourself at home!
  17. Chester P Squier

    Bassist getting a new start with a tele

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Make yourself at home!
  18. Chester P Squier

    All the way from Memphis...actually no, London England!

    Welcome to the TDPRI! And thanks for the pictures. We like pictures!
  19. Chester P Squier

    The day after Woodstock...

    They did have variety tv shows then. I think I saw it on the Smothers Brothers show.
  20. Chester P Squier

    After the thread about moving a piano, my piano spoke to me today.

    Reminds me of a few years ago when one of my grandkids was attempting to pluck the strings of our piano by going in through an opening under the keyboard with some object. It disabled one of the notes, but the repair cost less than having it tuned, which it needed anyway. All was forgiven. I’m...
  21. Chester P Squier

    Trivial observation

    I’m thinking A was in the neighborhood of 415 Hz when Schubert wrote that. He used a lot of descriptive words to say that D# minor is the saddest of all keys.
  22. Chester P Squier


    Congratulations! I love my grandkids! The youngest is 11.
  23. Chester P Squier

    Mirror Tele Serial Number Help

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Make yourself at home!
  24. Chester P Squier

    Hi there

    Welcome to the TDPRI! Make yourself at home!

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