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  1. gwjensen

    Italian Dire Straits Live In Verona

    I would've loved to have been there! the vocals are bit dodgy, but the band's hot and the lead guitarist absolutely smokes. A fun listen.
  2. gwjensen

    Recommend a Low Watt Tube Head

    Okay, not under 15 watts, but the power scaling is flawless and it has a huge range of American and British tones from squeaky clean to hard rock crunch.
  3. gwjensen

    Club Morgan

    Just picked up the Tweed 20 head and cab (stock photo). I'm in 5e3 heaven!
  4. gwjensen

    Morgan Amp Owners Club

    On a Morgan tear lately..My newest acquisitions, heads and cabs. Sorry for the stock photos... What great amps! The MVP has tremendous range, but the tweed has a tone that only a 5e3 can do. I like the simplified layout with just two knobs, one input and a bright/normal switch.
  5. gwjensen

    Club Morgan

    Picked up the MVP23 head over the weekend. Does what it says on the tin... Pristine fender cleans to British OD and everything in between with just one channel and a simple control set. It has a lot more gain and volume than I'll ever use. It's amazing how loud and punchy it can get with just...
  6. gwjensen

    Morgan Amp Owners Club

    meant for Club Morgan
  7. gwjensen

    Poll and Discussion on Amp preferences.

    Surprised to see that sound rated so low. That’s number one for me.
  8. gwjensen

    Poll: Radiused Body or Sharp Edges (with or without binding)

    I'm good either way. My favorite tele has top binding. I recently picked up a double-bound Strat that feels a lot like a Tele due to the flat edges, which I really like.
  9. gwjensen

    Master Built Wildwood Guitars

    I picked up a 2021 Ltd. Ed. GC double-bound CS Strat over the weekend and it smells like... old books... BUT the case has that cupcakes smell... It had been hanging on the GC wall for at least a year, whereas the other one I got the very day it landed in the shop. Maybe hanging on the wall for...
  10. gwjensen

    Which tweed should I get next?

    This would be my ne plus ultra. 50/22 watt with 2x12. Big bucks...
  11. gwjensen

    Which tweed should I get next?

    I LOVE my Little Walter 22w...
  12. gwjensen

    Master Built Wildwood Guitars

    Like cupcakes? That's how mine smells... I like it.
  13. gwjensen

    Fender Vintera 50s Telecaster

    I had a Fiesta Red 50s Vintera. Looked better with a black guard, IMO, so I switched out the white one. Very well made guitar, but the tone was uninspiring, even after two pickup changes, so I sold it.
  14. gwjensen

    NGD. First Tele in a while.

    Nice score and I LOVE the finish. Two tone burst with a black guard is one of my favorites.
  15. gwjensen

    Andy Summers Tele

    Very nice, Mike! Always enjoy your videos. The one you did on the EBMM Cutlass peaked my interest and I ended up buying one. Best S-type guitar I've ever owned, battery and all :).
  16. gwjensen

    What is, in your opinion, the most versatile string gauge for cross-genre playing, with one of those genres being jazz?

    EB Slinky nickel wound 10s for my Strat and Tele, and 11s for my Gibson-scale semi. I've tried all the brands, including the real expensive ones, and always go back to Slinkys. D'Adarrios are okay as well, but I HATE the packaging with the strings wound up together...
  17. gwjensen

    NAD-Tone King Gremlin

    The Nolatone June Bug 2 KILLS most 5-watters for both headroom and crunch. Sounds like at least 10-watts with two 6V6s, but It's only got the one and a BIG transformer. Highly recommended it if you ever bump into one.
  18. gwjensen

    Gratuitous Thinlines

    Sweet!! I LOVE black Teles.
  19. gwjensen

    Tone Specific pickups

    Ha! If I ever get a custom guitar made, and I've been thinking about Ron Kirn for this, it would be a reverse Esquire.
  20. gwjensen

    Changing strings

    Less than five minutes.... with locking tuners. 15 minutes all least with non-lockers.
  21. gwjensen

    NGD: FCS ‘70s Custom CuNiFe Journeyman Telecaster w/Bigsby

    Wow! That's one serious looking ax! Congrats!
  22. gwjensen

    New Cutlass

    Good to know the Cutlass has served you well. I think the batteries last a long time unless you keep the cord plugged into the guitar for extended periods. I totally agree with you about the active circuitry and the stainless steel frets will probably never wear. I was playing along to Steely...
  23. gwjensen

    New Cutlass

    That's funny because I actually had an Olds Cutlass back in the late 70s I inherited from my Grand Dad. Loved that car!
  24. gwjensen

    New Cutlass

    Thanks! I think the neck seduced me right off the bat.
  25. gwjensen

    New Cutlass

    Yes it is! But surprisingly light for as tough as it is.