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  1. stormsedge

    Velcro ban

    I am in a "Ban Free Zone"...enter at your own risk.
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    NGD ! Fender Player Telecaster HH - new pickups ? SD P-Rails ?

    I put a pair in my HB SC550 (LP body) a while back. I used the Triple Shot rings that provide micro(?) switches to get to the various settings (probably not ideal for switching on the fly). They are great pickups (IMO) with many available tones, as one might expect. Thread included below...
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    What sort of daneclectro pedals would you recommand ?

    I have a few. The Billionaire group was/were my first pedals. They are pretty good pedals, but later research indicates they are designed to replicate a full stack sound---I keep the boost/ODs turned way down, so there may be some truth there. Boost is a clear boost with a low cut filter; Pride...
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    Crazy Egnater Deal at Sweetwater right now.

    We're here to help. I am enjoying mine. I've found more than a few great sounds...and it takes pedals with ease.
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    PG Mystery Stocking 2022

    I looked, then decided I had enough iffy stuff.
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    Sweet! HNGD!
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    After the thread about moving a piano, my piano spoke to me today.

    We have a roomba do the room the piano is in…stopped all that bothersome talk;). I am no nearer playing the piano, either.
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    Restoring My 1967 RS/SS Camaro Convertible

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    Big Bird wants his coffin back!

    Maybe some red pinstripes?
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    New painting: "And don't the trees look like crucified thieves . . ."

    Inspiring work. I like it a lot.
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    Moving a upright piano

    I’ve experience with a few. One we had was oooolllldd…and probably >650lbs because of the super rugged iron frame. We moved it once, then moved it out. My mom’s piano was of similar weight…I don’t know what happened to it as I told my sisters to take it. The one we have now is ~35 yrs old and...
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    First Dates

    At least there seems to be an adventure aspect to you have that. Excellent!
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    First Dates

    Do you have a memory of a first date for good or bad? Mrs and my first date was on this day…26Nov75. We went to a Beach Boys concert in Memphis.
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    Confessional: I Have a Love Affair With Superstrats...and I am not a "Shredder".

    Just saw this one pop up at a shop ~45 min from here. A Fender MIK Strat Showmaster that I’ve never heard of…looks cool, but I really don’t have the room or need for it. (No affiliation)...
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    Anyone know of a guitar case brand made in USA (or at least, not in China)?

    Gator’s Indiana plant was acquired specifically to do roto-molding of plastics. With that in mind, if looking for a US made product, I’d look at their plastic TSA type cases. I have two of their TSAs and they are pretty nice.
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    How to Keep Watch Tight Enough But Not Too Tight

    I wear a watch all the time (and often wore two in my career to have Zulu time). I like mine loose enough that they fit around my wrist joint…giving them ~two inches of up/down slide on my arm…comfortable for me, but also a safety factor fm ship days.
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    Quilter Aviator Mach 3 first impressions

    My Tone Block 201 has the same selection of "voices" as your 101. There are definitive difference between each close to the namesake I can only guess. I have enough pedals at this point (and other and SS) that I should be able to get any tonal sound I could ever wish...
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    Hello from Belgium!

    Welcome Aboard! Sweet collection! I made several nice visits in Brussels in the late '90s. Chocolate and lace...lace and chocolate...beers.
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    Eatin deer this winter

    Sweet! I have yet to get out this year. This is our king buck…trail cams <50ft fm our house.
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    I may have retired

    "I may have retired" doesn't suck.
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    Got your holiday lights up?

    Yeah, normally we wait until after Thanksgiving, but now that four of the grandkids have their own lives, we get it when we can. Just the tree for today's hoohah, then I'll pull out some more of the stuff for Thanksgiving and finish after.
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    Vox Valvenergy pedals for US$99 (clearance)

    ((sigh))...maybe just one more pedal...☠️.