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  1. Doomguy

    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    Black Sabbath fans will love this record.
  2. Doomguy

    WORLD CUP 2022.

    I'm a USA homer but have largely enjoyed all of the games so far. Portugal vs. Ghana yesterday got a little crazy at the end. Shame I can't watch any of the games tomorrow, on the clock while the USA-England game is on.
  3. Doomguy

    Do you do Black Friday sales?

    I work in retail so I am the Black Friday sale. Not hyped for it.
  4. Doomguy

    Emojis – Just Can't Use Them

    I hate emojis too, you're not alone. Like... I'm an adult, I can just type whatever I want to convey.
  5. Doomguy

    NFD- New fish day

    I live in central Jersey now but lived up in North Jersey until about a year ago. Even up to the time that I left the livebearer scene was very active and I had my hands on some fairly uncommon fish. I'm not in any clubs or societies, just a couple old school forums like this one.
  6. Doomguy

    NFD- New fish day

    Guppies and endlers are particularly close relatives but not the same species (guppies are Poecilia reticulata, endlers are Poecilia wingei). The two can interbreed and endler-guppy hybrids are very common as well.
  7. Doomguy

    NFD- New fish day

    Of course I have a QT tank, I've been doing this for over half of my life now. I know what I'm doing, I'm not going to just shove some fish into an established tank. They get at least two weeks in there. Meds because the endler had a couple ich spots.
  8. Doomguy

    Discovering Deep Purple

    It was released in 72 which means you had the first three Sabbath records. Much better alternatives IMO.
  9. Doomguy

    Discovering Deep Purple

    I just heard Smoke on the Water for the first time in full today at work. Don't get the hype behind it. It was okay at best, at least better then the rest of the holiday music they were playing all day. But that's a pretty low bar.
  10. Doomguy

    What changes would you make if you were the Sports Czar for a day?

    An update to my original post in this thread: Eliminate the salary cap in MLS Host future World Cups in countries that actually deserve it Less college basketball and football on national TV, it's okay in small doses but it's way overdone Completely eliminate hockey (sorry hockey fans, just...
  11. Doomguy

    What will YOUR guitar tone be when you’re 76 ? (Neil)

    My tone likely won't change much, fuzz and tube amps will never go out of style. Doom will never die. Hail Iommi.
  12. Doomguy

    NFD- New fish day

    My second biggest hobby to music is keeping freshwater aquariums. I've been keeping a small endler colony since March now and grabbed a new, bigger male to add some genetic diversity to the bloodline, a few more amano shrimp, and a gorgeous male honey gourami to rule the tank/eat excess fry. I...
  13. Doomguy

    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    Guitar music would be beyond boring if we judged everyone on technical skill and nothing else. I wouldn't want to participate in that kind of musical world, either. I want guitarists who can make me feel things. Technique is one of the last things I think about when deciding if I like a...
  14. Doomguy

    Name a Sports Hero/Athlete choice of yours:

    I am so lucky to have seen him play in person as many times as I did. This man made me fall in love with both soccer and NY Red Bull.
  15. Doomguy

    Do you remember your first case of G.A.S.?

    The only guitar I ever really freaked over was the Gibson SG... I mention Gibson because I didn't really grasp how amazing the SG was until I had my Epiphone SG. And when I knew that a Gibson was in the fold, it had to be black. I wanted one like the black Tony Iommi ones but without the cross...
  16. Doomguy

    What do you as a Bad Dog member actually think of a Telecaster?

    I feel the same way about teles and acoustics- they have no appeal to me. Don't hate them but I'd never pick one up. The SG is my preferred guitar with most general superstrat types a close second.
  17. Doomguy

    Do You Still Listen to Shred?

    Never listened to shred, never will. It may be technically impressive but it's never captured my attention.
  18. Doomguy

    YouTube as a music source

    I use Spotify/Youtube in concert. I have over 1000 artists liked on my Spotify profile but there's a lot of things that aren't on Spotify that I need to grab on YT. Most of Noothgrush's discography, a lot of Japanese doom/sludge/death metal, stuff like that.
  19. Doomguy

    The guitar that got away

    I've mentioned it a couple times on this forum before, but here goes: A younger me was finally about to purchase my first 'good' ($500+) guitar. They had this single cut PRS in silverburst with some EMGs in it, used for something like $750-800. Played great, sounded great, but I turned it down...
  20. Doomguy

    Been A Good Day......

    Woke up too early. Worked our closing shift. Ate some taco/tortilla soup that was kind of cold. Just another run of the mill, regular day really. I do have Wed/Thurs off though, first time I've had back to back off days since I got this job.
  21. Doomguy

    Could 11s be the ideal gauge for solid-body electric guitar?

    I have 12's on everything but my seven string (tuned stupid low) and my strat (haven't changed strings since I bought it). 12s are just home for me.
  22. Doomguy

    Do You Need A Strat Or Tele?

    I obviously prefer an SG but there's a reason why I have a strat and don't have a tele, you know? I don't outright hate the tele like I once did but they just do nothing for me. I respect it but I'll never touch one.
  23. Doomguy

    Are you a steak purist? Or do you get fancy with it?

    I know that my opinion on steak is controversial and probably wrong, but bear with me. I don't love expensive cuts. I'd rather grab a strip or skirt then anything else. Marinated in something, cooked well done (burnt, please). I think that just a plain steak, seasoned with salt/pepper is a...
  24. Doomguy

    MLB Part Deux

    Eh, not necessarily glad that the Astros won but am glad to see the Phillies lose. Glad for Dusty too, he deserved this and isn't all wrapped up in the old Astros BS. Another fun season in the bag. Already excited for April.
  25. Doomguy

    What PICK do you use?

    I flip between picks these days. For my two higher tuned guitars I stick with the black Jazz IIIs. For the SG in B and my seven string, I like the Ernie Ball Prodigy 2.0s, mini shape. Pretty much the same pick, just a thicker one for lower tunings.