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  1. eddiewagner

    What were The 70's really like?

    In Germany: Mopeds, Bad hash and Bader Meinhof Gang. I played in a band and we where constantly out of Tune but loud!
  2. eddiewagner

    Prs Silver sky se experience anyone?

    I saw it too yesterday. Makes it easy.
  3. eddiewagner

    Prs Silver sky se experience anyone?

    Hello friends, what do you really think and know about that guitar? I checked our some used strats round here, underwhelmed. Maybe that guitar does the trick.
  4. eddiewagner

    Christine McVie, RIP

  5. eddiewagner

    Is It Necessary To Cut Your Teeth In A Cover Band?

    I „ composed“ and played the first and fourth album of the multicolored shades and wrote a lot of stuff for captain twang. Lately my composer-diesel ran low and we are covering songs our own way. That’s good fun. The audience loves it too.
  6. eddiewagner

    Do you have guitars dedicated to slide playing?

    Absolutely: a Strat, another cheapo strat with a Hipshot, a prs se soapbar p90 and a b- bender Tele. All tuned to open E with ridulous high action an really fat strings.
  7. eddiewagner

    Is the Squier 51 really worth it?

    Take it quick.
  8. eddiewagner

    Home training with old stuff

    Hi guys, wintertime is here. I plugged this together and hooked it to my home Hi-Fi. I really need to practice with a drummachine and this is fun and close to the oven.
  9. eddiewagner

    Gigging stops gas

    Maturity is a good thing. At the tender age of 64 I should get some.
  10. eddiewagner

    Gigging stops gas

    That’s mean.
  11. eddiewagner

    Do you busk?

    I did multiple times. And did not like it overwhelmingly much. It makes you tough.
  12. eddiewagner

    Gigging stops gas

    Hi guys, I am thinking about strats for a while. But tonight we played a gig and all my stuff worked so great. I guess the gas is cured. But a Hardtail strat would be nice, right?
  13. eddiewagner

    new country songs that are super good.

    Holy moly! That is good stuff. Thanks for posting. Uplifting.
  14. eddiewagner

    RIP Wilko Johnson

    That was unexpected and expected at the same time. Rest in Peace Wilko and thanks for the cool trick you let me borrow. Dang…
  15. eddiewagner

    Making setlists

    The oldfashioned way:
  16. eddiewagner

    Y'all loan out guitars?

    And Jose
  17. eddiewagner

    Y'all loan out guitars?

  18. eddiewagner

    Going to Germany for a concert next May, what else is there to do in the Essen area?

    I live in recklinghausen, 20 km away from essen. Come on over, we can jam.
  19. eddiewagner

    Greatest Van Halen Song

    I like beato and jump.
  20. eddiewagner

    I found an oldish Chinese affinity strat

    Oh yes, the tuners are a pain.
  21. eddiewagner

    I found an oldish Chinese affinity strat

    Thanks mate. Nothing did fit the way I planned. Now it’s pretty original, set up for Slideguitar in open E with a Hipshot b-Bender. That was worth it. It stays in our rehearsalplace with its brother: the red Squier Tele.
  22. eddiewagner

    If you could get sucked into a time warp and go back to 1969...

    I forgot Beat Club on German TV. That was the Best.
  23. eddiewagner

    If you could get sucked into a time warp and go back to 1969...

    I was 11 years old, all was great, the Beatles and Creedence. One exception: SCHOOL!
  24. eddiewagner

    Guitarists Who Inspire Through Something Magical Rather Than Extreme Speed Or Technique?

    Ry Cooder, Lowell George and Dick Dale pop up in my mind.
  25. eddiewagner

    What do you think of this 90s Strat?

    I could get it for 450€.