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  1. Bill

    Diabetics that eat junk food - wth?

    I don’t know if you have experience with diabetes, the topic of this post. While hitting the gym may help, no, you cannot simply eat what you feel like and expect exercise to get you through the rest. Types of food and portion control, particularly with the type and amount of carbs is...
  2. Bill

    Over 65 & Exercise

    I live in a big city (London), so plenty of places to walk. But earbuds and podcasts are essential companions.
  3. Bill

    Turkey or Ham?

    There’s not a vegetarian vote option, so I guess that leaves me out. Plus I live in London now and trying to get one of “American” Thanksgivings offered here is a disaster, even when I did eat meat. Every year I’d go to the ads for a different restaurant, confirm that it would be turkey with...
  4. Bill

    Robert Clary - RIP

    He and my father were the same age and at the same concentration camp. Don’t know if they knew each other though. RIP
  5. Bill

    Hey would you tell us about your introduction to, the Telecaster Guitar if you could?

    The San Francisco Earthquake... of 1989. A guitar store near me had a refinished '66 Tele. I'd never played a Tele before. Plugged it in, played it, and immediately knew I wanted it because of how it sounded and felt. Unfortunately, it was out of my price range. So I went back home and a few...
  6. Bill

    Been A Good Day......

    I’m an American ex-pat in London. I voted weeks ago, walked past the Tower of London, and had tea.
  7. Bill

    The most pleasant guitar-related sensation is…

    Finding an incredibly tasty new chord.
  8. Bill

    Take "It doesn't sound identical" out of the equation....

    I have a Mustang III Version II and use the '65 Deluxe Reverb model. I also have a 1966 Deluxe Reverb. Both sound great to me. But they do not sound the same. The original '66 sounds like a live amp. The Mustang sounds like a recording of the amp after having been run through a mixing board and...
  9. Bill

    What was a pre-CBS Tele worth in the mid 80's?

    Not quite pre-CBS. But for what it's worth, I bought my refinished '66 Tele from a guitar store for $550 in '89.
  10. Bill

    Mustang iii v2

    The ‘65 Deluxe Reverb is the only preset I use on my Mustang III V2. I’ll keep on using it until I can get my 1966 Deluxe Reverb out of storage in the states.
  11. Bill

    The Killer: R.I.P.

  12. Bill

    Looking for an inspiring bedroom/recording amp

    I use a Hotone Mojo Diamond nano amp. Cost $25 used and I hook it into a 20-year-old set of unpowered Bose stereo speakers I had laying around the house. Sounds wonderful with my Tele, ES-347, Strat, piezo-equipped acoustic archtop, and ES175.
  13. Bill

    Dual Overdrive Advice Needed

    Been using this into blackface amps for many years. Very natural overdrive.
  14. Bill

    FUZZ. Players? / Users? Too Old Fashioned? My Very Favorite Type of Gain Pedal.

    My original, first version, triangle knob Big Muff. Always say it makes any guitar sound like a cello pumped through a cranked Marshall. I have a third version as well as an original Little Big Muff Pi. Neither has the same magic.
  15. Bill

    Saw Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt last night

    Seen them several times and throughly enjoyed them every time.
  16. Bill

    Idiot logic

    I can’t buy refill razor blades from Amazon anymore. They ask my birthday and then tell me according to some internet verification site, I wasn’t born then.
  17. Bill

    CARBON FIBER vs WOOD - Guitar Tone Comparison

    I’ve been interested in cf acoustics since Rainsong first started making them. I try one very couple of years. They keep improving steadily, but still nowhere near the sound I prefer—which is something with a wide frequency range with warm overtones. To me the overtones sound artificial and...
  18. Bill

    NAD-Vox VT 40+ & Fender Mustang III V2 1x12"/100w/used

    Got a Mustang III v2 and love it. How do you find yours?
  19. Bill

    Anyone use really old speakers?

    I have an old Ampro movie speaker cabinet with the original speaker in it. Probably around 80 years old and the best-sounding speaker I have.
  20. Bill

    Hurricane Ian on the horizon.

    Yes, my brother and his family are in Cape Coral. I haven't been able to contact them since 1pm yesterday their time. They had stayed home, rather than go to a shelter, so keeping my fingers crossed.
  21. Bill

    What is your favorite overdrive/distortion pedal into a clean amp?

    Blackstone Appliances MOSFET Overdrive. It’s made for clean Fender amps like mine.
  22. Bill

    Who has more willpower?

    Not married, are you?
  23. Bill

    Doubling, Tripling Up On Your Favorite Pedals

    Yes, that’s mine. A 1952 Telecaster and 1959 Princeton. I have a few Fender amps: ‘66 Deluxe Reverb, ‘83 Super Champ, ‘78 Pro Reverb, etc. I like a mild to moderate overdriven tone for blues, something that sounds and cleans up like an old tube amp. For guitars I use pre-CBS Teles and Strats...
  24. Bill

    Doubling, Tripling Up On Your Favorite Pedals

    I’ve done that on a few. Spent nearly 30 years looking for the perfect overdrive for me. Found it. Then bought a second. Almost bought two more but they were too pricey even used.
  25. Bill

    Dead musicians hoax

    Thanks for posting this. I saw something like this the other day and was wondering what the heck?

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