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  1. Peegoo

    POLL | HELP: Burst, Stain, what is it ?! (Les Paul Finish)

    I was referring to how the old-school instrument makers of Europe applied finishes, and how those finishes evolved through many years of playing to appear as sunburst finishes. Sorry if I was not clear enough.
  2. Peegoo

    Tone pot malfunctioning?

    You should be getting a beep when testing from vol pot lug 2 to the tip contact on the output jack. In electronics terms, that's called "testing across" vol pot lug 2 to the output jack tip contact.
  3. Peegoo

    Tone pot malfunctioning?

    ^^^ Leaded solder is a good thing. I like BigClive's description of it as being "juicy" compared to the lead-free type, because it does flow better and makes cleaner connections. Do not believe any goober that claims soldering smoke contains lead 'vapor', because the soldering process does not...
  4. Peegoo

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer Coming Back From The Dead For 50th Anniversary Tour

    About 10 years ago I attended a small Zappa Plays Zappa show, where Dweezil and band play a tune, with Frank on the huge screen over the backline, and they trade licks. I had heard this was going to be part of the show, and I thought it was going to be quite cheezy. the way the production...
  5. Peegoo

    POLL | HELP: Burst, Stain, what is it ?! (Les Paul Finish)

    There was no 'technique' to achieve a color gradient in the finish. It was simply a clear or amber-colored finish, evenly applied over the entire instrument. Over many years of playing, a faded/worn appearance began to materialize on the surface, and that is what became the sunburst we all...
  6. Peegoo

    Tone pot malfunctioning?

    Do not be embarrassed...we all started somewhere and we all had solder jobs that look like this. Anyone that peacocks here about it can shove their soldering stick where they know they won't like it. Your wiring looks like it's connected to where it needs to go. I think the problem may be...
  7. Peegoo

    Recommend me some new (or old) Americana/country/heartland/singer-songwriter etc.

    @Peteurre Have you heard Billy Joe Shaver's stuff? Rest in peace Billy Joe.
  8. Peegoo

    Tone pot malfunctioning?

    The world is sometimes pretty gross. Anyone that tells you different is either lying or selling something :D
  9. Peegoo

    Tone pot malfunctioning?

    How is your soldering? Are you using a minimum amount, or do you have big blobs? Big blobs can cause solder to flow into the pot and make it act strange. Also, big blobs can overheat the pot and either partially kill it, or kill it completely. Same goes for the tone cap: you can kill it with...
  10. Peegoo

    Velcro ban

  11. Peegoo

    What sort of daneclectro pedals would you recommand ?

    The Cool Cat Overdrive is a good one. Just like the Digitech Bad Monkey, it's a Tube Screamer with a two-band EQ.
  12. Peegoo

    Tone pot malfunctioning?

    Yes, the bridge ground connected to either pot case works fine. And the ground to the output jack can be connected to the case of either pot.
  13. Peegoo

    Tone pot malfunctioning?

    @PoopSoupGuitars 1. Do you have a short jumper wire connecting both pots' cases? If not, add one. 2. Do you have the pot's tabs properly connected? Should be like this: Vol pot -Tab 1 grounded to pot case -Tab 2 connected to tip of output jack -Tab 3 connected to switch AND Tab 1 of Tone...
  14. Peegoo

    Recommend a good nail polish color for me

    @Kmaxbrady Apply clear. It will darken the wood a little.
  15. Peegoo

    Prs Silver sky se experience anyone?

    The SE Silver Sky is made of poplar. Carvin (and other makers) used poplar for most all of their solid-color guitars for many years; as a guitar wood goes, it's a little bit heavier and slightly softer, but in general it's virtually identical to alder. Wood-------Spec...
  16. Peegoo

    Gobsmacked by a genius

    I saw him play with Tom Principato in the 80s...both guys Tore. It. Up. I'm a huge fan.
  17. Peegoo

    Lou Reed on the David Sanborn Show - 'Dirty Boulevard' - 1989

    Got a laff out of the censors completely missing the first reference to peepee, and then blanking out the second one. I remember when this show was on TV. They always had great music played by great people--whether I liked the music or not--and it was all fantastic.
  18. Peegoo

    Velcro ban

    So it is written. So it is done.
  19. Peegoo

    Lou Reed on the David Sanborn Show - 'Dirty Boulevard' - 1989

    Robben is playing one of his Fender sig models. It was called the Esprit (early 1980s), and they didn't make very many of the US version. IIRC, they did a run of MIJ or MIK too. Find one of either and you've got a killer guitar.
  20. Peegoo

    Survey: Which painted guitar would YOU like to play?

    Look here Scroll down.
  21. Peegoo

    How Stop Worrying and Love the 250k Ohm Pots (P90 neck/tele bridge wiring)

    @jimmywaleseswhale Try it both ways (a 250K and a 500K volume pot, audio taper) before you button it all up. That way you will feel better about your guitar because you applied some concerted effort to make the choice that sounds best to your ears, through your amp. A 250K volume pot may make...
  22. Peegoo

    Troubleshooting hiss with signal tracer probe

    @FlatAffectCamper If it's a hiss or a SHHHHHH sound, it may be shot noise caused by the resistor type(s) you used in the circuit. Look here for a good primer on the topic:
  23. Peegoo

    What were The 70's really like?

    Popular culture was greatly affected by the previous ~10 years of Vietnam, so when that was over in the early 70s there was an undercurrent of hope that created a sense of open-mindedness and acceptance of new things, such as punk rock. Sadly, disco was one of these new things :cool: Who...
  24. Peegoo

    Who does not really care about their sound ?

    I care, but I'm not a complete freak about it. For instance, there are plenty of truly great Les Paul tones besides the Allman Bros "Fillmore" sound, so I don't obsess if it's not that one thing.

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