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  1. Dismalhead

    Well...mics do make a difference

    Just went to a jam last Saturday and my friend used a large diaphragm condensor mic to record the jam with as a whole room mic. I've never used one before except my two times in the studio years ago. The recording actually came out surprisingly well; we just need to put the mic in the right...
  2. Dismalhead

    What were The 70's really like?

    We had the Best of Bread on 8-track tape.
  3. Dismalhead

    What were The 70's really like?

    Brother and I watched it every week. Saw Night of the Living Dead for the first time on Creature Features.
  4. Dismalhead

    What were The 70's really like?

    Still have my '77 Hang Ten skateboard. One of the few things I have left from my childhood. Same model as this one in about the same shape. I went everywhere on that thing for a couple of years:
  5. Dismalhead

    What were The 70's really like?

    My grandfather worked at Sears from the end of WWII until he retired in the early '70s. Everything we got growing up was from Sears. It's like we were the Sears family. My dad's guns, my shoes, my mom's golf clubs, our furniture. I remember having the cords and they squeaked when you walked...
  6. Dismalhead

    What were The 70's really like?

    You say that like it's a bad thing.
  7. Dismalhead

    What were The 70's really like?

    Great decade. I was born in '63, so it really kicked in for me around '76 or so. Graduated high school in '81. My parents divorced around '73. My mom was socially conservative but my dad ended up going through all the fads - love beads & hippy stuff, puka shells, leisure suits, disco. First of...
  8. Dismalhead

    Adults with Jobs, Spouses, and Kids - How do you find time to advance

    I stagnated for a long time on the same plateau; like 30 years as a garage band B guitarist. I actually used the lockdown time to finally break out of the rut. My job was only six hours a day from home instead of the normal eight at work, and I used those extra couple of hours to play. I'd guess...
  9. Dismalhead

    Just bought a Marshall Lead 12

    Just paid for this guy on Reverb $279 in excellent condition, $330 with shipping and tax. Very exciting! Been poking around looking at them for the last couple of months; asked about them online and watched a bunch of videos - almost all positive. I had a JCM 900 as my main amp for a long time...
  10. Dismalhead

    Ringo rejoins The Beatles in Australia - The Distance And Flight Time

    That was my first thought too. I remember the whole plane smelling like a dirty ashtray.
  11. Dismalhead

    What is the coolest bandname of a band you played in?

    The Geo Pigs
  12. Dismalhead

    Pickguard on or off!

    I think it looks great without it, but personally I have OCD and the screw holes would drive me nuts after a while. It does look good with the guard too.
  13. Dismalhead

    Album covers

    I would have posted this one myself. Probably my favorite of all time.
  14. Dismalhead

    I bought a bag of Apples that don't taste them or throw them away?

    Pie is the best suggestion (followed closely by target practice). If you don't have cooking skills, the crumble should be a bit easier.
  15. Dismalhead

    Survey: Which painted guitar would YOU like to play?

    I could tolerate looking at the Leo Fender one for a short time. The other two, nah.
  16. Dismalhead

    What stomp doesn't exist (that you are aware of) that you wish did?

    And picks up the poop.
  17. Dismalhead

    Clueless Question: Playing bass through my guitar rig? Dangerous?

    At least no one will mess with your settings. I'm gonna go against the majority opinion here and say get yourself a cheap used bass amp. I've got a Fender Rumble 40 and I see them used on CL for a little over $100. Decent guitar speakers ain't cheap anymore.
  18. Dismalhead

    RIP Christine McVie

    This one hurts. Was a big fan back in the day, saw Fleetwood Mac on the Tusk tour and they played until 1:00 in the morning. RIP.
  19. Dismalhead

    Is It Necessary To Cut Your Teeth In A Cover Band?

    That's interesting. Local guy a while ago on CL was wanting to put together a Scorpions tribute band. I do know a lot of Scorpions songs but I chickened out. Did you really do everything exactly like the original? I figured there would be some leeway.
  20. Dismalhead

    Is It Necessary To Cut Your Teeth In A Cover Band?

    I've been in a couple of all original bands and songwriting is a separate skill from playing; IMO it's a lot harder too. You need to know how to put together different parts into a cohesive unit that all flow together seamlessly and then have meaningful lyrics in a memorable melody that draw the...
  21. Dismalhead

    Pop-up ads

  22. Dismalhead

    Classic Vibe Tele weights?

    A few years ago I was playing some CV Teles at my local GC. They all felt and played great but weighed around 10 lbs. IMO 8.5 is borderline too much. If it bothers you send it back and get one from Sweetwater where you can pick the weight.
  23. Dismalhead

    Excuses to buy another guitar

    Always to get something I feel I'm missing. Last was that I didn't like the way my current acoustic electric emphasized the mids and lows and didn't have that high end sparkle. Bought this about two months ago. I'm gonna sell my old one, but haven't got around to it yet: New GAS is for an...
  24. Dismalhead

    What's your favorite telecaster (that you own)?

    '06 American Series in natural ash. Totally stock. It be my magical Tele.
  25. Dismalhead

    Your Personal Tone

    I've redone my tone the last couple of years to sound like an '80s guitar hero. I'd like to think it's like Satriani, but it's probably closer to Neal Schon's when Journey was big with a big dose of delay on the leads. Current rig is pedalboard with a Revv G3 distortion, a Donner delay, a Sho...