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  1. Billy3

    Middle Position on Telecaster 3-Way Switch – Series or Parallel?

    Well, series. A standard 3 way switch is parallel in the middle position. 4 way gives you series. Many different ways to wire it up
  2. Billy3

    New painting: "And don't the trees look like crucified thieves . . ."

    Totally awesome. The clouds. Makes me feel good. Seriously. I would like to talk a walk around..
  3. Billy3

    Pure Vintage 64 vs Palo Duro

  4. Billy3

    How does alcoholism kill people

    As an addict, I can say that addiction will kill you long before you die. My thoughts are out to you and yours. One day at a time.
  5. Billy3

    Squier Affinity vs Squire Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster

    Whatever you do.... keep the Ibanez.
  6. Billy3

    Classic Vibe Pickguard replacement?

    The fleour brand on Amazon fit my affinity Tele perfectly. Don't know if that helps.
  7. Billy3

    Tweed Deluxe vs Tweed Champ

    I want a deluxe so bad!
  8. Billy3

    What PICK do you use?

  9. Billy3

    Deoxit alternative?

    I have a can of BW-100 electronic contact cleaner and a can of CRC 2-26 multi-purpose precision lubricant. Are they safe to use on scratchy potentiometers in my guitars. I'm broke and frugal. Don't want to have to buy deoxit if I don't have to, you know what I'm saying?
  10. Billy3

    String tension - how closely must they match?

    Yes! That's worked for many people for many years. Why do we insist on complicating this issue. Experiment if you must. You are the judge. If your fingers like it. Play play play.
  11. Billy3

    New Amp Day - Blackface Bassman

    With authority. A Baseman plays no games. Enjoy.
  12. Billy3

    Has anyone here done a great setup on an inexpensive guitar?

    Yes. I don't have expensive guitars. They are all set up properly.
  13. Billy3

    Fender or Schaller Locking Tuners (for '15 AVRI Tele)

    That's the only reason. They look bad, bulky, add weight, but to each their own. A quick string change is all they are good for imo. If people learn how to properly wind their strings there's really no issues. I rarely break a string with standard tuners. I bend a lot. A lot. Just snake oil...
  14. Billy3

    Adding a resistor to a linear potentiometer...

    No. It's different with guitars.A steering wheel has a center detent btw. You right handed people need to understand. It's about the orientation. Roll up, roll down to get the same as a right handed guitar would. I don't like having to roll clockwise to increase the volume and vice versa. Sorry...
  15. Billy3

    Adding a resistor to a linear potentiometer...

    So I am a Lefty and it is impossible to find a reverse, c, antilog, potentiometer with a push pull worthy of putting in a harness. I have either used regular right-handed pots, turning backwards, reversed the wiring, (Pointless and unuseful) or use linear pots. I've been reading about adding a...
  16. Billy3

    Popping and signal loss at output Jack

    That's what I was thinking.
  17. Billy3

    Popping and signal loss at output Jack

    ^+ check your cable too . As stated above, make sure all of your contacts are free and clear. I bet something is touching something else.
  18. Billy3

    50's Wiring?

    Modern and 50's wiring, dependent and independent are all just a matter of spending minutes with a soldering iron. Do one then the other. Then do it again if you can't decide. Do what YOU like. Reading about it will only confuse your decision. Explore the options and decide yourself. No one way...
  19. Billy3

    Do We Owe Hootie & the Blowfish An Apology?😀

    Like them or not, pretty down to earth, good guys. Met much worse. Hello... they had to meet me
  20. Billy3

    Mex. Tele Max Weight !!

    Yes there is a thing as too heavy. I honestly never weighed any of my guitars. I wouldn't say they are light but I am not put off by them either.
  21. Billy3

    Mex. Tele Max Weight !!

    Definitely really depends on the person. I get why small, thin, lighter, weaker people like lighter guitars and not heavier ones. Being comfortable while playing is essential. I like them too. But I don't mind a guitar that weighs more than others. Some guitars are better than others and weight...
  22. Billy3

    North-south pole question regarding humbuckers?

    That's what I did and that's what happened. Screw poles are North. Thought that was not the norm.
  23. Billy3


    ^ I'm also thinking if you only have a volume pot that that capacitor must for a treble bleed. Is the cap wired to 2 lugs on the pot? If so, it's a treble bleed. Easy to remove if you don't like it.
  24. Billy3

    North-south pole question regarding humbuckers?

    That's why I was asking. I goggled into it and have found that there are very few companies that have it arranged this way. North=screw poles. Guitar madness doesn't seem to be one of them according to their diagram. Maybe my cumpass and magnets are backwards. Opposites attract right? Maybe I'm...
  25. Billy3

    NGD! When is a Telecaster no longer a Telecaster?

    Parts.......ter. We all should know that.