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  1. suthol

    USA vs England

    So it's a basketball game then :lol:
  2. suthol

    How to tell my Cousin he isn't paying enough for Recording Sessions?

    I wouldn't get out of bed for that
  3. suthol

    What Was The Shortest Gig You Have Been To?

    Probably The Beatles in 1964 Thinking back on that era most of the artists/bands played sets of 10-12 of their 2.5 minute radio friendly songs
  4. suthol

    Pick Attack Depth - How To Assess?

    I use Dunlop grey 0.88 nylon picks and hold them at 90 degrees and looking at some of the pics above maybe I have them sticking out a bit too far. Guess it goes back to learning to play bass with a pick in the 1960s
  5. suthol

    The "Golden Era" of Guitar Player Magazine: An Inside Account

    I too subscribed for a good chunk of the 70s and hung on pretty much every word, we were always a few weeks or more behind release date here in Oz. Thanks for the trip back in time
  6. suthol

    Discovering Deep Purple

    Having attempted to come to terms with a beautiful custom shop scalloped strat I couldn't agree more. It was very difficult not to go sharp, I guess he had a very light touch
  7. suthol

    Marty Stuart - Going Going Gone

    Not a problem with that, I was making the obvious point that the Tele has many voices once you understand it. I wish I knew 50 years ago what I know now, I'd still have the lovely early 60s double bound Tele that I let go
  8. suthol

    What’s Your Best Twin Lead Song?

    This but in reality pretty much all of their catalogue
  9. suthol

    Marty Stuart - Going Going Gone

    He not only learned to play guitar, then he learned to play Telecaster. They just ain't the same thing
  10. suthol

    Australian Folk Music the Thread

    My band worked with Geoff Mack RIP quite a lot in the mid 1970s, funny guy and a true gentleman.
  11. suthol

    Simplest / best app to record acoustic songs 'ideas' to iPhone?

    I've emailed an mp3 to Julie and she recorded a memo on her iPhone singing along. Dropped the amr file into Reaper and had a solid demo to start working with, obviously the vocal needed to be tracked properly but it was all there. Vocal, acoustic, cello & bodhran
  12. suthol

    A conversation starter about mixing.....

    When I'm recording vocals I always prepare a bunch of tracks and when I hear, I'm going to do a run through first I always grab the first time through. The vibe and emotion is generally stronger and it becomes more clinical with each take YMMV
  13. suthol

    The ‘Currently’ Most Recognized Surf Song?

    Bombora - The Atlantics Wedding Cake Island - Midnight Oil
  14. suthol

    (The Band Is) All In the Family

    Stuie is a scary but great bloke to jam with, last jam we had he spent most of the afternoon on pedal steel and really was bringing it home
  15. suthol

    Oh well. The UK welcomes its new fast food overlords.

    Honest question. Apart from the addictive sugar content in most fast food and the fact that it is aimed at kids and time poor, all designed to hook the consumer. Do Americans eat this type of take away because you don't "have" to tip
  16. suthol

    Lockheed Super Constellation - "Connie"

    A couple of the pilots practice over the ocean off Woonona where we live
  17. suthol

    Lockheed Super Constellation - "Connie"

    Illawarra escarpment, air show at Albion Park this weekend. I won't be going but I'm sure I'll see many of the planes over The Gong I must join HARS one day Edited to add. Just watched the video and it says just that
  18. suthol

    Roy Orbison Greatest Hits

    He certainly delivered live and a one of a kind voice
  19. suthol

    Dusty Springfield

    What a set of pipes, as noted above she did it effortlessly
  20. suthol

    Rory Gallagher: The Complete 1991 "Guitar Player" Interview (HD Audio)

    Don't know that I'd call Rory obscure, he was huge while he was still with us, like many I've been a fan since the Taste days Forgotten may be a better description, sadly
  21. suthol

    Do you try to cut down on plastic?

    At 70 something I'm not having any more than my five but it was fun in the making ;) We have 5 kids, 10 grandkids and 2 great grandies. There will be no more grandkids the cue is in the rack, in the case of the males the magazine has been disconnected from the gun, daughter has bits sorted too
  22. suthol

    Do you try to cut down on plastic?

    I don't know if you can view this outside of Australia, you may have to have an account to view it but it's free and an Australian govt owned service so unlikely to bombard you with ads etc.
  23. suthol

    This forum is making me crazy, last night I dreamed about Blowtorch!

    I used to have a lot of fun dreams when I was much younger, these days I don't wake up and find the sheets need washing. Who knows, in another 15 or 20 years someone might be washing my sheets for a different reason
  24. suthol

    Do you try to cut down on plastic?

    Should have added. I have heard that plastic can only be recycled a certain small number of times and one of our philanthropic billionaires has set one of his companies on a path to try and find a way to make it many times if not infinite.