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  1. tele_savales

    Weird sound on Silverface Bassman pots.

    When I put it to aa864 nfb values the trace on my scope started doing insane things that I've never seen before w the amp plugged into the dummy load with the volume barely up. Flipped the OT secondaries and it went away.
  2. tele_savales

    The Next Time You Diss Guitar Center Worker

    Actually I just a week or two ago went to GC to hand in a speaker cable that I destroyed (totally my fault) and they replaced it in 30 seconds, with so little BS involved that I was shocked. Granted, Livewire has a no questions asked lifetime guarantee, but I didn't even have the receipt. Also...
  3. tele_savales

    The Next Time You Diss Guitar Center Worker

    They probably didn't like the skunk stripe.
  4. tele_savales

    Weird sound on Silverface Bassman pots.

    I got a 1970 Bassman a while back which had some elements of an AA270 and AA371. I replaced the filter caps before even powering it on, and eventually reworked the power section to AA864 spec. The only changes I made to the preamp section were to replace the cathode bypass caps, remove the plate...
  5. tele_savales

    920D caught selling fake PIO caps

  6. tele_savales

    angled pickup switch

    Ti-tone-ium. HA!
  7. tele_savales

    angled pickup switch

    Rock Rabbit. They make them in titanium (way too much cash) and aluminum. I like em. You could probably buff the aluminum ones out to a chrome like finish w Mothers metal polish or the like.
  8. tele_savales

    Black Sabbath - Under The Sun

  9. tele_savales

    What is an influencer? (Like on social media)

    Nah. 90% of all drummers the world over play Zildjian because their distribution is massive, half the guys on their roster have been endorsees for 10-40 years, and anyone that cares about their music biz relevancy, especially if they're for hire and not a member of a platinum selling act (ie a...
  10. tele_savales

    Mystery Item of the week (maybe year)

    I don't have the contraption at hand. My former roomie and snowboarding buddy in Colorado got it somehow. He might be able to trace the circuit but I doubt he has time or inclination for that. I'm trying to decide whether I want it in my apartment or if I should just ask him to send me all the...
  11. tele_savales

    How often do you really screw up?

    Stuck my hand in a hot chassis the other day and got blasted. Felt pretty good about myself.
  12. tele_savales

    Compensated saddles

    Callaham makes the finest parts in the world. Says so on their website.
  13. tele_savales

    We Just Got Back From Spending Some Time In Detroit

    Yup, vacationer's paradise.
  14. tele_savales

    5e3 Power Transformer Spec

    My 5E3 voltages are way too high...
  15. tele_savales

    Essential Jeff Beck Playlist?

    Get Truth, Beckola, Blow By Blow, and Wired. Just get them, listen to them, and make them part of your musical "brain" You've missed out on a huge, massive chunk of music and especially guitar history if you haven't heard these records. I'm not overstating this in the least. Roger the Engineer...
  16. tele_savales

    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    Same thing in the drumming world. Super technically proficient "cats" often lack feel, groove, pocket, that simple "je ne sais quoi" that we'll just call "musicality", for lack of a better term. Many end up doing educational work, clinics, concerts at NAMM, PASIC, GC, inspiring video lessons for...
  17. tele_savales

    thoughts - quality, value, work needed; 1962 6G5-A Pro

    It's hard for me to believe any Brownface amp is 1400 bucks in excellent condition, given what I see SF and BF amps go for, and given these are way harder to find. What price guide is this?
  18. tele_savales

    Why is lead dress important?

    Heavy, dude.
  19. tele_savales

    Why is lead dress important?

    My first build picked up broadcast radio quite well, and the band practicing in the next rooms guitarist AND vocalist as well. The rehearsal space I use is built like a bomb shelter. I stripped and rebuilt it, and it doesn't do either of those things anymore. It actually sounds killer.
  20. tele_savales

    Grease Your Pots!

    I pried open a 1M pot from a 70's Twin reverb for some reason and was shocked to see that it was indeed totally packed with brown grease. Did or do they actually do that at the factory? I haven't opened a pot since then. I cleaned it all out of there and douched it with Deoxit and it worked...
  21. tele_savales

    Do We Owe Hootie & the Blowfish An Apology?😀

    They suck. It's really straightforward. There's all kinds of music, across dozens of genres, the weakest of which completely destroys these guys, and the "number of records or downloads sold" argument doesn't mean anything. I'll take a moment to remind everyone that The Bay City Rollers had a...
  22. tele_savales

    Grease Your Pots!

    In a pinch, silicone spray makes a decent ski/snowboard lubricant on heavy, wet snow days to keep you from bogging down when crossing flats on your local ski mountain.
  23. tele_savales

    Forest in your ear

    Just watched II and III this weekend. They whole series is on HBO.
  24. tele_savales

    No sound when grounding bridge

    Good deal!
  25. tele_savales

    No sound when grounding bridge

    If it were me, I'd swap the bridge pickups wire back to how they were originally and while I was at it, replace that shredded yellow wire. Must be a mouse living in one of the cavities.