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  1. geoff_in_nc

    Homey sounds you love....

    Years ago I lived in the landing flight path of a fairly busy airport. You get used to the planes so you hardly ever really hear them. Until aviation was shut down after 9/11.... Then you really noticed the sound being gone. It was eerily quiet. Now one corner of our property comes within...
  2. geoff_in_nc

    What's your "sure fire" invention?

    Had my "million dollar idea" this weekend. I'm going to invent blue graham crackers. Then on top of them I'll place the blue chocolate I'm also inventing. Then I'll top it off with a white cone hat shaped marshmallow.... the result is my confectionary masterpiece: SMORFS!!
  3. geoff_in_nc

    It's a Guitar Forum, But I'm Sharing Some Pretty Piano

    Like! I listened to most of (got interrupted) Spanish Garden Backing Track (I think #2?) also and really enjoyed that too. Well done!
  4. geoff_in_nc

    NPRSSED woo hoo!

    Yep I took the knob off. The body of the pot is solid in the guitar. It's definitely a loose shaft. Edit: whoops, meant to quote Teletimetx there.
  5. geoff_in_nc

    NPRSSED woo hoo!

    I bought a PRS SE and it came via Santa in the Big Brown Van (UPS) today. To be specific it's a Custom 22 Semi-Hollow in Black Gold burst. I'm still a bit iffy on the poly'ed neck, and really hesitant to sand it smoother yet. We'll see. I do love the figuring, and not sure if it's clear but...
  6. geoff_in_nc

    Maggie does it again!

    That's really sharp!
  7. geoff_in_nc

    Trophy for 40 years of gigs...

    I've got a pair of the Phonak. I wear them all day, but after about a year with them I'm not convinced they're doing me any good. I do have some hearing loss, but I'm convinced my issue is Auditory Peocessing Disorder. I can hear speach but don't understand it. What I love about these HA is...
  8. geoff_in_nc

    LP vs SG

    I've played a few LPs, never owned one. I like the sound (especially thru a Marshall). But I don't feel the need for one. A friend is really pushing the idea of an SG on me. Are they different enough to write home about? If it matters the budget might allow for an Epiphone, not a Gibson.
  9. geoff_in_nc

    It's got to be a scam, I just can't figure out the who, what, and where of it.

    Just look at the pictures... You're welcome.
  10. geoff_in_nc

    Superglue for fretting finger

    Maybe just me, but it doesn't hurt at all. I've done it quite a bit.
  11. geoff_in_nc

    BOSS Katana July 2022 Update

    Just received my Katana Mk2 50 today (used). Boss Tone Studio v2 told me the amp was down level. Finally found a video on how to update amp's firmware and followed it: Put the amp into virtual USB drive mode, copied the bin file to it, ejected the "USB" from my laptop, panel button wouldn't...
  12. geoff_in_nc

    Genghis Khan found

    Neither. I'm 1000% pro-science. But I do love thoughts that amuse me.
  13. geoff_in_nc

    Genghis Khan found

    They say the only difference between archeology and grave robbing is how long the deceased has been gone. Not sure where I'd put that dividing line. Edit: typo fixed
  14. geoff_in_nc

    The Lemon that Caught Fire

    That would be the Ace Frehley sig model?
  15. geoff_in_nc

    National Cuban Sandwich Day

    Cubans are awesome. We found a little Puerto Rican bakery and sandwich shop here that makes killer Cubans.
  16. geoff_in_nc

    Would 80's hair metal sound less cheesy if it were remixed to today's standards?

    If the production (and instrumentation) were brought into the 2020's, we'd just have more (arguably) cruddy songs with overly compressed and way over-active "beat blasts" of kick drums mixed way too forward. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  17. geoff_in_nc

    Let's talk Soup

    Funny story about French Onion soup. Back in high school, must've been my senior year, I took my GF to a relatively fancy restaurant. I order FO soup as my appetizer. She gets up to powder her nose or something, and while she's gone I take a spoonful of the cheese on top. The cheese...
  18. geoff_in_nc

    Without a shadow of a doubt, the WORST guitar abuse ever on an auction site.

    I'm gonna say it......... I kinda like it.
  19. geoff_in_nc

    This could be another hard blow for MOPAR fans.

    I don't know about you guys, but I just take a clothespin and a crappy baseball card, attach it to the frame so it makes noise in the spokes. Oh, wait..... We're talking about CARS with fake noise? Hmm I wonder if the Edelbrock folks will make an add-on turbo "whoosh" kit?
  20. geoff_in_nc

    Now that we've dealt with tailgaiters...what's with the high beams?

    I'm thinking it's people replacing normal lights with LEDs. In a fixture for a normal light an LED shines BRIGHT light all over creation. Normal lights are effectively a point source (really a line-segment source if you want to be picky), and it's easy to predict and tune the reflections where...
  21. geoff_in_nc

    PRS Santana SE info needed

    I'm thinking I'm in the market for a PRS Santana SE - the LP double cut shape. Are there any resources out there for the history & features of this? My searching is suggesting there are different shapes out there. Are the electronics and neck shapes consistent across the history of the...
  22. geoff_in_nc

    Rice Cooker?

    We have a "dumb" rice cooker. One button, no muss no fuss. Love it. Absolutely love it. Put your dry rice in, fill with water to the corresponding line, push the button and walk away. If you like, add some seasonings (not traditional, but it works). Ours gets used 3-4 times a week.
  23. geoff_in_nc

    Are all of your guitars the same ?

    I own 3 basses. All Peavey Axcelerator 5 strings. They're all different colors, and have different string types. Someday I'll settle on one set of strings.
  24. geoff_in_nc

    Is Your House Blurred?

    My house isn't blurred. Is there a reason it should be?