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  1. RoscoeElegante

    Ibanez AW54OPN?

    I meant to ask opinions on this model before I made a choice. But Sweetwater had a good deal and I wanted it here for when my oldest son returns from college for winter break. He's really begun to fall in love with guitar lately, after being a self-taught piano player for many years. He's...
  2. RoscoeElegante

    A GAS cure that keeps working

    Picking up my J Mascis Jazzmaster. It's SO ugly that I often shy away from it. Then I find myself almost buying this or that "needed" guitar. When I remind myself of budgetary realities, picking that hideous creature back up makes not getting that "needed" guitar okay. The GAS quiets, and...
  3. RoscoeElegante

    Your favorite traditional Gospel, Motown, and R&B drummers?

    These players are often overshadowed, of course. Especially in eras of studio's on-hand bands, etc. So if you can single out any whose drumming you especially like, or even studios/labels that had great drumming, that's be great (to quote Mr. Lumbergh).
  4. RoscoeElegante

    Just plain cool....

    This guy's quite the wizard. Very patiently explains everything.
  5. RoscoeElegante

    Would this work for that? (cab + head question)

    Okay.... So I've got a great '74 Bandmaster Reverb I play into a 2x12 cab of Eminence 1258's. BUT I'd also like to play some other heads through that cab. It's wired in parallel for a 4 ohm load, to suit the Bandmaster. But other heads won't work with that. They want 8 or 16 ohm loads. So...
  6. RoscoeElegante

    Homey sounds you love....

    So my youngest son has the flu. (The sweetly stubborn cuss wouldn't get his shot.) He's been lolling on the couch, feeling a bit better today. He just commented that he loves drowsing off while hearing the dryer in the basement, the furnace coughing on periodically, the dogs down the street...
  7. RoscoeElegante

    Long cable btwn amp-in-a-pedal/micro amp & speaker cab; vendor, brand...?

    Hey, all. So the current thread on amp-in-a-pedal/micro amp gizmos made me realize that one could be very handy for some types of practice sessions--and crucial to back up a tube amp while gigging. So I snagged a Traynor QuarterHorse on Reverb. I would sometimes need to set the cab some...
  8. RoscoeElegante

    Songs so perfect that trying to re-record them is pointless

    I'll start: This one, for example, is just perfect, as is.
  9. RoscoeElegante

    Hammond B3 sound on a budget; what gets there?

    Just gotta have that B3 sound, or something close to it. For an affordable price--meaning the lowest possible, as long as that's not gonna leave us pushing a Vega on the NJ Turnpike. (Been there, done that.) For small gigs and home studio recording (into Logic X). Recommendations? Thanks!
  10. RoscoeElegante

    What are the chords here?

    These are eluding me. The ones for Karen Dalton's poignantly flinty version-- --don't fit here. He seem to playing in an open key. Maybe Karen's chords in that tuning...? I tried two open D's (DADF#AD &...
  11. RoscoeElegante

    Aaron Judge

    Is one impressive gent. Especially in these pimp-my-ego times. Hustles, humble, has fun without gloating, plays hard without cheap shots, and shows more joy when his team comes back via someone else's 9th-inning walk-off homer than when he himself hits his 60th homer. Which he's achieved...
  12. RoscoeElegante

    Do lights dimming when window AC compressor kicks on = risk to amp?

    Hey, all. Happy Labor Day. So we moved oldest son's window AC downstair's to youngest son's room. My amps are downstairs, too. When that AC kicks its compressor on, the downstairs lights very briefly dim. Yes, our house is old and our wiring hodge-podge. Last updated in the '70s, it...
  13. RoscoeElegante

    Best source(s) for Duesenberg trem & roller bridge?

    Hey, all. Hope this finds you well. So I know that some knock-off/iffy copies of this hardware is out there. What's the most reliable source for legit stuff? Of course, a good price helps, but I want as trouble-free stuff as possible, so I don't want to risk getting knock-off stuff just to...
  14. RoscoeElegante

    Blacktop Stratocaster...thoughts?

    Intriguing, as the 2 & 4 positions seem to provide some pretty nice Stratty tones. Any experiences/thoughts here? Not intent on super high-output HB's per se, but I do like some oomph, and Strats are just so comfortable to whip around on. What are their necks like? Bigger than, say, Squier's...
  15. RoscoeElegante

    Your Hawaiian slack-key fave?

  16. RoscoeElegante

    If you like how-to fix-it stuff,

    --and we know you do!--this guy's immaculately done YouTube channel is fun stuff:
  17. RoscoeElegante

    Chased out of our rehearsal/performance place by...

    A bat. Seemed like a bigger than "normal" one, too. He was in there (an old church we rehabbed) this evening when I returned after a supper and nap break. He hadn't been there when I locked it all up around 7 pm. To let him escape, I opened the big front doors all the way, admired his...
  18. RoscoeElegante

    So how tough is it to...

    Reverse the pickup order on a Squier Classic Vibe '70s Custom? Swapping their place, so the HB is the bridge PU and the SC the neck. I'm referring to this model: I ask 'cause I have plenty of SC bridge PU guitars, not too many HB bridge PU's, and the bridge PU might sound very good placed in...
  19. RoscoeElegante

    Advice on de-mustifying rehearsal/performance hall...?

    Hey, all. Hope this finds you well. Nice between-the-storms moment around here. So our rehearsal & performance hall has gotten very musty/borderline moldy recently. We've got some shows planned for Sept. onward and want to get it all set. Over the past year+, we've used it only...
  20. RoscoeElegante

    Do you bird feeder?

    Got my sons a cedarwood feeder a few years ago, and we just recently put the durn thing up, right outside the kitchen sink windows. And gee, Wally, what fun! We've had about 14 species visit (we're in southwest Virginia). Although the squirrels are worse hogs than I'd remembered/assumed, it's...
  21. RoscoeElegante

    Uh-oh! Woke up w/ an auto-harp urge. Advice?

    So auto-harps have actually always intrigued me. I've heard some ethereal stuff from skilled players. I've held one maybe twice in my life, so warn me off, lure me in, road maps and ditches, whaddaya got?
  22. RoscoeElegante

    Is this "normal," or "normal"-enough...?

    When I tune up, I almost always tune my B string a bit (maybe 3 or 4 cents) sharper than electronic/online tuners tell me to. When I try to go with what's e-kosher, D and G chords, particularly, sound off to me. Dull, a bit sour, etc. When others accompany me when I've tuned that B string a...
  23. RoscoeElegante

    Piano sheet music accurate to the great runs/fills in "Like a Rolling Stone," classic Motown, etc.?

    Hey, all. Hope this finds you well. So as our classically- and jazz-trained keyboardist coolifies his chops, he's finding that a lot of the classic rock, Motown, and country fills and runs that he needs for our music are pretty rarely written out as played. Most sheet music just shows the...
  24. RoscoeElegante

    If you like country licks in rock music,

    then you might really like this isolated track of the piano in "Like a Rolling Stone." Great stuff! I love hearing the isolated drums and organ, too. The parts' roles in the whole--hinges, enzymes, and hues, baby!