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  1. Riffraff12571

    New Collaboration - a.k.a. Put foot in mouth then make it happen

    I was chattin' with some bros over at the 'loops last night and while there saw a tune a singer over there posted with a request for someone to add a guitar lead. I can never pass on an opportunity to crash & burn so I volunteered to do it. :lol: Banged it out in the wee hours this morning. It...
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    Latent Diffusion - Chill vibe with warm toned guitar leads

    Fun collaboration with a sequencer player from last Thursday. Gear: Charvel San Dimas > RockMaster tube preamp > Lexicon MPX-1 > interface (Michael Nielsen Two-Notes cab IR's)
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    Bugera T5, five watts of real tube terror

    This is a fairly low gain amp but it overdrives nicely with pedals. I made a backing track with this amp a couple of days ago and was pretty surprised by the searing rock tones I was able to record with it. Layer them a bit and you can get some damn fine grind going. Signal chain: Charvel San...
  4. Riffraff12571

    Broke in my new guitfiddle on a cool new tune.

    Of course I had to go with a big whammy dive in the outro lead. It's been a while since I've had a working tremolo. :lol:
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    Cool jam this morning

  6. Riffraff12571

    Redirecting some dark, angry & brooding feelz over a twice blown new guitar delivery.

    Fedex!! They had it at the local hub early this morning and actually had it marked for delivery today but for some reason only known to them decided to mark it not due until tomorrow and changed the delivery date. This is the 2nd day in a row they pushed it out. Damn broken world!! Angst...
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    Wild Wicked Woman

    New song: Wild Wicked Woman GEAR JEF Amp: Fender Mustang 3 straight to the PC (Really) Guitar: Kramer Baretta Special Riffraff Amp: Bogner Uberschall pedal > Valvecaster tube clean boost > interface Guitar: PRS SE Soapbar II Peter Drums: Roland V-Drums Nick...
  8. Riffraff12571

    For the Love - '80s pop/rock jam

    Did another tune this morning with my web bros Andreas (acoustic), Peter (drums) and I played the electric parts. Fun stuff. My beloved Peavey Rock Master tube preamp is down again. Hopefully it's just a tube issue. I figured it was one of the 12 different switching jacks in that thing and...
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    I'll just leave this here... best listened to LOUD

    My apologies for the spicy title. I may have gotten a little pumped over the drum & bass track the fellas before me put together. It's a banger! :)
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    So Chill

    I took some time off 2 weeks ago. It was a good to get a break from my workplace insanity. I stayed off my email too this time because I really didn't want to see what I would be facing come Monday morning. Got a little jam in on Sunday. The short cell phone video in the beginning of this of...
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    It's Over Baby!

    Fun little jam yesterday morning with some friends on Wikiloops. Guitar: PRS Soapbar 90 II Amp: Bassman 70 Other: Route 66 O.D. & Two-Notes Cab IR's I found a little clip to put in the beginning of this video in the spirit of the tune. :lol:
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    Cool collaboration jam & video of a creepy old abandoned college

    Super fun collaboration jam done with some friends via file sharing on Wikiloops. The building is a Bennet School for Girls. It's a local college that was built in 1893 and abandoned 44 years ago. It was a grand place 129 years ago but now nature is busy reclaiming what was once her's...
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    Remember when these were all the rage 7 or 8 years ago?

    I haven't used mine too much in the last few years. I figured it was time to break it out and do something with it. Here's a hard rock toned clip I made with my Tweaker 15 head. I used the following "Tweaker" settings: Clean, Brit, Modern, Tight & Bright all on, it's gain control up around 8-1/2...
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    Bugera T5 OD pedal shootout (a.k.a. Plinky little amp pedal shootout)

    my wife bought me this little amp in a whim while she was shopping For a pedal oK had asked For one Christmas. I wasn't sure what I would do with it but kept an open mind when I fired it up. It sounded HORRIBLE so I popped the lid and saw a single Bugera labeled 12AX7 and EL84. I figured they...
  15. Riffraff12571

    Country/country rock type tune with a rescue horse video

    I've been wanting to make a video of the 2 rescue horses my wife and I adopted. They are older so neither can be ridden. The paint (Tumbleweed) is a nut. He is such a clown. Some of his stunts are stealing the hat off of your head, the gloves off your hands, he has been known to unzip a coat or...
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    Pure Mojo - 1947 Masco tube PA dialed in for guitar use

    This is my strangest amp but also one of my favorites, a 1947 Masco MA25P converted tube PA. I picked it up in all original condition from a local seller. He was an older guy who collected & restored antique radios. He picked this up at a swap meet somewhere and planned to work on it but just...
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    Latest collaboration piece

  18. Riffraff12571

    New old amp added to the herd - Bassman content

    I made a video with the details. I'm real happy with this amp. :D
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    Broke out the Bassman for a collaboration tune

    I made this with some other friends on Wikiloops. It's a file sharing website where The jam tracks are assembled a track at a time by the players. It's a load of fun and I've made friends there with musicians all over the world. This was started by the keyboard player. The drummer (Peter who is...
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    Floydish Collaboration jam from this week

    I made this on Wikiloops with a couple of other players. So much fun! The footage is of an old abandoned college in the area that's been empty for nearly 44 years. Rhythm Guitar: FrankyJ Lead Guitar: Riffraff Bass: Ernie440 Synth: TEE-KWA Drums: mpointon
  21. Riffraff12571

    Another collaboration Am with Wikiloops buddies

    I'm done with dragging my gear to a strangers house only to be disappointed and want to leave minutes after I get there. I've been scratching that itch with web collaborations. With the technology we have available today you can do all of your introductory jams via the web. I took the first...
  22. Riffraff12571

    Be careful out there

    Collaboration jam with another guitar player & bassist on Wikiloops. The guitar player added the drums with a plugin on his original track. The guys were calling it "Let's not meet" I added the leads yesterday and put a fun little video together for it based on that theme.
  23. Riffraff12571

    My Tuesday morning web jam - Natural Selection

    I've been sitting on a track from a bass player buddy for several months and finally got to it yesterday. MIM Tele w/stock neck pup & Kent Armstrong Chaos humbucker in the bridge position. Peavey Rockmaster tube preamp, Valhalla Supermassive plugin for delay, Two-Notes Torpedo cab IR's. I used...
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    Hard Rock Ripper from this morning

    Cool web jam from this morning. I just did the lead in this at 1:45. A bass player I do collaboration music with a lot just finished adding a sick bass track to a hard rock/metal tune. It's a real rocker. The other guitarist had already recorded everything but the lead and vocals. I'm not a...
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    Something different - SCI-FI Metal clip

    This is a fun one. I was working on something last week and was in my DAW trying to come up with a guitar tone that fit the song. I wanted to use a particular preamp that I just got running again and I just couldn't get the sound right. I opened a modulation plugin from Valhalla called "Space...