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  1. WalthamMoosical

    Another Unpopular Opinion

    I went through this whole thread. Where was the unpopular opinion?
  2. WalthamMoosical

    Unpopular opinion

    OH ... I thought you were asking for our contributions.
  3. WalthamMoosical

    Meet Puppy Luna

    Black labs are smart--I bet she'll be able to teach anyone to throw a ball.
  4. WalthamMoosical

    Maple vs Rosewood. A poll.

    never smoked either one so I didn't vote
  5. WalthamMoosical

    Alice's Restaurant

    Perhaps at this point it's more for quoting than for listening to. "I knew it wasn't the greatest song I ever wrote, but I didn't have time to change it."
  6. WalthamMoosical

    Do you play or noodle ?

    Do you ever let your grandson play it? :)
  7. WalthamMoosical

    THe Snow ?

    I have mixed feelings about it.
  8. WalthamMoosical

    Artsy photos of your gear

    Yeah, those guys are gonna need some after what they're smoking.
  9. WalthamMoosical

    Be honest: do you sometimes just stare at someone else's guitars?

    Yeah, I confess, I do that. My mandolin caught me at it one day--boy there was hell to pay. But you know, I'm trying to change my ways.
  10. WalthamMoosical

    Do you change?

    Change is nice but I prefer the large denomination bills.
  11. WalthamMoosical

    Do You Change Your Own Strings?

    I thought the choice "Sometimes..." was wise-ass for "Yes, I change my own strings, once every ten years or so" and it got my vote.
  12. WalthamMoosical

    40th Anniversary of the Greatest Play in College Football.

    In grad school one afternoon I came back from the lab and one of my apartment-mates was watching a football game. I said, "Who is it?" and he replied "Miami and Boston College. Miami just scored. So this game is over." He stood up and walked out, but I watched the last few seconds.
  13. WalthamMoosical

    Two pickups, same magnets, same ohms, how different can they be

    I can hear the microFarads and I can feel the kiloOhms and I can see the milliHelens, but mostly right now I'm tasting the popcorn.
  14. WalthamMoosical

    Confessions of a cyclical hobbyist

    Yes, I'm like this, but the timescale of the cycles is years rather than months.
  15. WalthamMoosical

    I just heard and saw my first F35 here.

    Yep we got them F35's in Vermont and they are LOUD. But it's been peaceful recently--I think they sent them all to Europe.
  16. WalthamMoosical

    Mystery Item of the week (maybe year)

    I think EVH had the prototype, before they developed this miniaturized version.
  17. WalthamMoosical

    The World Serious Starts Tonight

    Oh it's better than that--it's guys in pajamas playing rounders.
  18. WalthamMoosical

    So. what do you think about this guitar? Want one?

    I think I seen some ZZ Top guitars that were MUCH more movable than that.
  19. WalthamMoosical

    Pickup Switching Order on 5-way IQ Test

    If you mean the Fender 5-way Super Switch, I've never used one but (going by photos I've seen of it, and some internet discussions) it seems it has enough ganged but electrically independent sections to be able you to go beyond a 4-way switch in the same way a 4-way goes beyond the 3-way, and...
  20. WalthamMoosical

    Say What?!!!!!!!!!

    Or maybe all of us were. "Content provider" is a thing!
  21. WalthamMoosical

    Who is the boss here?

    Master-Blaster. edit: LOL Skyhook beat me by mere seconds.
  22. WalthamMoosical

    User upgrades, supporting member & vendors issue

    Sorry to hear you guys are having trouble with that. Mine went into effect as scheduled and without a hitch about a month ago, but I'm posting here in solidarity and in hopes to keep the profile of the issue raised.