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  1. bluebilly

    Which iPad interface should I get?

    If you can wait a bit the focusrite Itrack dock looks really good. I have one preordered from sweetwatter.
  2. bluebilly

    ipad, garage band and a mic

    Mat I suggest a ipad air with the focus rite I track dock and a descent condenser mic? I use the CAD GXL2200 and I love my little rig. The dock is nice and I keep the ipad in it all the time. It charges the ipad and holds it up at an angle.
  3. bluebilly

    Necks with NO truss rods....?

    Also, I have never used different tang sizes in my compression fretting. Instead I alter the fret slot width. I think that it is easier to "shim" the grove on my scale legnth template with a bit of masking tape than to deal with tang crimpers or buying multiple fret wires with different tang...
  4. bluebilly

    Necks with NO truss rods....?

    I have made several no rods to date. None with unconventional materials. Most were quartersawn maple with ebony boards and two (that I recall) one peice, quartersawn maple as in the fretboard and neck are the same unaltered board. My humble opinion is that they sound better and are MORE stable...
  5. bluebilly

    Input jack woes

    The shielded wire goes to ground ie the back of a pot.
  6. bluebilly

    Opinion on weird cloudy wood grain on 69' Thinline

    Sorry homes, but that ain't spalted. That there is burl. To the OP: yup it's not a "real" Fender however, that is not to say that it is not a great guitar depending on the asking price it could be worth it.
  7. bluebilly

    Cheap and expensive Teles the same?

    Ale is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced, dating back to at least the 5th millennium BC and recorded in the written history of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. There is crap beer and there is good beer. There are good Teles and bad ones.
  8. bluebilly

    Electrosockets in Phoenix area

    Check Roberto-Venn
  9. bluebilly

    ferrules holes

    Meh.. I wouldn't bother. I just take a drill bit (in reverse) and drill out the holes again after the finish is done.
  10. bluebilly

    Rugs on Stage..??

  11. bluebilly

    Some western swing - Jimmy Bryant tune

    Great stuff man!
  12. bluebilly

    back from shop but dented &!

    It is all a mater of your faith in humans. Go back in with a smile and talk to the guy. Stuff happens, give 'em a chance to make it right.
  13. bluebilly

    Third shift recording studio big idea.

    Ha! Yeah, the best part of living where I live is that it may be 2012 in the rest of the country but it is still 1955 here. You can't even buy booze on a Sunday!:lol:
  14. bluebilly

    Third shift recording studio big idea.

    Yup, I am going to build a 500sqft-ish one on a foundation as well as a smaller one on a trailer. I would be living in one now if I didn't have all these darn kids:lol:
  15. bluebilly

    Third shift recording studio big idea.

    Lucky for me I live in (cricket, cricket) northern Indiana. The county that I live in has building codes however the county 2mi south has NONE!! I'm not sweating code at all.
  16. bluebilly

    Third shift recording studio big idea.

    If they can get past the dogs and my over/under they can have it:lol:
  17. bluebilly

    Third shift recording studio big idea.

    It depends. If I decide to buy a prefab it will be $3-$5k If I build it myself it will be much less.
  18. bluebilly

    Third shift recording studio big idea.

    I love the tumbleweed idea. The wife and are going to retire in a sub 500sq ft home. We have spent many a night looking at tiny houses on the interwebs. As for building codes and whatnot Im not worried at all. I live WAY back in the woods in a rural area.
  19. bluebilly

    Black Friday. What did you buy?

    I gotst me a Epiphone EJ200CE and a case.
  20. bluebilly

    Third shift recording studio big idea.

    Hey guys, So I have found myself working third shift again. In full house of my wife, mother-in-law, and 5 small kids sleeping during the day can be a bit tuff. So, I have devised a master plan that will not only give me a quiet place to sleep but also a small recording studio so I can play a...
  21. bluebilly

    Anyone make an AC15 kit ?

    Check out Weber amp kits
  22. bluebilly

    Rickenbacker copies.

    Godin makes a good one: