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  1. oyobass

    NUX MG-30 Owners

    This may end up being an owners club of one, but I thought the flagship modeler from NUX deserved it. It might not have all the amp and effects as the high-end modelers, but it has that sound. Isn't the sound really what it's all about? All in one amp/IR/FX/FX loop/ looper with high-end...
  2. oyobass

    NMGD- New Mystery Guitar Day!?!

    My wife, the Facebook maven, was chatting online with a Facebook friend about buying me a new guitar (a Harley Benton black paisley T-type. She bought it so i'd have something to do while I'm scheduled to get chemotherapy). Her friend mentioned that she had a guitar or two sitting in the corner...
  3. oyobass

    Ibanez TM302M Half Price, (but only if you like red...)

    Ibanez Talman on sale for $200 USD off: 1631144&utm_campaign=Holiday2016&utm_source=05-Reg 161117&utm_content=Retail&utm_term=TM302M-Talman-Standard-Series No affiliation or...
  4. oyobass

    Magnatone Melodier Help...

    Hello amp gurus out there, I have a lovely Magnatone Melodier Advanced model 110 with a problem. It sounds amazing till it warms up and then goes silent. Can anyone diagnose the symptoms and tell me how to get it working again?