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  1. marc2211

    Who on earth would ship a guitar like this. Soon to be returned NGD :(

    So, as an early Xmas present, I bought a new Epiphone Firebird last week from a well known online retailer (Not Thomann as they were out of stock). The guitar turned up today... You may see something wrong here... to add further detail, there were no packing materials within, only the...
  2. marc2211

    First lesson in 20 years. How to know whether to continue…

    So I finally took the plunge and took my first proper first lesson today. I’ve been playing since I was 15 and am coming up to 45 now! I’m mainly self taught and picked things up from playing in groups when I was younger, and listening and playing to record - but I’ve been in a rut for about 10...
  3. marc2211

    Blackstar HT20R mk ii

    I just sold a lot of gear and am about to order a HT20R mk ii as a complimentary amp to my main Silver Jubilee. I played one for about an hour in my local store a few weeks and and absolutely loved it! Just wanted to hear people’s opinions about the amp, reliability etc before I hit ‘buy’...
  4. marc2211

    Guitar shop repair shame and proof I am an idiot :D /shame

    So, a few weeks ago I picked up a new guitar - it is a NOS 2011 Schecter Solo Six LTD Goldtop. It played fantastically in the store, sounded gorgeous, but with one issue - the high e string choked out badly when bending. Their resident guitar tech was on vacation, otherwise they said they'd have...
  5. marc2211

    GAS - I thought I was out, but no, you can never get out! :(

    So I sold 6 (for me) expensive guitars at the start of this year, I replaced them with one I really love - a blonde MIK Epi Dot that is only a few serial numbers apart from my Cherry Dot (my number 1). I’ve not felt the need to buy or change any gear since. I was very much happy with what I had…...
  6. marc2211

    Schecter Solo 6 Limited Edition - help

    So, I’ve been immune to GAS for a good while now, selling 6 guitars this year. I went to a local store earlier and tried a load of guitars I didn’t like (I was there to try and find a Firebird), but picked up a Schecter Solo 6 gold top out of pure curiosity. It was clearly brand new but has...
  7. marc2211

    Bands who still have it - just saw the Black Crowes!!

    OMG. Utterly amazing gig. Came out a few hours ago and still buzzing… even without Gorman and Ford they were just amazing. Chris Robinson’s voice is better than ever and wow, Rich, what a guitarist. I was 5m from the stage, it was like I was 15 again!!
  8. marc2211

    Derek Trucks interview with Rick Beato - super interesting listen

    Really insightful and wonderful interview - Trucks was humble, funny, insightful and generally a fantastic listen. I was amazed at the Allman Brothers jazz influences. Beato interviewed beautifully too, really great tone and very respectful.
  9. marc2211

    Guitar suddenly going out of tune.. any ideas?

    So for the last 2 days I have faced a mystery concerning one of my guitars. I've had it since 2016 and it's been played weekly since. Super solid tuning, generally I can leave it for a month, come back to it and it'll be near enough in tune! It has a really nicely cut bone nut which was...
  10. marc2211

    Tone concrete...

    I'll just leave this here...
  11. marc2211

    Advice on an Epiphone Accoustic

    Hi everyone, My search continues for a cheap accoustic guitar and I saw a reasonably priced Epiphone DR-200CENA guitar locally for a very good price (I think). Looking at the serial number, it...
  12. marc2211

    3 out, one in! N(old)GD!

    I had 3 guitars listed for sale this week as in January I decided to really cut down my collection to the bare bones (for me), as my guitars just didn't get enough play time. (This is on top of another Tele I sold in February). I decided to sell some of my more expensive instruments and...
  13. marc2211

    Would you consider a Les Paul with a repaired headstock break? (And maybe a cool coincidence!)

    I've been looking for a real Gibson LP for a long time (many years), and found out that one model I really like is the Les Paul Standard Classic Premium Plus from ~1995. Each one I've played has been really very good. I found a perfect one in a local store just before the lockdown, but the...
  14. marc2211

    Fender Doubletap Humbucker in Tele neck position - very wooly

    So I bought one of these guitars late last year, and never really had a chance to play with it or set it up much until recently: It has a 'Fender...
  15. marc2211

    Colin Hay - 'Men At Work Mondays'

    All of them are amazing, can't believe that I missed this up until now! The series: Explaining Land Down Under: Latest live version: And OMG his voice gets better and better!
  16. marc2211

    Don Cherry - Brown Rice (1975)

    My journey into the 70's Don Cherry albums continues - really like this one!
  17. marc2211

    Epiphone price increase over the last few years! :o (semi rant!) /shock

    So probably in my top 2 guitars to play is surprisingly an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Goldtop I bought in March 2018. Digging out the bill, I paid 335 Euro new, which seemed fair at the time. It’s always on my guitar stand and plays wonderfully. I changed the pickups to SD 59s and it has a bone...
  18. marc2211

    One for French speakers!

    My kids seem to find most of their music through Youtubers these days, much to my chagrin, but some of them really are funny/catchy/creative! These have been going around my mind all day! Moulaga!! And Squeezie!! Singing a recreation of a 1990's song, in Romanian!!! Cyril and Amixem...
  19. marc2211

    Now the gig is here, I'm in 2 minds if I want to go... Or have you ever not been excited to go to a gig? (Clapton)

    So I was a huge Clapton fan back when I was a teenager - mainly Cream, Blind Faith, and the Dominos. LAOALS is to be honest in my top 2 favorite albums of all time. I liked 'Journeyman' and 'From the Cradle', but other than this I can take or leave his 'new' stuff. A friend and I bought...
  20. marc2211

    George Harrison Eric Clapton interview 1991

    Sorry for the Instagram link, but I’d not seen this posted elsewhere! Interesting thoughts on heavy guitars… Makes me kind of sad that George is taking Eric to task over smoking, when we all know what happened later :(
  21. marc2211

    Don Cherry ‎- Eternal Now (1974)

    I'm historically not a huge fan of Jazz, I just don't 'get' it, but have some affection for World Music. I've been listening to more structured Jazz recently, and as my wife is a fan of Eagle-Eye Cherry, and some of our friends very much into the music of his Father Don Cherry, I've dived in...
  22. marc2211

    Wide Eyed and Legless - Andy Fairweather-Low

    Andy Fairweather-Low - Before he become Roger Water's and Clapton's backing guitarist (most notably on the Unplugged album), he had a great career with Amen Corner (Bend Me Shape me, If Paradiase is Half as Nice), with this being his most well known song - 'Wide Eyed And Legless'. I'd not heard...
  23. marc2211

    Ramble on & Rock and Roll - JP, JPJ, Foofighters.

    Because it's Friday afternoon where I am, and in a few hours I'll be jamming along to these videos at home! :D A welcome to reminder at how monsterously good musicians these people are.
  24. marc2211

    Sting - Russians 2022

    I love the original of this song and have listened to it a lot over the years - so glad Sting recorded this version.
  25. marc2211

    New to me MIK Epiphone DOT neck joint crack - finish crack or something worse? :(

    I posted about buying a used Epiphone dot a few weeks ago - I finially picked up the guitar today, and it looks like I may have made a huge error. To repost from my other thread: I didn't really have a chance to check it over completely as I was in a rush to get back to work... I played it a...