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  1. rdjones

    Reduce the noise floor of a DRRI?

    Were there any mods to the NFB circuit ? Reducing or opening the feeback loop will increase noise.
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    Turkey or Ham?

    Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in tradition. But what happens when your family is a melting pot from all over Europe, filtered through the American hard-sell of anything holiday related ? I'd be happy with either turkey or ham. It looks like it will be both. Right now I'm trying to figure...
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    Anyone else had this on Reverb UK?

    The dead giveaways that it's a scam here are: - no mention of what is in the listing - "I am 100% OK with the ad" when they clearly are not - "I would send my courier agent" It appears they did not read the listing. Is "courier agent" a common phrase around your region ? Why does the "courier...
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    What’s Your Best Twin Lead Song?

    If you like blues-rock styles Johnny Winter did some dual leads (multitracked with himself) on the first three albums and later with Rick Derringer when he joined Johnny Winter And. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, and a buch of others. The actual solo on R&RHK is all...
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    Do you change your own oil?

    Dad taught me about taking care of your own car. I went on to be a bit of a hotrodder in the '70s. I do my own dry maintenance. I just changed the brakes on the Escape. Battery, belts, bulbs, etc no problem. I just dislike and avoid the mess and hassle of the oil. Oh, and I most certainly...
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    Hi from TN

    If I was closer I'd love to help out with this type of thing, but I don't think a commute from Nashville is realistic, certainly not long term. Still, I'm hoping for a good outcome here. :cool:
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    What’s Your Best Twin Lead Song?

    Somewhat Scorpions related is the Michael Schenker song Doctor, Doctor. The original UFO version is dual lead but Schenker mimics the 2-guitar riffs by himself when he plays the song live. The first song I tried harmony riffs on was Uriah Heep's Blind Eye from "Magician's Birthday". The...
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    Do you set an alarm.....or three?

    I just set an alarm earlier this evening to remind me to go outside and watch the space station pass over. No snooze needed as I was already awake and gave myself 30 seconds to walk outside, timed precisely. Curiously another object appeared to be "flying" closely parallel to ISS, but was not...
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    Which threads are too common?

    The most recent thread that was locked because it was asked just a few days earlier is not one of the choices. So that means "other".
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    What do we think of The 1975?

    No, and that's probably why.
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    What do we think of The 1975?

    I'm not particularly a fan but I don't find it/them to be annoying either. "Damned by faint praise" They seem to have caught on enough to have appeared on several late-night variety shows. I do question the reasoning behind such an ambiguous name. The 1975 what ?
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    Hi from TN

    Welcome from a middle Tennessean. You'll find a lot of knowledge here. As a former Fender dealer I'll be glad to help when and where I can. I'll try to watch for your posts or just ping me àla @newtredeuce Best regards
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    Champ Reverb Amp Whining/Squishing Noise

    You've copied the 'rectifier pin 2 mistake' although I'm not aware of it having caused this type of noise. Still, it's best practice to pull B+ from pin 8. I'd disconnect the reverb send and return to see if the noise is still there/same. Try shorting an input jack as well. Is the chassis...
  14. rdjones

    Tele Pickups in Non-Fender Type Guitars?

    I put a Tele bridge pickup in the middle position of my '60s Hagström III. It was mated with a Strat X1 in the neck and a Dimarzio FS1 at the bridge. The guitar was basically a no-holds-barred mod platform and eventually got a different neck as well. At the time, '70s, I was playing punk-ish...
  15. rdjones

    Your best anti-hero

    Jake and Elwood Blues They were "on a mission from God" yet were constantly hassled by the cops, militant Arians and exgirlfriends and "Good Ol' Boys". With the odds completely stacked against them they were still able to fulfill their mission and make some great music doing so.
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    What are your favorite Foreigner songs?

    Rev on the Red Line Starrider Double Vision
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    Why is lead dress important?

    Parasitics Usually a result of stray capacitance combined with poor lead dress. It's more of an issue with radio receivers and transmitters. It gets more critical the higher in frequency you go (VHF, UHF), but will affect audio circuits in...
  18. rdjones

    Help Confirm 1977 Strat's Originality

    The one-piece bridge and the saddles were cast from "Mazak", a form of pot metal. The bent steel saddles and two piece steel bridge/block arrangement were discontinued after 1971. The steel parts returned on the reissues in 1982.
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    Princeton build - Power tubes plating

    Check/verify the wiring on your main speaker jack. Black goes to sleeve (ground), green to tip, the shunt should tie to the sleeve. Hopefully your output transformer is not damaged.
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    Tuxedo Bassman serial code?

    Yes, it is a transitional example. Blonde era 6G6B chassis in a black Tolexed cabinet. Fender knew that at some point they would run out of blonde Tolex for the "piggyback" models (and brown for the combos) and simply "transitioned" to the black Tolex rather than order more reams of...
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    When I needed to know an accurate weight of a body or other item I would carry it to work where I had access to several digital mailing/shipping scales in the mailroom. There were two in the shipping dept., one was marked 0 - 50 lbs, another would weight up to (I think) 75 lbs or whatever the...
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    Anyone here remember the song "Vehicle" by Ides of March?

    During and after high school I worked (sound, stage, recording) with a jazz/rock horn band made up of some standout jazz and marching band students. It was an enjoyable and memorable experience. Of course, Vehicle was on the setlist in addition to the usual assortment of Chicago, BS&T and other...
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    Guitars that never made it

    The Acoustic Black Widow. Part of the problem may have been that it was not an acoustic guitar, rather it was a solid body. Made for about two years in the early '70s. Guitar scale length 27", there was also a 31" bass. Acoustic Control never made another model guitar or bass.
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    Black or White?

    poll ?
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    Getting a tweed 1x12 cab on a deal. Have choice of speaker. Jensen,altec,emenince.

    That's not a 'real' Altec. It's a relabeled EVM-12S. By far it would be my choice. One of my favourite speakers, just shy of an SRO12.