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  1. Jaysmay

    David Grissom

    Not sure, when the bass player was introduced he got a lot of applause. Grissom mentioned some bands he'd played in... went by me... beers!
  2. Jaysmay

    David Grissom

    Saw David Grissom last night at Saxon Pub Austin TX. Great show.
  3. Jaysmay

    Over 65 & Exercise

    I suffered a widow maker 12-24-21. The odds of survival that type of event are 2-6%. Fortunately my wife drove me to the hospital and the event happened in the ER with a Dr standing over me, I was without a heartbeat for 15 minutes. I was stabilized and sent to another hospital where I was in a...
  4. Jaysmay

    Cats Are the BEST!

    In my chair.
  5. Jaysmay

    I hate my laptop - esp battery management - suggestions?

    Before I retired my business transitioned from laptops to tablets. I've never looked back. I buy a new Apple iPad every 4-6 years and trade the old one in.
  6. Jaysmay

    Taylor Swift first artist ever to claim ALL of the top ten for herself???,vid:A0UVstAF8Wo
  7. Jaysmay

    Candy Tangerine. Fender? Are you Listening?

    2004 Deluxe I sold a month ago.
  8. Jaysmay

    American Vintage, AV, AVRI vs American Vintage II

    Your guess is as good as mine, they aren’t making them.
  9. Jaysmay

    American Vintage, AV, AVRI vs American Vintage II

    Description from Dave’s Guitars on the Blonde 62 I bought from them. Mine weighed 7.2 lbs., also has vintage clay fret markers. “Vintage Blonde, Thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish with no poly base coat, Ash body, 60’s C shaped Maple neck with a 9.5” radius slab Rosewood fingerboard and medium...
  10. Jaysmay

    Seuf Guitars

    Really would like to hear how the pickups they hand wind sound.
  11. Jaysmay

    Seuf Guitars

    The green OH-20 on their website is awesome!
  12. Jaysmay

    Seuf Guitars

    Don't like the new AVII and am looking for options other than a Fender Custom. Does Fender the allow you to delete the Custom V decal on the back of the head stock? Like the option of a neck radius of 10 plus.
  13. Jaysmay

    Seuf Guitars

    Anyone own or played Seuf Guitars ? In particular the OH-20 style. They seem to use Lollar and/ or Fralin Blues pickups in most I’ve seen sold. Thanks.
  14. Jaysmay

    American Vintage II - coming October

    I bought a Dave's 62 limited blonde. Doesn't seem to have finish issues, I've bumped it a couple of times and it's dented not broken the finish. It shows scratches very easily, that's why I bought it. It's not a pure vintage 62 but I'm okay with it. I've only played 9.5 radius fretboards from...
  15. Jaysmay

    American Vintage II - coming October

    Possible they are pre selling Thinskins they get from Fender. I called and ask what they had on order and several Thinskins on order where spoken for.
  16. Jaysmay

    American Vintage II - coming October

    Check out Dave's TS.
  17. Jaysmay

    You Know You Love Mexican Food When . . . . .

    Lunch today...
  18. Jaysmay

    Shirtless in public?

  19. Jaysmay

    Tone King Imperial Mkii - Don’t hurt me

    I've been thinking of buying one. Would I be better off buying the head and cabinet rather than the combo?
  20. Jaysmay

    Age 65-plus runners: discussion?

    68 and very active. I gave up running because of heel and ankle spurs. I switched to the gym and did a elliptical or treadmill for 45-60 minutes along with a weight lifting and cardio circuit 4-6 times a week. I Walked 18 holes of golf 3-4 times a week. I had a massive heart attack this past...
  21. Jaysmay

    NGD - Dave's Guitar Shop Limited Edition American 1962 reissue Telecaster - Vintage Blonde

    I was looking on Dave's site... they put a 62 Tele up today.