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  1. Mexitele Blues

    My first 5e3 build

    The circuit is indifferent. And of course one should never change fuses with the amp plugged in. But if someone did, they may find wall voltage on the tip of the fuse. Zap!
  2. Mexitele Blues

    Tolex Day

    Do the black corners simply prevent bare wood from showing if the tolex pulls back or is there a more technical purpose?
  3. Mexitele Blues

    Fender Amp Repair in Denver Area?

    I'm in Westminster as well and love my amps but I'm no pro. Call Electric City at 72nd & Lowell, if they can't do it they can hook you up with someone who can. BTW I once bought a BJr with the same problems as yours. New EL84s fixed it. They tend to run very hot so consider changing them...
  4. Mexitele Blues

    New Cabinet & Speaker DIY sub-forum poll

    I live & breathe cabinets all day and you want to dangle a whole forum in front of me when I finally sit down at night? When am I supposed to relax?!? I voted no, not to be a party pooper, but because some of these subforums already receive very little traffic. But maybe, if you build it, they...
  5. Mexitele Blues

    Dean DeLeo Tone on ‘Plush’

    Thanks for the smoke signal, Harry. Pretty sure @Peegoo nailed the wet/dry/wet setup, and @Jakedog is right about using less gain than you think. The layers on the recording impart a big thick sound and one can overdo the distortion trying to recreate that heft. Playing this live, my signal...
  6. Mexitele Blues

    Mexican Serial number decoding

    Why would you bump a year old thread to post that?
  7. Mexitele Blues

    DV Mark Little jazz for non-jazz?

    The Henriksen Bud is a 120W, 17lb, 9" cube. You could have a few DV Marks for the price though.
  8. Mexitele Blues

    Picking album title that's already used by anothe band...

    ...from Faith No More fans!
  9. Mexitele Blues

    Lightly Used 1976 Princeton Reverb - What updates are essential?

    A 250k reverse audio dual gang intensity pot would be a good start. Don't ask me where to find one.
  10. Mexitele Blues

    GA5 3-way NFB?

    If you use a DPDT, use one pole to ground a .01uF cap to make a presence circuit. I tried a similar circuit on my Gibsonette and it ended up the most used setting on a 3-way switch.
  11. Mexitele Blues

    Name these volume knobs, please (Bassman Micro)

    I'm just proud of us both for spelling them all correctly.
  12. Mexitele Blues

    Name these volume knobs, please (Bassman Micro)

    Excuse me sir you dropped this... 🦆🦆🦆
  13. Mexitele Blues

    The Black N Tweed

    For the switch holes, I would use a high cut at the power amp, maybe a small cap in parallel with the grid leak. For the other cascading the channels would be cool.
  14. Mexitele Blues

    Does anyone actually like or use bright switches/caps?

    My Pro Reverb has 4 zones. Low volume - bright sounds good Clean headroom - bright sounds shrill Overdrive - bright goes crUNCh Cranked - bright does nothing
  15. Mexitele Blues

    Name these volume knobs, please (Bassman Micro)

    It took a couple days but I figured out why some of the responses in this thread were confusing for me. Most are using pre and post in relation to the PI while I was picturing the dirty channel on my delta blues. There the Pre is a gain control but the Post knob is still very much in the preamp...
  16. Mexitele Blues

    Does anyone actually like or use bright switches/caps?

    Gets me another week out of an old set of strings.
  17. Mexitele Blues

    Name these volume knobs, please (Bassman Micro)

    Yes, intended in order. Preamp Post-preamp Level Or go car themed, choke/throttle/brakes!
  18. Mexitele Blues

    Name these volume knobs, please (Bassman Micro)

    Pre/Post/Level gets the vibe across.
  19. Mexitele Blues

    Sourcing 10W SEOT’s?

    I used the Hammond 125DSE on my Gibsonette build. $60 and in stock at Amplified Parts.
  20. Mexitele Blues

    Blues Jr mod kit

    Betcha that's a bias resistor. Cooling the bias is a popular BJ mod.
  21. Mexitele Blues

    Thoughts about adjustable cathode resistor/bypass schemes

    Does this work? If it does, does it pop? 25uF closed, .96uF open.
  22. Mexitele Blues

    Super Single-Ended Project

    I suspect it has to do with the designer's desired Vox vibe. NFB will damp the chime, in so many words. Fellow parallel-6V6 fan checking in here, I referenced the Angela schematic many times while drawing up my Gibsonette build. It had no NFB stock, which results in a thick woolly sound that's...