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  1. horax

    Alternatives to PRS and Suhr

    Hey guys! This is one of those "i can't try before I buy" threads due to location. Anyway, in the past I had a Suhr superstrat that I never should have sold....but I did. I've owned almost every kind of guitar imaginable....and now I have a PRS CE 24. It's a great guitar...but I feel like for...
  2. horax

    here we go....

    I bought a 65 reissue super reverb. Love it! Wife HATES it! "It's big! It's loud! etc etc" She's pushing me to sell it and get something smaller. Ok, I get it...why do I have to listen to her? Well...I only play in the house, in otherwords, she has a great point or two. I'm considering...
  3. horax

    guitar center has a major problem

  4. horax

    Is the john 5 tele the best Squier tele ever?

    There’s been a lot of good teles made by Squier. What’s the best, in your opinion? The original CVC has to be up for discussion, as does the original cv 50’s. My vote is for the john 5. It was on pr with any American fender ever. It is a heavy guitar, but the quality is amazing. Which is...
  5. horax

    Cannot Wait for the John 5 Ghost tele!

    I've been following hte news on this one for awhile. John 5 has a new signature guitar coming out. My friends in the Fender plant have been working on these for a few months, now. Super cool looking tele, unlike anything I've ever seen! Probably 2000-2500 when all is said and done, though...
  6. horax

    Big Squier sale

    Fender has a big one this weekend, but pro audio star has an amazing sale. CV’s from 249-279 across the board. Just got my son a contemporary tele for 279 as well. All of these are brand new!
  7. horax

    some stupid questions inside

    I am about to embark on making my first home build tele....well, my first NON-partscaster from pre-made pieces. Well... I will be buying an unfinished body and neck, and doing everything else. Anywho...most of the bodies I'm looking at are not pre drilled. they have the routs done for pickups...
  8. horax

    2010 fsr tele deluxe sparkle

    So he’s to find, so beautiful…so expensive now days. Did anybody have any of these?
  9. horax

    New Kingfish Tele Deluxe is available

    I’ve known about this for awhile, but my friends at Fender didn’t even know some had leaked to the wild. These are amazing! 2000.00 in the USA if you can find them. There has not been an official release yet, so I’m not sure when they will be found everywhere yet...
  10. horax

    Going to nyc, advice needed

    I’m headed to nyc next weekend. What are some music stores and places of interest I should see? I’m already looking for electric lady studios, but what else would you suggest?
  11. horax

    Supro delta king 12

    Hey, I have the limited edition black on black delta king 12. This thing is awesome and I think it’s one of the newer amps that will be highly revered for years. The design is awesome, and some sweet limited editions are starting to arrive. I love the new blackberry cream from sweet water...
  12. horax

    Bass Amp to Guitar Speaker Cab

    My daughter's band at her high school was going to throw away a well used Hartke 1415 bass amp. Teacher said it was beyond fixing. I looked at it and saw there were no speaker wires connecting the amp portion to the actual speaker. He said I could have it. Boo ya. I don't play bass, but I...
  13. horax

    What type of rosewood is used???

    Does anybody know the type of rosewood (latin name) for the rosewood being used by Fender?
  14. horax

    NGD: rosewood content.

    She’s here in all her glory.
  15. horax

    what did I just do?

    I bought an in stock GH Rosewood tele! If I like it more than my broadcaster, the BC will be up for sale. PM me if interested. If I prefer the BC, the GH will be up for sale....PM me if interested. ;) wife is going to KILL me
  16. horax

    New rig day

    Picked up a PRS sonzera head and matching cab in partial trade today. I traded an American pro ii strat, I got the amp and several hundred dollars. It’s way loud, but has an awesome tone. Can’t wait to get to know her a bit more Here she is with the broadcaster
  17. horax

    NBD: New Broadcaster Day

    I don’t know what it is, but I’ve owned several teles through the years. NONE are as MEAN and gritty as this one! I play a Blackstar Artist 15, and I was considering moving it to get something that grits and growls easier. This is a clean amp with tons of headroom. On channel 2 (the boosted/OD...
  18. horax

    Incoming…70th anniversary broadcaster.

    Tuesday cannot come quick enough! Here she is, in all her pre-Nocaster glory!
  19. horax

    Which to buy

    I have some offers that I’m looking at. Which would you choose and why? 80th anniversary broadcaster NON CS version Custom shop 52 Custom shop 51 nocaster Or a Suhr classic t Which and why?
  20. horax

    blackguard options

    I'm in the market again.... I've been saddened ever since I sold my AO50's, and as such am thinking about replacing it. My options: AO50 Custom Shop Broadcaster Non CS 70th anniversary Broadcaster Used CS Nocaster Suhr T style Nash T52 Logan T style Ron Kirn T Crook T Basically, I'm wanting...
  21. horax

    thoughts on a CS tele

    Hey all, For the record, I already own a CS 63 NOS strat, and it's I know the quality of hte Fender CS. I also own a Mod Shop tele custom (avatar) that is awesome, as well. I'm considering selling both my 2021 American pro ii strat in mystic surf as WELL AS my Gibson Les Paul Trad...
  22. horax

    Who is your favorite custom builder and why?

    There are so many tele builders available to choose from. Who is the best (your favorite) and why?
  23. horax

    Help me decide

    I have a mod shop tele custom that is awesome. Two shawbuckers, not the standard setup. I also have a custom shop 63 strat, a gibson les paul traditional pro v, and an American pro 2 strat is coming in next week. I used to have an AO50 tele that was every bit as good as my custom shop in...
  24. horax

    Tonemaster experience?

    I’m strongly considering a tonemaster. is it easy to dial in overdrive at lower volumes on these? I’ve become super sensitive to loud sounds, so if these can hit that mark I might pick one up
  25. horax

    Katana vs tone master

    I’ve played both. Mostly the MK I version of the katana, and several tone master fenders. with how good these have gotten, what are they doing that other modeling amps aren’nt? Are the tone masters selling for so high because they look like the original fenders? What makes these different...