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  1. CharlieHunterFan

    Soloette travel guitar

    The necks on these travel guitars are outstanding, much better than the yamaha silent guitar. Anybody here ever used one?
  2. CharlieHunterFan

    Recommendation for Bigsby clone on Amazon?

    Anyone have a good experience with a Bigsby clone on
  3. CharlieHunterFan

    Would this mod devalue my guitar?

    What kinds of mods devalue guitars?🤷‍♂️ By how much? Why? For instance, —installing a bigsby, and putting screw holes into the body🤨 —routing a bathtub route under the pick guard🥷 —routing a telecaster for a jazzmaster tremolo🤩 Others? 🧐 Why should I care about devaluing my guitar?
  4. CharlieHunterFan

    NGD: ‘12 Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Special

    I picked this up today, second hand. 7.9 lbs Jazzmaster neck pickup Jazzmaster neck
  5. CharlieHunterFan

    Ok, walk me through this build- 7 string 3/4 hybrid telecaster

    Hey all, I am asking for help. I am interested in building my first guitar. I live outside the U.S. and have access to a lot of wood at local markets. I would like to cut and shape a t style body, and configure a Charlie Hunter style 3 bass strings, 4 guitar strings guitar. Could the body...
  6. CharlieHunterFan

    What am I looking at here?

    I initially thought this was a Squire version of a modern player, (there’s one on reverb dot com—though that one might be a partscaster.) There’s no switch in between volume and tone knobs on this one. Someone helpfully mentioned that this might be a classic player to which someone added a...