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  1. Hafner

    What makes a Tele a Tele ?

    Everything on and in it makes the Tele and the items must match: the design, body, neck, headstock !!!. Pickups, the bridge with the string-through-body-idea, Control-assembly with the Knobs, jack-cup on the side. and and and and ......... Bridge-Pick-Up.
  2. Hafner

    show your esquires...

    A Great Esquire ! And I nice grain in the neck-wood ??
  3. Hafner


    Which sort of Knob do you prefer ? cf Duchsossoir. I watch at those invention - control panel/plate - knob and I simply adore them. To use them and to watch at them. I like the 57 till 63 the best. Happy New Year to you all.
  4. Hafner

    '70s Teles

    1970 till 1973 are not far away from Transition Telecasters, but later ... I think the weight is the great minus of late seventies Telecasters. But remember: our old buddy Ole Fuzzy always pointed out, that he was a huge fan of the seventies Telecasters !
  5. Hafner

    Show Us Your Teles with Natural Finish!

    Telekinetic please, what is this wood called ? Beautiful !
  6. Hafner

    Show us your most PRIZED guitar

    I think this one: my 69 Esquire in Olympic White because: light-weight 69 body, 69 Bridge Pu, 6130 fretted 69 neck. And 69 was a good year for me, born 1948.
  7. Hafner

    Cool Tele

    Do not confound "vintage things", "very old things" with "fake", "duplicates". Fakes and Replicas and Relicers should be prohibited, just forbidden. They want to fool other people.
  8. Hafner

    Cool Tele

    Same for me. I do not want to get fooled.
  9. Hafner

    What TELECASTER did you play today?

    1973 Lake Placid Blue
  10. Hafner

    1960 purple tele....

    That is curious: I remember, that this guitar or a similar one comes up on ebay with all that "Buck-Owens"-stuff every year, and all the discussions too. Forget it.
  11. Hafner

    Esquire 1969 in the house

    The con trol assembly is: solid shaft 250 K 66 pots, ZSW1S5 wax paper tone capacitors, 1.5 K 1 Watt Carbon Comp Resistor, Cloth Wiring. I think, these control assembly has been revisited - but it sounds incredibly, no microphonics, no buzz at all. So you are right, it must be not original...
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  13. Hafner

    Esquire 1969 in the house

    dates are: SN 241646 Fender Telecaster Body 1969 Olympic White Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard 3 MAR69 B F-Style Tuners original Bridge Original PAT NO DES, Saddles original stainless steel grooved Black Logo Decal Fender Esquire Frets medium Jumbo 6130 Pickguard Esquire...
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  16. Esquire_1_


  17. Hafner

    GE Smith Telecaster Bodies Do you know them ?

    But how are the bodies ?
  18. Hafner

    What is a "Baja" Telecaster ?

    This one is listed in ebay and sounds very cheap, Custom Shop built. I do not understand this. :confused:
  19. Hafner

    Question for fans of Page's Telecaster tone.

    Yes what a pitty he switched the the LP, I never understand this.
  20. Hafner

    Question for fans of Page's Telecaster tone.

    That reminds me of old days back in the sixties: I did not understand a little thing of this odd ugly film and that stupid looking filmstar , and I wished, that the whole film would show only the Yardbirds. I remember too, that we played the Yardbird tunes, and our lead guitarist simply...
  21. Hafner

    Custom Shop Classic Telecaster

    Thank you for the infos (new Fender price is 2600$).
  22. Hafner

    Custom Shop Classic Telecaster

    What do you mean on this one ? I love the translucent grain. Does anybody know the guitar/model ?
  23. Hafner

    GE Smith Telecaster Bodies Do you know them ?

    Hello, actually there are many of these bodies in ebay. Are these guitars good or bad ? What`is up with the bodies ? :confused:
  24. Hafner

    New Telecaster lives at my home Lake Placid Blue

    Most 73ers are Natural, or (strange looking) "Customs" ... gbase: between 3000$ and 5000$

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