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  1. skydog6653

    SOLD Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster gold parts

    Everything to turn your Squier to gold, or build one from scratch. Included: 6 tuners w/ bushings, 2 strap buttons, gold anodized aluminum pick guard, both pickups, control plate w/ pots & switch, bridge plate w/brass saddles, jack w/ cup and all the screws. $85 shipped ppff
  2. skydog6653

    I was offered a deal and couldn’t say no!

    Still getting to know it, and it came with 11’s, so I need to get some 9’s on there sooner than later, but the 11’s seem new so I’ll wait a bit.
  3. skydog6653

    Please help ID this Telecaster!

    I came across this guitar a couple of years ago and liked it so I saved the picture. Can anyone ID it for me?
  4. skydog6653

    Someone bumped their head!
  5. skydog6653

    Ron Thorn Club

    Let’s see your Thorns!
  6. skydog6653

    Question for players using threaded steel saddles

    do you eyeball the string spacing or use a measuring device of sorts? If you eyeball the spacing, at which fret do you use? If you use a device, which one? Once established, do you notch the saddle?
  7. skydog6653

    Christmas Tele!

  8. skydog6653

    What is meant by ‘head scoop’?

  9. skydog6653

    L-Series neck plate serial numbers

    Is there a reputable site to verify?
  10. skydog6653

    Which color aftermarket pickguard

    would best match the binding? White added for contrast/comparison.
  11. skydog6653

    Tele neck pup mounting debate…

    wood screws into the body or threaded bolts through the pickguard?
  12. skydog6653

    Has anyone played a Sire Tele?

    Looks like a nice guitar for cheap money!
  13. skydog6653

    NGD Monoprice Indio

    I’m not going to post pics, it’s just like every other one! But seriously, this guitar is a great deal. I don’t understand how they can build and ship these to your door for $99. It arrived in great shape. It does need gone over; fretboard is bone dry, frets are in need of a polish and the ends...
  14. skydog6653

    Help me find a picture that was on here!

    probably over ten years ago. It was of a red telecaster, probably a muddy waters mim, that had a black cat mojo motif. I know that's not a lot to go on, but it's all I got. It belonged to a member here.
  15. skydog6653

    Source for Tele bodies

    my last two were from musikraft but now that they're no longer supplying bodies, where is the best place to go for a bound tele body?
  16. skydog6653

    Is there a site that shows Fender body/pickguard color combos?

    I'm going to be having a Tele built and am still undecided on colors. I've pretty much narrowed down the body color to 3-4, all with a rosewood board. If it allows binding to be shown, that's even better! I know the pick guard is easily changed, but once I have this built, that's how it will stay.
  17. skydog6653

    I did what I swore I wouldn't do! (Bullet content)

    It started out harmlessly enough. I picked up a pair of ‘19 MIM pups for $20. The owner pulled them to make room for a set of Noiseless ones. I figured, why not swap out the small pots at the same time? Art of Tone sells 2/250K pots, a switch, and a jack for $28, so wth. Finally, I added a set...
  18. skydog6653

    ‘20 Bullet pickup levels

    I noticed mine aren't very hot at all so I decided to test them. Surprisingly, the neck measured 4.22K while the bridge only measured 3.56K! Has anyone else measured their's?
  19. skydog6653

    2019 Squier Bullet ‘fine tuning’

    I got my new Bullet on Friday. I noodled on it for a bit to get a feel for what I wanted to do to it. This isn't my main guitar, and I won't be gigging it, but if it were either, I’d probably have opted to do more. The only part I replaced was the cheap, plastic, nut with a Tusq PO-5000-00. Be...
  20. skydog6653

    What Can I Expect From New Squier

    I was browsing the MF site today and stumbled across one of these LPB Bullets. I'm certainly not expecting a FCS Master Built for a buck and a quarter. I plan on leaving everything in place, but what kind of setup work can I expect to do? Fret ends, fret level, fine tune the relief and action?
  21. skydog6653

    Has Fender made a Road Worn 60’s Tele?

    If not, are there plans for one?
  22. skydog6653


    I hope this is enough Tele to belong here, it's Ron Thorn's take on a Tele/Paul. Tele body shape with set neck. P-90’s, hybrid scale length (25”), Sperzels. Koa top on Korina body and neck, ebony board. Very comfortable to play, and the staple tops are very versatile, tone-wise.
  23. skydog6653

    No longer Stratless!

    I've been without a Strat for several years now, but recently remedied that with a 2003 MIM 50's Vintage Player in Olympic White. Love this thing!
  24. skydog6653

    Neck manufacturer help needed!

    Does anyone recognize the marking on the end? There is no other markings.

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