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  1. pypa

    Performers With The Most Irritating Vocal Mannerisms

    Not a fan of vocal "runs" (or guitar solos) that are in service of the artist not the song.
  2. pypa

    So what is the simplicity in CAGED?

    There are a lot of truths and patterns that CAGED reveals about the guitar fretboard. Yes, you can learn different, complete chord positions by understanding each of the shapes, but the genius is that they are all CONNECTED. Take an open C chord. That's C in "C Form". But the C with your 4th...
  3. pypa

    Cheesy Biker Movies

    That’s right. I said it. E T, go home!
  4. pypa

    Musician couples

    Now, what would make you say THAT?
  5. pypa

    Musician couples

    I've never seen her name written! Said a million times during the 70's, never written. I always thought it was Eatie Gourmet. Figured it was a stage name and a food pun. Mind blown.
  6. pypa

    What do you do if a bandmate keeps suggesting multiple covers by the same artist?

    Tell him that Hendrix and Roxy Music broke the mold on Dylan covers ;) I think you're right to want to limit the # songs per artist. I say that not as a bandmember, but as an audience member. One deep cut is like "wow, cool!" Two or more is like "ok, we get it." In the end though, there's...
  7. pypa

    Musician couples

    Philly Soulmates
  8. pypa

    Musician couples

    Pet Benetar and Neil Giraldo
  9. pypa

    OMG! OMG!

    And he's a handsome guy to boot.
  10. pypa

    pocket depth

    the 3/8" is a starting point. You really want to read Freeman's posts on geometry. Basically you need your fret plane to graze the saddles in their lowest position. That is true for the D/G, and the E's. So the saddle heights should follow the "radius" using the height adjustment. Your...
  11. pypa

    Van Halen: Hot for Teacher

    Listen to this at your own risk. Your mind will be blown. Van Halen is simply amazing. As an aside, this also breaks down Under Pressure by Queen, which will vaporize your mind. (You'll have to 'see more episodes' and then click 'show 10 more episodes' until you get to Aug 22, 2015.
  12. pypa

    What is the advantage of a pine Telecaster?

    Pine is typically viewed as a lesser wood - right or wrong. As ash and other hardwoods have become harder to come by, pine and spruce and fir feel like good alternatives. I suspect fir and spruce would look and feel even nicer!
  13. pypa

    I'm watching The Wizard of Oz.

    Speaking of Wizard of Oz, did you hear that the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger) won a Nobel Prize back in the day? He was apparently outstanding in his field. Get it? Out, standing in his field? Get it? He's a scarecrow? <cue crickets....>
  14. pypa

    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    I can see the comparison between Marr and the Edge. Marr was a good technician, but his playing (while prominent) was never showy or the star of the show. The Edge was even less of a finger skills technician. He was more of a sound technician. Achtung Baby has some of the simplest - and...
  15. pypa

    Transtint bleed through on faux binding

    It appears that the dye has highlighted scratches. I could be wrong, but this leads me to believe that some of the peripheral scratches were not adequately sanded out, so the masking tape couldn't seal properly. When I've done bevels or sharp edges like that, it's a problem I have too; I...
  16. pypa

    ¿What guitar of all these would you take to a desert island...?

    Deserted island? Would this make any guitar a telecastaway?
  17. pypa

    Gibson ES-335 build

    I know. This is a test. I have more of these sides (white oak). But I want to make a mock up first because the construction is not intuitive to me.
  18. pypa

    Gibson ES-335 build

    I tried bending the sides this week. I decided to use the parlor mold but added a single cutaway. I am trying to figure out how the neck mates into the arch top with a cutaway. Seems like the side to neck heel joint will be abrupt.
  19. pypa

    Pleasing tech school info.

    I'm not sure I totally understand your position. I take your point about look at substance and not labels. But it's difficult to do that at a young age. I have 2 kids in highschool, and have been through the college application process. It's upside down and unhealthy the way things are in...
  20. pypa

    Pleasing tech school info.

    Oh don't get me started. I am SOOOOOO in your camp on that. Anything that makes one human feel inferior to another makes me want to blow something up.
  21. pypa

    New Shop Building Project...

    How did I miss this?! Wow, you're vision and execution are great.
  22. pypa

    Golden Era

    Time casts a golden patina over any eras of relative peace.
  23. pypa

    Stevie Wonder losing it.

    Breaks my heart.
  24. pypa

    Top loader to string-through body conversion?

    I don't think it's worth the mod. That being said, it is very doable, but best done with the right jig and (not so intuitive) order of operations. A guitar shop should be able to do this EASILY. If they charge you an arm and a leg, they are taking advantage.

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