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  1. RetroTeleRod

    Happy Nobels Pedal Day! ODR-1 Natural Overdrive Pedal

    My awesome friend sent me this green sparkly beauty! Limited edition Nobels ODR-1 with the Bass Cut switch. Well I was able to try it out with my Vox AC-10 last night and one word smooth! I ran it with the internal bass cut turned on since my Vox is bass heavy anyway. Very, wait for it, natural...
  2. RetroTeleRod

    Hot Blues Cake Driver

    I have my Hot Cake and Blues Driver both on the board at the moment with each of them set for a low gain sound. Saturday night I accidentally left both on at once and wow! I suddenly heard this huge tone from my little AC-10. The Hot Cake filled in the mids nicely and the BD-2 knocked a little...
  3. RetroTeleRod

    Pedal board build

    Bought a new case and then made this board to fit. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.
  4. RetroTeleRod

    Using RV-6 stereo outs into Vox AC-15?

    The last pedal on my board is my Boss RV-6 Reverb which has 2 outputs for stereo operation into 2 amps. Instead of that I’m wondering if I can take the Boss and run the two outputs into the Normal and Top Boost inputs on my AC-15, allowing me to have both channels going at the same time? Any...
  5. RetroTeleRod

    New Candy from Sweetwater!

    They also threw in a nifty power supply! Happy NPSD (New Power Supply Day) to me. :cool:
  6. RetroTeleRod

    RV-3 delay side vs DD-3?

    Just wondering how similar the delay circuit in the old Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay is to the DD-3 Digital Delay. I have both but I think I prefer the delay sounds in the RV-3. The short delay+Small Room mode is particularly luscious. School me.
  7. RetroTeleRod

    I love the slap back from this pedal!

    Good old Boss RV-3. The mode featuring Small Room + Delay is perfect! Set for a short delay time and a single repeat and Rockabilly on! The bit of added reverb really fills out the sound so that the repeat doesn’t sound so “dry”. Go Cat Go!
  8. RetroTeleRod

    New Fuzz pedal from Boss! (Not the Tonebender)
  9. RetroTeleRod

    What pedals do you like with a AC-10?

    I have a new AC-10 on the way. For you ’10 owners out there, what pedals do you run with yours? I’m thinking my RV-6 reverb, DD-3, DM-2w, TR-2 Tremolo and Hot Cake should just about do it.
  10. RetroTeleRod

    Alien beeps and chirps from my MXR Micro Flanger!

    I put my Micro Flanger back on my board and I love it but there’s an issue. When it’s on and I’m not playing through it I occasionally hear some weird chirping sounds. They’re not loud and everything else about it is working fine. Has the pedal developed a problem or could it possibly be a power...
  11. RetroTeleRod

    Overdrive with and without reverb, very different

    I’ve been running my Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive as an always-on clean boost. Normally I’m using either the Boss RV-6 Reverb or the DM-2w Delay with it. Tried it dry the other day and noticed a pretty significant difference in the character of the sound. With Reverb and Delay off I’m getting a...
  12. RetroTeleRod

    SD-1 Syrup on a Hot Cake

    A friend gave me a brand new 40th anniversary Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive which I've been using as my always-on clean boost into my AC-15. So last night I tried stacking it into my Hot Cake and it sounds incredible! The added boost and mids from the SD-1 really smooth out the Hot Cake and drive it...
  13. RetroTeleRod

    NPD! Boss SD-1 40th Anniversary!

    My awesome friend advance ordered a pair of these when they were first announced and had one sent to me! Can’t beat that kind of a deal! Not only did I get a free Boss pedal but 3 bags of candy to boot! It’s like Happy Birthday and Christmas combined! Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks again TDPRI...
  14. RetroTeleRod

    Happy Anniversary! (DS-1 content)

    A friend found this 40th anniversary DS-1 at a fantastic price and passed it on to me at his cost. Excited to try it!
  15. RetroTeleRod

    The Orange and Black attack! (NPD)

    Limited edition black and orange DS-1 that I bought from a TDPRI friend. This isn’t the 40th anniversary model, but a special run made for Guitar Center.
  16. RetroTeleRod

    The only pedal I’ve bought twice...NPD

    Bought a used Ibanez Jet Driver a few years ago and really dug it. Unfortunately the switch died on me some time back. Just got a new one in today. If you’re not familiar with the JD-9, think of it as a true-bypass Tube Screamer with a lot more gain, a Mids knob and the TS-808 style chip in it.
  17. RetroTeleRod

    I got the Blues...Driver!

    A TDPRI friend sold me his cool vintage Blues Driver. Happy NPD to me! I’ve never had one of these before. Can’t wait to try it out. This should complete my all Boss board. :cool:
  18. RetroTeleRod

    Like a BOSS!

    After having issues last night with some of the other brands on my board I got home and went full Boss! Feel free to judge me for excess buffers and thin tone. :lol::lol::lol:
  19. RetroTeleRod

    Delay + Reverb. I like it!

    I traded for a Boss RV-3 a while back and put it on my travel board. I really like the Delay+Small Room mode. So Sunday night on my main board I tried combining my Boss DM-2w set for Slapback with a bit of Plate reverb from my Hardwire RV-7. It sounds great! The Plate adds a little more space to...
  20. RetroTeleRod

    Great video about Boss delays on Ask Zac

    I have no affiliation, but I love his channel.
  21. RetroTeleRod

    Pedals and the lifespan of tubes

    Just curious if the use of pedals, particularly of the boost and overdrive variety, has any effect on how long the tubes in an amp last? School me.
  22. RetroTeleRod

    The great advantage of a Boss only board...

    would be that your wife might not realize it when you get another one. Just sayin'. ;)
  23. RetroTeleRod

    NPD Boss SD-1!

    As many dirt pedals as I’ve tried I’ve never had a SD-1...until today. My OD-3 has been looking forward to meeting its long lost brother. :lol: This particular Boss is a black label made in Taiwan.
  24. RetroTeleRod

    Boss OD-3...Banana Puddin' for the ears!

    Put my OD-3 back on the board and tried it yesterday. I forgot how good the old Boss can sound. Boosted it a bit with my Dyna Comp and what a smooth and creamy overdriven toan! Yum! I'm expecting a SD-1 in a couple of days that I got in a trade with a TDPRI buddy. These two should be a great...
  25. RetroTeleRod

    Yellow Jacket tube conversion???

    I’m intrigued by the Yellow Jacket tube socket converters that allow you to use EL-84s in place of 6L6s. I’m interested for several reasons. I like the idea of lowering the volume of the Hot Rod Deluxe. Also the conversion will make my amp self-biasing which appeals to me. Lastly and most...

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