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  1. SacDAve

    Need opinions - Semi-hollow - just finish cracking or is the top coming off?

    You might a piece of rubber tube around the treads of the switch
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    Best compound to use for filling gouge in template?

    A picture would be helpful of what your trying to repair the size of gouge and where it's located would help. Once you get it fixed use the template for a mater and make another to use.
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    What a long haul

    Doesn't matter what process you used to achieve that great finish the end results is what matters
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    Has Anyone Tried The TrueFire Guitar Courses?

    I'm on the all access also, Lot of great stuff take to learn from the various artest. Like many others have mentioned I need to find a Course in finding time.
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    Dating site recommendations

    Cut to The chase...................Tinder 😍
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    New Ride!

    You got a great deal on that bike. If you need parts eBay is your friend. Looking for information about the bike FB group Vintage Honda Motorcycle Owners of America
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    New Ride!

    Want to race
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    The guitar body is looking good I did find some white spots but I cleaned body then went over it with a fine scotch brite pad that took care of them. Next time I use Aqua Coat I'll tint it, website says you can use a water based tints with Aqua Coat.
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    Anyone getting lacquer aerosol/rattle/spray cans mixed and filled?

    Lacquer, real lacquer thinner, real paint thinner, denatured alcohol and much more are not legal to sell in some cities/counties in Ca. that adds to your problem for getting lacquer. I'm in placer county If I drive to Nevada county Ca. I can buy all 4. The paint store will put it in aerosol...
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    I have 3 coats of Aqua coat on it now still have to sand last coat. Since I applied AC I've read some negative stuff, will shrink and leave white spots in the pores. My test stuff looks good we will know tomorrow. I also used it on a clipboard I made out of oak and maple I'm refinishing 3...
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    Appreciate you post
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    The more I look into Solarez it's going to be a no. I've read a few things people have had problems with it, guitars take a lot of work to build just don't want to spend the $$ or time experimenting with it. BTW I 've been experimenting Aquacoat seems to work well and I have some.
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    Strip a brittle Foto Flame and refinish

    Just found this Dupli-Color® Acrylic Enamel offers exceptional quality in a general purpose enamel paint. A high-solids acrylic enamel formulation delivers the ultimate in protection, gloss and color retention while delivering maximum coverage on metal, wood, and fiberglass surfaces.
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    Strip a brittle Foto Flame and refinish

    Nitro might be a good choice Duplicolor is enamel would probably mess it up. I would tesat it first
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    I'm considering using Solarez to fill a guitar. I've read some older post sounds kind of yes & no. Watched a couple videos looks interesting. I did read the top coat solarez can be a pain to spray. Also if I use it as a filler can I spray lacquer over It? Any thoughts on Solarez?
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    My first 5e3 build

    It's sounds the same loud........Really LOUD since I got hearing aids.
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    Optimized vs standard 5e3 layout?

    Just to see how it would work, I also did the same thing with an 18 watt build both ar quiet. I have a custom built Fargen amp I had built (2004) I noticed he did not twist the filament wires. been a couple debates on twist or not to twist.
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    Optimized vs standard 5e3 layout?

    I've built one, If (when) I build another 5E3 it will be the optimized version I really like it. Also on that build I did not twist the filament wires. .
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    New Tonerider Hot Classics

    I have those in my tele with the 4 way switch I think they sound fine but honestly don't have another T style to compare them with. I just ordered a set of tonerider Alnico Blues for a Tele I've just started will see how they sound.
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    New guitar build

    Been way to long since i've built a guitar........stated a T style. So far the neck is underway yesterday final shaping bit more sanding then finishing then frets. The neck is Mahogany with a Beli fingerboard (1480 0n janka scale) I was going to do another Hickory FB but I screwed up my last...
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    Anybody Using Tonerider Alnico 2 Blues Pickups

    I was just looking at the Alnico II Blues for a tele I'm building thinking they m1ght be the best choice. I've used toneriders before they seem to be great pickups to my ears plus a lot of bang for the buck.
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    Any Downside to Stripping Nitro

    I Bought a Breedlove guitar about 10 years ago it was a custom order by customer they made 3 of them I bought one. Having never owned a guitar of this quality and cost quite a bit not wanting to take any chances I contacted Breedlove what to use on it they replied on the fingerboard lemon oil...
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    Lacquer Checking?

    I agree with you 100% myself I like to follow those that show their work in progress I seem to learn more from that.
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    Processing/Dimensioning Lumber

    I have a pretty complete garage shop, but this is my humble router sled I use on end grain cutting boards it just as good as any fancy one. I also have a 16" planer and a 16/32 drum sander, end grain and a planer could get pretty messy.