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  1. gtroates

    Pedal power suggestion?

    I am planning to put a small board together with an El Cap a Flint and an Iridium with a Samson Qh4 at the end for quiet practice with an aux in. I know the Strymon power bricks can handle all the Strymon pedals but the Samson is tip positive 15vDC and needs 800ma. Any ideas if there is a power...
  2. gtroates

    Iridium settings for Vox AC30 sounds?

    I have never owned an AC30 so I don’t have a memory of how the amp should sound other than on some Queen and Tom Petty recordings. Does anyone who has owned an AC30 have tips on Strymon iridium settings that sound like a typical example of an AC30 in clean and another setting for break up...
  3. gtroates

    My dig “duh” moment

    Back in July of 2020 I asked in a post what I needed to get the Tech21 Flyrig 5 version 1 (without the built in headphone driver) to sound full through headphones. I was racking my brain for new things to buy to make it work. Meanwhile I had a pair of Waza Air headphones I had stopped using...
  4. gtroates

    Centerfield Intro

    Hey all, I decided to transcribe and write out this intro because it always sticks in my head when I hear it. It’s 18 bars long including the reverse gated hand clap rhythms.
  5. gtroates

    Some Spaghetti Western fun

    This is the main guitar part for “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” main theme. The guitar is very trebly (probably it’s picked near the bridge too), drenched in reverb and with a vibrato bar and an echo. There appear to be different recorded versions of this available, I transcribed this from...
  6. gtroates

    Don Rich guitar parts on Act Naturally

    A while back I tried to contribute to a thread about Don Rich with an uploaded music file, here it is in viewable thumbnails.
  7. gtroates

    I have fixed the files on my posts, they are now thumbnails

    I just figured a new way (to me) to upload the files from screenshots so I edited my music posts and they are now viewable as thumbnails that expand to full screen size, no downloading is necessary now.
  8. gtroates

    James Bond Theme, Vic Flick’s parts

    I notated the last horn parts because they make it sound more complete if you play this without the backing orchestra, in the recording the guitar is out for those three bars. Hope it’s fun, I always enjoyed this and have had frequent student requests for me to teach it.
  9. gtroates

    El Paso Intro, just for the fun of it

    Here it is, the 9/8 bar is the way it is in the verses too. Just feel the 6/8 bars as two foot stomps and the 9/8 as three foot stomps.
  10. gtroates

    CS nocaster or pv 64 pickups in alder/rw Tele

    I have a 2001 American Series Telecaster which I had a Bigsby unit with a steel saddled mastery bridge put on a while ago. It’s got an alder body with a rosewood board, it has a darker sound than my other telecaster which is an ash body with maple neck. I like to play jazz as well as 60s era...
  11. gtroates

    Would a cab sim pedal make the original flyrig work with headphones?

    I have the first version of the FlyRig 5 by tech 21, it doesn’t have enough output to drive headphones on its own. Would the Audiofile by EHX or some sort of a cab sim pedal bring it up to a decent headphone practice amp?
  12. gtroates

    USB charging station ideas?

    My wife and I have a little end table covered in usb charging cords and power strips, I want to tidy it up into a less cluttered area as we now have two dogs that climb onto couch arms and snag cords for fun. Does anyone have a USB power station suggestion? I have seen some with dividers that...
  13. gtroates

    What a wonderful world

    I recorded a video of me playing an arrangement I bought from the Sheet Music App’s store, I didn’t write any of the notes I just wanted to share it because I liked how it sounded:
  14. gtroates

    Can I use a 5w Apple white square phone charger for this?

    I am planning on getting the Tascam GB-10 (Guitar/Bass phrase trainer device with 2Gb SD file card storage) soon and have a question I have tried to search on the internet and can’t find. The GB-10 is powered by a wall wart power supply (not included) or a usb cable connected to a laptop or...
  15. gtroates

    This is what I ended up with for my completed pedal board

    I ended up buying the Xotic SP which is small enough that I was able to have space for my TU-2 still and didn’t need to get a mini tuner. My signal chain is Guitar>tuner>comp>phaser>OD>Chorus>Tremolo>Delay>Reverb>Looper>Amp (when I want a stereo setup I plug the right out of the delay into my...
  16. gtroates

    My pedal board has space for a Mini compressor pedal, advice?

    I put together a pedal train jr. and discovered my MXR Supercomp was both too big for the last open space and had an intermittent crackling noise I couldn’t dial out so I either need to know a simple fix for the noise or move on to another compressor. I am considering buying a mini pedal...
  17. gtroates

    Apogee Jam or Pandora Mini

    Hi, hope this is the right forum to ask this question in. I am going on a trip soon and want a quiet option for practicing along with songs and backing tracks. From the research I've done so far, I have settled on either the Apogee Jam or the Pandora Mini. I have an iPad 2, an iPod, and an...
  18. gtroates

    Unexpected melody quotes in rock songs

    I was listening to "Runnin' With The Devil" off of Van Halen's 1st album and at 47-48 seconds into the track he plays the harmonics part, it's the first five notes of "Round Midnight." Clapton plays "Blue Moon" at the start of his solo on "Sunshine of Your Love." Got any unexpected popular...
  19. gtroates

    Since I've Been Loving You (in Nashville numbers)

    Hey all, I just thought I'd shoot out a quick Nashville Numbers chart of "since I've Been Loving You" from Led Zeppelin III: 12/8 time signature, slow 12 bar blues (the album track is in Cm and somewhere around 40 bpm): 1m 4m 1m 1m 4m 4m...
  20. gtroates

    My transcription of Clarence's "Listen to the Mockingbird" melody

    Hi all, I put up a video of a recent transcription I've been working on, it was a lot of notes so I wrote it down this time. I recorded a simple backing track and played along with it, one of these days I'd like to figure out the split screen effect so I can show both parts. I hope you like...
  21. gtroates

    Is there a good source for old bluegrass melodies?

    I've been working through some bluegrass books on lead guitar playing and Western Swing fiddle backup styles, I know the chords and some player's solos on them. Now I'm wondering if there is a good sourcebook for the unadorned melodies. I'm thinking of songs like: Devil's Dream, Forked Deer...
  22. gtroates

    Folsom Prison Blues, my take on an instrumental version

    Hi all, A while back now imwjl started a post asking about arranging "Folsom Prison Blues" as an instrumental. It was fun to come up with something and I found myself noodling around with ideas until I came up with this a while ago: amus9Uo1eTY&feature I hope you like it, it's sure fun to...
  23. gtroates

    Is there a Seattle area store that has the FRV-1?

    I want to check out the new Boss '63 reverb pedal first before buying it. Today I called around to the stores near me and nobody who answered the phone had heard of it yet. Is it available here in the Seattle area yet?
  24. gtroates

    I just finally posted my first playing clip to Youtube!

    Hey Guys, I just posted a clip of me playing a Clarence White solo from a live recording that I transcribed, it's searchable under "Bluegrass-Clarence White solo" or more easily under Gtroates which is my youtube account name too. I hope you like it:grin: Brian
  25. gtroates

    Any Hardshell Cases made to properly fit bigsby?

    I just got in from a long trip to the South (Savannah and Orlando) and the SKB "Freedom" case I was using to fly my Bigsby Telecaster there and back was basically totalled on the trip back to Seattle. The hinges by where the Bigsby is located are stretched and the case itself has multiple...