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  1. scrapyardblue

    Local Live Music Vegas

    With the exception of a college football parlay, I have zero interest in gambling. Furthermore, I told myself the last two times I went to Vegas that each would be my last. However, duty calls one more time, this one a very attractive four team college basketball tournament. No Celine Dion or...
  2. scrapyardblue

    Italics, Bold, Link, etc Bar Won't Highlight

    Unable to use those features, can't seem to find a way to highlight them.
  3. scrapyardblue

    Alternatives to Discmakers

    Physical CD production through Discmakers is several hundred dollars more than Bison and Atomic for a run of 300. Lots of blather out there trying to convince us of the advantages of one versus the other, but it's all fluff. Discmakers puts out a quality CD and jacket, but has anyone had a good...
  4. scrapyardblue

    On-line CD Sales-Which Service?

    CDBaby handled all fulfillment for my first album(Amazon sales, iTunes, CDs, downloads), but no longer handles CD distribution. Looking for recommendations for physical cd selling thru my website, either a turnkey operation or a store whereby I do the physical mailing(well, unless sales get...
  5. scrapyardblue

    Paul Thorn is Right Up My Alley

    Saw him live Friday night. This man and his band get it and get it good. His latest album, Never Too Late to Call, is his finest work yet:
  6. scrapyardblue

    Fortunate to Have Seen Rhiannon Giddens

    Was a slower year for me seeing live music, but I got to see two of the best singers in the world, two of my personal favorites: First, the ever soulful and passionate singer/songwriter Karin Bergquist (Over the Rhine) and her equally dynamic husband Linford at their farm in Ohio. More...
  7. scrapyardblue

    Strip for the Holidays

    Really starting to like hardwood charcoal. Yes, that's real butter. Smoking a Boston Butt tomorrow.
  8. scrapyardblue

    What Kind of Saw?

    What kind of saw to break though this packaging: sawzall, grinder, table saw? Maybe use one of those hydraulic log splitters or figure out a way to secure one side and hook the other up to the truck with a chain?
  9. scrapyardblue

    Crazy Good Score in Power of the Dog

    Watched a trailer for this movie and was immediately sucked in by the opening instrumental guitar. Had no idea it was directed by the accomplished, deep Jane Campion, but quickly understood we were watching a real movie. Set in Montana a hundred years ago. Oddball characters, Kirsten Dunst (who...
  10. scrapyardblue

    Wilson Sisters Still Got It

    Saw the PBS fundraiser at Royal Albert Hall, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I've been a casual fan all my life, but have a better appreciation every time I see Heart. Great band, tight sound, but those ladies are singing like it was 30 years ago. A great watch.
  11. scrapyardblue

    White Striping, Not Jack White

    Not wasting my time grilling chicken that isn't close to a bone and these chicken breasts the size of a turkey taste like cardboard. Haven't grilled any cardboard in a while either. Then comes this story about white-striping, a disease caused by birds that can't support their body weight and...
  12. scrapyardblue

    Hot Water Blues

    (In key of A) My woman done left me...she thanks, Oooh, she done left me....she thanks. She's heading three blocks over....for a man, he got two tanks. Then it finally hit me, somethin' else goin' on, Yea it surely hit me, somethin' else was goin' on. Got to check those...
  13. scrapyardblue

    Is This A Good Price?

    Figure the DeLorean will be easier to find.
  14. scrapyardblue

    Does A Tablet Affect the Sound?

    Or is it just the conduit, assuming it has adequate processing speed (and memory)? The CD would reign forever in my world, but seeing that players are disappearing from cars and some streaming services are exceeding CD quality, I'm taking the plunge. Have a Marantz receiver on order (NR1200)...
  15. scrapyardblue

    Calling All TDPRI Mysterious Bottle Experts

    The GF ran across this bottle for first time in a dozen or so years, has no idea what, when, why or where. Seems to be full of something and well sealed. Her best guess was saké. Anybody seen a bottle like this?
  16. scrapyardblue

    Portable Vacuum for Car

    Portable Oreck quit working after a decade and a half. Anybody have one they really like? Long cord, plenty of suction, ability to get between the seat and the running boards? Under $100. Armor All has a 2.5 hp with a high rating. Anybody have one?
  17. scrapyardblue

    Question for TDPRI Legal Dept: Use of Image

    Got caught in a summer storm last June while on a country drive. Just after, the sun pops out with an eerie backdrop of the storm moving on. Took a few incredible pictures, intending to use a few for the front and back covers of my new record. One picture is just a long road with a never...
  18. scrapyardblue

    Project Blue Book Lost Me at Teleportation

    Was watching the early episodes and intrigued by the stories. Supposed to be loosely based upon a college professor's work helping the Air Force explain (and explain away) the early UFO sightings. We thought we were getting somewhat of a primer on the history of sightings and the cover up, but...
  19. scrapyardblue

    No Need to Look Inside

    No look car dealership popcorn. They're all yellow.
  20. scrapyardblue

    Enjoy Your Last Bananas

    This will not end well. I've seen the movie.
  21. scrapyardblue

    Can't They Invent A Better Autocorrect?

    I don't mind a little help with "rhythm" or "cemetery," but don't go changing "The Palace" to "The Proposal." This didn't just happen on the spot, it changed several characters later. Yet another reason not to trust Google.
  22. scrapyardblue

    The TDPRI Truth: Infrared Grills

    Talk about misinformation. Ever search the pluses and minuses of infrared vs straight gas grills on the net! Please know that I have a smoker for the serious stuff and a charcoal grill at the GFs. My question is about a gas grill, a convenient way for a steak, some chicken a chop or a piece of...
  23. scrapyardblue

    Calling All Bad Dog Bird Brains-Part II

    I was thinking hawk at first, but that face has me wondering. In any event, the rabbit population in the hood may soon be on the decline.
  24. scrapyardblue

    "That's Real Good That You Did That, Anthony"

    Twilight Zone Marathon starts tonight on SyFy and runs thru Wednesday morning. Sleep well, my friends.

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