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  1. Minivan Megafun

    No wonder there's a 2 years wait list

    I just had a look at Wildwood's site and they've got about 250 CS Teles in stock! LOL! (And over 170 CS Strats). Do they just have a direct line to the factory?
  2. Minivan Megafun

    FCS 60's oval C

    How is the 60's Oval C (.79-.93) as compared to some of the other 60's style necks like the 60's C found on the AO60's? I've got a line on a guitar with the 60's Oval C but I'm concerned it will feel too slim.
  3. Minivan Megafun

    NGD! I'm finally a CS owner! '51 HS Telecaster Relic

    Just arrived shipped all the way from Ireland to Canada! 2018 (2019 build) Limited 51 HS Telecaster Relic in Nocaster blonde. I've never had a CS guitar before and I'm very excited! I have always wanted a Nocaster however the big U necks simply are not playable to me. This one caught my eye...
  4. Minivan Megafun

    Misadventures in checking

    I have a 2008 Wildwood Thin Skin 52RI. The finish is surprisingly tough on it despite it being a "thin skin". Last night the guitar accidentally got left in the trunk of my vehicle. It was below -30C. When I brought it in I left it in the case but opened it to check after a few hours. Sure...
  5. Minivan Megafun

    Tell me about pedal switchers

    Ok, so I'm trying to learn about pedal switchers. I've currently got a Pedaltrain Classic 2 and I'm upgrading to the Novo 32. I'm running about 10 or 11 pedals in my chain (the reason for the board upgrade is I've got a vocal pedal and a wireless and I'd like to have it all on one platform/power...
  6. Minivan Megafun

    American Original is gone... and nothing was announced to replace it

    So it looks like the American Original series has been discontinued (several retailers have stated they are no longer able to order new stock on them for 2022). This would match up with Fender's new 4-year product cycle so it has been expected that there would be a refresh or return to the...
  7. Minivan Megafun

    Rebuild of a previous build - the "Blingcaster"!

    This is a rebuild of a partscaster I've had for some years. Previously it had an MJT body in Daphne Blue and I just never could bond with that colour. In early December, Guitar Mill was having a sale on their "get it now" section and I picked up this beauty. Swamp ash, with arm and tummy...
  8. Minivan Megafun

    NGD: 70's Tele Custom (Parts build)

    This is a project I've had in the works for almost a year now. The last component was the body and it arrived yesterday! I shielded the cavities and got it all assembled. I did a rough setup but I've sent it to my luthier as the nut slots need to be final cut and set up. Specs: Body: Guitar...
  9. Minivan Megafun

    NGD! American Original 60s Jazzmaster!

    Made some tough choices to make room but I figured this is the last chance to get an AO at a reasonable price before scarcity and inflation take over after the line ends next year. I originally wanted OTM (Ocean Turquoise Metallic) and I had a deal on that fall through. And then I wanted IBM...
  10. Minivan Megafun

    American Original series discontinued?

    I've seen/heard this from more than one retailer. They just got a small batch of AO's sent out to them and they've been told these are the last ones they're getting. So is there going to be an AO-II line coming or is this the end of the USA "vintage" line?
  11. Minivan Megafun

    What's your opinion on sparkly Telecasters?

    I'd have to count myself in the Tele traditionalist crowd. However lately I've found myself browsing metal flake finished bodies with arm and tummy contours. I guess I've got a bunch of Teles and I'm looking to do something different with one of them. Anyway, metal flake finishes - yea or nay...
  12. Minivan Megafun

    Favourite bridge pickup to combine with WRHB in neck?

    For you Tele Custom lovers out there, what's your go to bridge pickup to cohabitate with a WRHB (I'll have a CUNIFE reissue) in the neck slot?
  13. Minivan Megafun

    Neck pickup cover delaminating?

    Wondering if anyone has seen this before? 2018 AO60's guitar which has the AV64 pickups. The chrome plating is de-laminating from the neck pickup cover and flaking off. I've never seen this before. Anyone else had this happen?
  14. Minivan Megafun

    Mint or Parchment on Daphne Blue?

    Title says it all! (no I don't want tort).
  15. Minivan Megafun

    When do you just give up on a parts guitar?

    So I have this partscaster I put together about 5 years ago. Overall it's a great guitar, but I found the neck I had on it was way too skinny. So I sold that neck and ended up buying an Allparts TRO-Fat. Well, now I've found that's too big (it's mainly the shoulders that are too much). I'm...
  16. Minivan Megafun

    New video/single release

    Hey all! New music video just got released that I'm in! I'm playing the blue (AO60's) Tele. We're pretty proud of how this turned out!
  17. Minivan Megafun

    6G16 Brown Vibroverb build!

    I just completed my build of the Mojotone 6G16 Vibroverb kit! Here's my review of the process: I purchased the Mojotone kit minus speakers. Separately I ordered a pair of Weber 10A125's. I also found a seller online that makes repro faceplates and ordered up the proper Vibroverb style plate...
  18. Minivan Megafun

    Live stream performance: July 17 (Stones tribute)

    I'm in a Rolling Stones tribute band called "The Main Street Exiles" (I'm Keith). Every year there is an independent theatre festival called the "Fringe Festival" and this year due to Covid it's being streamed online. They've scheduled a band to play every night to close the show and we're...
  19. Minivan Megafun

    Should I build an amp?

    I'm bored. That's it. That's pretty much the premise for me looking at amp kits. I have built a 5E3 kit in the past (Mission) and several pedal kits. I've already got a total of 4 amps (PRRI, 5E3, 57 Twin, and 5F6A) so there aren't really any gaps in my lineup. The one that has my...
  20. Minivan Megafun

    Gear demand and prices

    "There's going to be a ton of used gear flood the market in 6-12 months when all the people who bought guitars during covid quit after we go back to normal." I think we've all heard some variation of this on pretty much all the gear forums. The theory being that music gear demand has been so...
  21. Minivan Megafun

    NGD: American Original 50's Strat

    This guitar had been for sale locally for MONTHS. I'd chatted with the seller previously about a potential trade but ultimately that didn't work out. I'd kept this one on my radar since and then on Saturday I noticed he dropped his price in a last ditch effort to sell it. I seriously don't know...
  22. Minivan Megafun

    At what point does it become a partscaster?

    Here's concept question for you. At what point do mods go far enough that the guitar ceases to be the model it is and becomes a parts guitar? Personally, I'd say hardware and electronics (including pickups) are fair game, but once you swap out either the neck or the body it's a partscaster.
  23. Minivan Megafun

    Vintage guitars and relic "authenticity"

    I know this topic is going to go off the rails but what the hey. I've been watching a fair number of youtube videos from places like Norman's Rare Guitars and Emerald City Guitars (and a few others) where they show off and demo really interesting and beautiful vintage guitars and amps. One...
  24. Minivan Megafun

    Anyone use the winter weather to check their finish?

    Curious if anyone out there has purposely taken their nitro finished guitar outside for a bit and then brought it back in to cause cracking and checking in the finish. I'm in Canada so since it's below 0 outside it would be a pretty quick relic starter.
  25. Minivan Megafun

    NSD - Mesa Black Shadow

    Just picked up a lightly used Mesa Black Shadow to go into my 57 Twin. Why? That's the speaker Keith Richards has in his Twins. They do not come up for sale often and I figured I'd try it and if I don't like it I can always resell it. It's both heavy and loud! The sound is great though! Very...

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