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  1. TxTeleMan

    Low B+

    Replacing C1 made no difference. Replacing L1 made no difference.
  2. TxTeleMan

    Low B+

    Logical PT >> 5AR4 >> C1 50µ[email protected] >> Standby switch >> Choke >> C2 50µ[email protected] Spec PT 305-0-305 Rectifier 5AR4 Power tubes 2x5881 Preamp tube 3x12AX7 Calculated B+ 415 VDC unloaded Calculated B+ 385 VDC loaded Actual, per schematic Line Voltage 120 VAC AC Output 615 VAC Voltage at C1 412 VDC...
  3. TxTeleMan

    Low B+

    A guy brought an amp to me to diagnose. Very little audio. B+ should b3e ~360V according to the spec sheet. With the power on and in standby, all the voltages at the tube rectifier are good, PT AC out, Rectifier, heaters. All's well until I switch the standby switch from standby to on. Only...
  4. TxTeleMan

    My $3500 Mistake

    The middle pickup route does not render the guitar worthless. Now, if you did that to a '52 Tele it might... No guitar is going to make me sound like Keith Urban, Vince Gill, or John Stannard, no matter who built it or how much it costs. If it's well made, and a quality instrument, it...
  5. TxTeleMan

    is tube the way to go??

    All the gigging guitar players that I know use tubes. If you're hearing something alone, it's hard to tell. I play through a modeller when I record or practice, and it sounds pretty good. At least when you don't compare it to a tube amp. I had a tube amp without tremolo, so I built a...
  6. TxTeleMan

    Another one for you guys!! ...brown face deluxe ...experts please!!!

    jettrock, that amp looks super-clean, and it should do well for you. Yes, it's loud enough for live use. According to ToneQuest Report on the brown Deluxe: "The overdrives is deceptively huge. Here is the one if you like overdrive! The tone is fat and creamy, fatter sounding than a tweed...
  7. TxTeleMan

    Driving with a tube amp in the trunk

    I put mine on the seat, face down, and fasten a seat belt around it.
  8. TxTeleMan

    (Gulp)...I love my SS amp?!?!

    I have a SS amp, too. A head and two speaker cabs!
  9. TxTeleMan

    Whats fer lunch???

    Mangia Pizza. It's catered lunch day at work today.
  10. TxTeleMan

    Vintage Guitar Magazine reviews the Telenator CuNiFe WRHB. Read it here!

    Congratulations and nice work. I'll bet those would sound absolutely great on a PRS semi-hollow.
  11. TxTeleMan

    Tones for Praise & Worship

    Tones for Praise and Worship? It depends upon the song. The only effects I use are tremolo and boost. I use the trem for (This is the Air I) Breathe, Come to Jesus - very much a Delta swamp sound, Long Way Home, and Better is One Day. For lead tones I use the Tele bridge pup with the...
  12. TxTeleMan

    Revelation 10:6 and your P&W pedalboard

    I never use delay.
  13. TxTeleMan

    The next best thing to fired

    Go out and find something better. Or go out and find anything else, just to get away from a boss who can't fathom your existence. Then, the next time he calls you, you can turn him down.
  14. TxTeleMan

    Extra-Terrestrials : Where are they?

    I haven't seen any...
  15. TxTeleMan

    Why do all guitars have pickup selector switches?

    Early Teles had a blend pot. Most people that buy an AVRI Tele change the wiring to modern neck/both/bridge wiring. My bass doesn't have a switch, just individual volume pots for each pickup. That's fine on a bass, but when I play guitar, I change the tone a lot between songs, so I use the...
  16. TxTeleMan

    Why do all guitars have pickup selector switches?

    All guitars don't... but the ones that do have it for instant tone changes. Even the one-pickup Esquire has a three position tone-change switch. Look at the original Stratocaster ads. They feature a 3-position tone selector switch. Listen to Buddy Holly's recording of Peggy Sue. He...
  17. TxTeleMan

    Fender 1953 tweed deluxe ....experts needed!!!!

    Steph, the amp in question is a 5B3.
  18. TxTeleMan

    Fender 1953 tweed deluxe ....experts needed!!!!

    The circuit on a 1953 Fender Deluxe is a 5B3. (many posters here are discussing a 1955 5E3) It uses one 6SC7 as a preamp (1/2 of the triode for each channel), and another 6SC7 as a phase inverter, a 5Y3GT as a rectifier, and two 6V6GT for the output section. There is only one gain stage per...
  19. TxTeleMan

    What companies get your business?

    Tube Depot, Amplified Parts, Antique Electronics, Pedal Parts Plus. Dean Markley strings. Ray Hennig's Heart of Texas Music Company. Walter Hutchison's Musical Exchange. Musician's Friend. Guitar Center in north Austin because Brandon, the manager, went out of his way to help me get a...
  20. TxTeleMan

    Three pup tele... Show us your pics!

    Three FVN pups. Wilkinson bridge with brass compensating saddles. It's wired like the old American Deluxe Tele, with a mini-toggle to activate the bridge pickup in positions 4 and 5, so that I can get the beloved bridge/neck combo, or all three pups. My uncle made the pickguard. I can't...
  21. TxTeleMan

    Martin 000-28 and Eastman E20 OM

    I have a Martin. I love it. Everyone that hears it tells me how good it sounds. I feel sorry for my Taylor-playing friends, because when they hear the Martin, they are shamed. I prefer not to send my money overseas, although it some cases, there are no other choices, and in some cases...
  22. TxTeleMan

    I Never use chorus effect in P&W

    The only effects I use are tremolo and my tube boost pedal. The boost can thicken my Tele really well. My trem gives me that "hypnotic slam effect."
  23. TxTeleMan

    Sunday's Set List

    Here is the set list for Sunday March 11 Church Under The Bridge in Austin, Texas. CUTB is a ministry to street people. Several churches, in rotation, hand out personal hygiene packs and provide a hot meal after church, among other ministries. Some of these songs are originals. I know that...
  24. TxTeleMan

    Why are some pickups so expensive?

    As long as people still buy them, they're not overpriced.
  25. TxTeleMan

    NAD - Ugliest amp ever?

    It looks like a very nice, well made amp. I don't think it's ugly, either.