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  1. DeepDangler

    Jazzmaster alternatives?

    If you wired a strat or a tele like a jazz master, it would sound similar but wouldn’t feel the same. Jazzmasters have a short scale length. You might dig a Thin line Gretsch.
  2. DeepDangler

    Having a small problem setting up my tele

    Check your string trees up top. EDIT Lightly depress the short string areas behind the bridge and past the nut. Sometimes those ring too.
  3. DeepDangler

    Your pick pickiness

    Personal fan of V-picks Screamer. 2.75mm monster but weightless and rigid. Flows so well on the strings. My true favorite is brass or bronze guitar picks but those turn my strings into sweater fuzz after a week. The “chirp” of a hard pick is worth increased control to me.
  4. DeepDangler

    Best pedal for running two amps at same time?

    Boss LS2 Line Selector. It does a dozen things and running 2 amps at once is on the list. It even has boost/cut for line 1 and 2.
  5. DeepDangler

    Gibson Explorers. What do you think of them?

    Heavy but quite comfortable to play due to the shape. Plays really well sitting down. Sounds closer to a LP than an SG. Buy if you like one you find.
  6. DeepDangler

    So, this banner pops up on TDPRI and I'm left wondering...

    But if we can make amps that sound good without needing power hungry and 70+ year old technology, isn’t that a good thing? Also, a Blues Junior is still made of particle board or sawdust as you call it. Boss amps are made by Roland and I haven’t met anyone who thought Roland gear was of poor...
  7. DeepDangler

    So, this banner pops up on TDPRI and I'm left wondering...

    I think it’s still fair to compare wattage to price point. While the technology is wildly different, the application is to make music and be heard. No different than comparing a Mercedes to an old pickup as a daily commuter. There’s so much mysticism that surrounds guitar tone and lots of...
  8. DeepDangler

    Picker's Block?

    Watch your thumb hand and see if your pick is catching or if it’s spinning on your thumb. Could be just enough to throw off rhythm. If you’re new to playing with a metronome, your rhythm technique might have a little bit of swing or bounce that falls off the down beat if the metronome but...
  9. DeepDangler

    Picker's Block?

    Welcome to the forum! Is this happening to you on all your guitars or just one? Have you switched string gauges and your fingers don’t flow the same over different strings? Do you use finger picks or just fingers?
  10. DeepDangler

    Overhwelmed by pickup options

    DiMarzio Area T are a nice balanced set. Fender makes their own noiseless pickups that also sound good. Most pickups can end up sounding like eachother with small changes in capacitors and pots so just pick a set you like and a few different cap values to find what suits you.
  11. DeepDangler

    Thinking of switching to .09s

    Strings are about what’s easiest for you to play first and what compliments your playing style. I’m a tad heavy handed and has hard picks so I like the feel of 11s. My friend switched to 9s and enjoys it. His technique is more controlled and he uses flexible picks. Contrary to popular belief...
  12. DeepDangler

    Best Budget Delay Pedal?

    I had a donner and it failed on me after 2 months of bedroom use. Most people have had good luck with them. Sounded like a decent delay to my ear when it worked. I’d get a used Boss delay if that’s in your budget. TC Electronics has a multitude of delays under 100 bucks that are worth...
  13. DeepDangler

    Pickup Height - Critical or Subjective

    Each pickup has a sweet spot for height so the pickup is working ideally but you sometimes need to adjust one to balance with the other. I’ve had neck pickups they were too boomy and I was able to lower the bass string side to help. That sound wasn’t the perfect sound for that pickups operation...
  14. DeepDangler

    The pedal you want that does not exist yet: here's your chance.

    Morley makes some switchless wah pedals exactly like that. Optical wah too so you don't have to worry about scratchy pots over time.
  15. DeepDangler

    The pedal you want that does not exist yet: here's your chance.

    An overdrive and compressor hybrid pedal. Something that can compress a lighter touch signal and even out volume that turns into roaring drive when you dig into the strings. Some overdrives have this level of gain variation but I've never heard one that will compress my signal and give me some...
  16. DeepDangler

    Im buying a new amp.

    Vox AC15 if you’re going tube. Just save some extra cash and get a new or used Celestion Greenback or Alnico Blue to upgrade it. The volume is enough to still use in smaller venues and get the amp to breakup on its own but not too heavy where you don’t feel like carrying it. Both sound great...
  17. DeepDangler

    Rotary speaker pedal under $200?

    The Boss rotary pedal can be had for around 200 used but it’s quite big. Sounds pretty authentic and is stunning in stereo. JHS Emperor Chorus does a beautiful rotary effect and also has a tap tempo switch without taking up as much space. Plus, it has an expression pedal input dialed in for...
  18. DeepDangler

    Does anyone sharpen their picks?

    I don’t file picks. My playing style always wears a pick the same way with a certain bevel on each side and slightly rounded point. I use a v-pick screamer which is a 3 point 2.75mm acrylic pick and even that wears to the same shape on the edge. No need to rework the tips on my picks because I...
  19. DeepDangler

    Why You need a beater guitar....

    Teles are good beaters. The bolt on neck and hard tail piece make them especially rugged. Strats are tough too but don't have the same level of tuning stability like a Tele.
  20. DeepDangler

    I'm Done With Sports!!!

    Players can self promote these days. Big celebrations are just part of the game now and each player wants to be recognized so they can build their own brand. No money in being quiet.
  21. DeepDangler

    Tele Bridge Upgrade - humbucker

    Glad it’s working for you! I’ve changed too many saddles and bridges* only to learn their effect on sound is small. Hopefully saved you or someone else money for other frivolous guitar part purchases :cool:
  22. DeepDangler

    Tele Bridge Upgrade - humbucker

    If the bridge saddles seem fine, the bridge is fine. Cheap ones can sometimes be cut roughly and break strings but you’d figure that out quickly. Bridges are one of those things I don’t touch on my guitars anymore because I considered the stock one part of that instrument’s character.
  23. DeepDangler

    I sold my last tube amp. Who else loves solid state?

    The nu-tube amps they make these days are improvements on those VR amps. The nu-tube is a low voltage flat vacuum mini display that reacts similarly to a tube. The advantage is they can change response characteristics easily and create good dynamics and response.
  24. DeepDangler

    I sold my last tube amp. Who else loves solid state?

    Vox MVX150C. One of the high end nu-tube amps they make. The lead channel has some crazy gain and saturation and can really rip once pushed with a mild OD. I’ve used a Boss OD1X and a Boss SD1 (not at at the same time) to drive it and have been getting great rock and metal tones out of it...
  25. DeepDangler

    I sold my last tube amp. Who else loves solid state?

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the tube amps I’ve owned. Currently, a powerful analog solid state amp is enough for me to get the sounds I enjoy. Something that always comes up in these topics is that one always has to be better than the other which just isn’t the case. Does my new SS amp sound...