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  1. LocoTex

    Vintera '50s neck vs. Vintera '50s Modified

    I haven't been able to find both models to compare head to head and I was wondering how different they were. I know the Vintera Modified has a soft v, and the Vintera has a 7.25" radius, but which one is thicker? Does the Vintera feel thicker because it has more shoulder? I was able to check...
  2. LocoTex

    Traded my Tele

    Just shipped it off via USPS yesterday. Traded for a 2014 Gibson Melody Maker. It's not that I don't like Teles, I just really have a thing for the reissue MMs with single coils. The 2014 has P90-S style P90s. Not a big fan of the slug magnet P9i0, but I can maintain. It will join my 2007 MM. I...
  3. LocoTex

    Does anybody have this Tele?

    I've been looking at these online. No place to see them nearby. Was wondering if anybody had one and, if so, how they like it....tones, neck shape etc. I really like the pickup combination on this: Vintage '58 in bridge, P90 neck. It's a MIM FSR.
  4. LocoTex

    Anybody remember "the Blob" with Steve McQueen?

    Just saw this online - washed up on a New Zealand beach. The people who found it say it pulsates. Here from space to take over the world? You be the judge.
  5. LocoTex

    Marcel stepped on a rainbow....

    My little Siamese cat, Marcel, passed away this morning. He was 18 and it was his time, but it's still hard when you've had them that long. He was one of my wife's two cat's when we were dating and he fell in love with me immediately - seriously. It's funny how you can have a pet who looks at...
  6. LocoTex

    Any TDPRI members in Hawaii?

    If you live on the Big Island take care. Our prayers are with you!
  7. LocoTex

    Cinco de Mayo!

    Today, May 5, is Cinco de Mayo. Big celebration here in Texas. Be sure to get you a big Margarita!
  8. LocoTex

    North Texas Weather Alert!

    Anybody here in N. Texas needs to close everything tight. If the storm hasn't hit you yet it will. Very high winds, hail and possibly tornado activity. I hope this warning is for nothing, but I thought I should alert my neighbors.
  9. LocoTex


    Traded a Gibson I couldn't warm to for this Tele. It's a 2011 GC FSR in Blizzard Pearl. Features are 50's neck, tuners and string tree, and has vintage noiseless pickups with the Clapton mid-boost. The neck feels just like the Baja 50's I have checked. It came with a red tort pickguard, but the...
  10. LocoTex

    New guy from Texas with question

    Hey ya'll, New here after lurking for quite a while. Good bunch of folks present here from all over. Glad to be a part of it now! My question is: I have a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior in excellent shape. A local Craigslist ad has a Tele I have not seen before. It's a 2011 FSR With the Clapton...