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  1. Zenyatta

    NGD: Gretsch G5627T P-90 Speyside

    Got a good deal on a used Gretsch G5627T P-90 Speyside (a Guitar Center exclusive, not found on the Gretsch site): I gave it a setup, swapped the strings out for some D'Addario nickel wrap 10s (wound third). I have been playing it for a good couple of hours a day for almost a week...
  2. Zenyatta

    Cap to emulate tone roll off from Tele style wiring?

    Hi there, I have a guitar with two 1meg controls, 1 volume, 1 tone. I like having access to the brightness, but it would be nice to turn it off with a flick of a switch. I was thinking of just adding a simple switch that puts an additional capacitor to ground, to roll off some of the highs and...
  3. Zenyatta

    The state of stomp boxes today

    Just a quick observation, as someone who was really active playing guitar up until about 5 years ago, and someone who was really active in buying new pedals up until about 10 years ago. I remember when I started playing guitar in the late 90s, $30 couldn't get you anything decent. Maybe, if...